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9 Easy Work From Home Jobs From Anywhere


Work From Home Jobs From Anywhere. Offices are the conventional places to work. They can be sometimes uninspiring and take a long time to get to and more often than not, you may have colleagues who get on your nerves there.

However, offices aren’t the only ideal place to work. Luckily, there’s now an alternative and getting to it would take nothing more than getting out of bed to work from home.

It’s possible that you’ve found yourself recently working from home by the necessity of the recent pandemic. As someone who has made money online working from home, I can tell you that this venture is lucrative.

Working from home means no more commuting to the office and you dress as you please, within limits of course. If you have to have your camera on, all you have to worry about is the top or passport view.

But working from home comes with its own challenges. Where there are no bosses or co-workers physically around, it tends to be harder to stay on task and avoid some types of temptations.

Every decision becomes yours to make which is found to be overwhelming for many people who are used to working from an office space. Despite the aforementioned disadvantages of working from home, it is becoming the norm and preference of most people.

Instead of randomly going through the various search engines, we have listed several companies that recruit people remotely from anywhere in the world.

Work From Home Jobs From Anywhere:


Google is the most popular search engine in the world. They have physical offices across various cities of the world and also get to pay people who utilise their platform through a program that is called Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is an advert embedded on a publisher/content creator platform like a website or youtube page, and these ads are in the form of text, images, video or interactive media that are targeted to a site or an audience. Publishers get paid when the google Adsense advert on their websites is clicked.

Google also recruit workers to work to carry out web evaluation, so the opportunities are numerous.


Upwork is one of the most frequently used freelance platforms that connects employers to freelancers. Web designers, bloggers, writers, SEO specialists and people with other skills can sign up on this platform and bag jobs remotely.

Companies and people looking for employees submit job openings on this platform and freelancers who have signed up and have the skills needed apply for such openings. You get paid when you complete the job.


Upwork also has a rating system that is based on the satisfaction of employers. If you are given a job role and your employer is satisfied, he rates you and you instantly become more visible online than freelancers with lower ratings.


Dell is one of the most reputable computer manufacturing companies in the world. This company offer opportunities for students and graduates to work from home.

They have opportunities for developers, SEO specialists and innovators to work from home. You can negotiate your pay.

CCI Call Center International 500

This is one of the biggest job hubs for telemarketers or calls centre agents. People with the requirements can apply for the various positions on the display. However, applicants must have their own personal computers and also possess the ability to install software to be able to get a remote job here.

The average pay for working as a call centre agent on this platform is $600 per month.


Conduent is an American-based business services provider with a presence in over 40 countries of the world. This company broke out from Xeros and currently, they offer digital platforms for both businesses and the government.

Conduent is constantly recruiting people to work from home in data entry jobs, quality assurance jobs and lot’s more.

Working solution

On working solution, only people residing in the United States or Canada are offered the opportunity to work from home.

A major advantage of utilizing working solutions to work from home is that they pay per hour, unlike some platforms.

You can get data entry jobs, call centre jobs and IT jobs here.

Laureate Education

Based in Baltimore, United States, Laureate Education provides undergraduate, post-graduate and other specialized degree programs. Aside from providing quality education, they have also developed online learning for Kendall College, College of Santa Fe, and Walden University, opening up opportunities for teachers to work online as instructors.

However, they are very strict with their requirements. You must have a post-graduate degree to work remotely with them.


There are remote job opportunities on ySense for people who can carry out surveys, book reviews, play games and respond to offers. `

Opportunities on ySense are not limited to those who do the aforementioned duty. By directing customers to their platforms, affiliate marketers can also make money from home.


Lionbridge is also a very popular platform that offers work-from-home opportunities for tech-savvy people. Their recruitment is not restricted to graduates, they also recruit students who can carry out interpretation and translation jobs.

But basically, if you love to work remotely and possess product testing skills, internet assessment and curating jobs, Lionbridge is the platform for you.




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