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3 Reasons Why You Attract What You Fear


Why You Attract What You Fear. The human mind always finds a way to attract what it concentrates on and fear has always been the favourite place for the mind to dwell. We attract what we fear because our minds find it easy to visualize “what if” scenarios more easily than it conjures up positivity and lack of fear.

Since it is fear that the mind visualizes easily, it becomes easy for the mind to follow the visualized blueprint and make it happen, hence the saying “you attract what you fear”.

When someone experiences fear, it is usually a magnification of worse-case scenarios that may end up being true or false. This fear replaces reality and becomes one’s truth, therefore making it easy for the mind to actualize these fears by any means possible.

With the laws of Attraction being tried and true, all it takes to manifest one’s fear is by focusing on fear for a long period of time and the mind interprets it as reality. The reason why you attract what you fear is that humans can live in their imagination.

If your imagination is full of your fears, you will manifest your fears. If you fill your mind with positivity, you will manifest positivity. The secret is in substituting fear for positivity.

Now, let’s take a look at how fixation on fear presents itself and affects reality.

3 Reasons Why You Attract What You Fear:

Our beliefs create our reality

In order to manifest the type of life that you want, you have to stay away from people who can influence your belief system in a negative way.

What we believe manifests as our reality.  The universe has made it in such a way that what we think becomes our belief. Also, what we believe becomes our physical reality.

90% of our reality manifests from the subconscious mind and what exists deep in the subconscious mind are our beliefs.

Most of these beliefs tend to be from a limited wealth of experience or knowledge and so people only manifest them to the degree to which they believe them to be true whether they are wrong or right.

This is why we need to keep our minds in an evolving state. It should constantly be ready to replace old beliefs that are no longer true with ones that are true and serve a higher purpose.

Though changing your belief system requires a life-long process, the mind can be worked to take fear for what it is. An instinctive imagination that seeks to protect us by making us take caution. Whereas, not limiting a factor to paralyze us from making a move altogether.

A lot of people who do not work on their minds fills it with limiting beliefs. For example, a lot of people see and admire the billionaires of this world but many don’t believe they can join that class of people. Of course, it takes work, persistence, and sacrifices to achieve anything but it starts from the mind believing it can be done.

Stay away from naysayers because a lot of people have a mindset incapable of evolving. We are all programmed from age 1-7 to follow a specific status quo.

Somehow, we constantly reaffirm the programs we are to believe including a chunk of limitations. However, you can be that one black sheep if you decide to think differently for yourself.

Fear In Relationships

Unmet expectations are another cause of fear. In this case, you are not conjuring something that may or may not happen but projecting rejection and disappointment from unmet expectations to a similar situation or generalizing life through the eyes of that disappointment and that is when what you fear the most is manifested.

Heartbreaks from failed romantic relationships, family relationships, workplace relationships, and so on can cause a cloud of fear to hover around any person’s mind.

It becomes hard to detach yourself from the feeling that if it happened before it will definitely happen again. It makes people emotionally and sometimes physically unavailable for any form of relationship for fear that people will always leave them or not meet an expectation they placed on the person like staying, being kind to them, and not hurting them.

While some people’s fear of relationships makes them absentees in any other relationship, others manifest the trauma. These trauma start by being overly dependent on people because they do not want to be left alone like the last time it. They find themselves being with toxic people or being the toxic person in any relationship they are in.

Fear of What People Will Say

People have made life-changing decisions solely based on what people will say. While most times these “people” in question are either close friends or family. An alarming number of times, they are total strangers who have no idea people are making decisions. They are based on opinions they aren’t actively giving.

Even where these strangers are actively giving opinions about decisions you make, you shouldn’t give them that much power. You shouldn’t fear what they will say before making any decision.

We must remember that people will always talk whether we ask them to or not.  Doing things like buying a particular brand of car or clothing or doing things we don’t want to do. Most likely, all because we are afraid of what people will say. This will just attract what we are afraid of in the first place.

You must guard your mind against what people say so as not to attract fear and unnecessary stress. What is sad is that these “people” are not paying attention and even if they are, so what?

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