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Why Trust Is Important in a Relationship and How to Build It


What is the first stumbling block in a relationship? There are many factors to consider but the most disturbing and yet underestimated of them all is the lack of trust. While love is also a priority in a relationship, it is not enough to sustain it for a long time.

With trust, couples can develop a deeper form of intimacy than just relying on love alone as love will never always be enough. In recent times, there has been an alarming rate of divorce and breakups in relationships and even in marriages. As crazy as this may sound, most of these heart-breaking events usually revolves around the lack of trust which could either translate to insecurities, cheating or worse, depression.

A relationship without trust can be likened to a pair of individuals who are only fooling themselves and manipulating one another. Hence, we shall explore the significance of trust in a relationship and how to build it from scratch.



One of the first pillars of a relationship is trust and if absent, could cause of lot of setbacks in a relationship.

Deeper Level of Intimacy

A relationship where both couples employ trusts tend to last longer or experience some sort of healthy love. Trust initiates a significant level of physical and emotional intimacy between couples which happens to be the building block to a successful relationship. How can you bond with someone you don’t trust? It is absurd to think of even developing an emotional connection without trust. When trust is established, it goes beyond the surface.

Overall Emotional Security

Humans tend to feel secure around other humans when trust is established. This is more evident in the relationship sphere. When we trust someone, it opens our horizons into a phase of vulnerability and tenderness of the mind and body. In a relationship where trust is dominant, couples tend to have more insight as to what their emotions translate to and being able to express these emotions without any form of belittlement.

Reduced Conflict

When trust is set in place in a relationship, there will be less and less conflict. Notice how some couples barely have issues? Sure, misunderstandings and a little bit of arguments are bound to happen. As a matter of fact, it is these tiny issues that brings us closer together, airing out feelings and sorting it out accordingly. A relationship where trust is insufficient will experience frequent conflicts than those who prioritize the efficiency of trust.

Smooth Communication

With Trust involved, couples find it easier and relaxing to communicate with their partners which in turn leads to a lasting relationship. Communication can vary from couple to couple in romantic relationships. Regardless of the means of communication, trusting your partner is a good way to connect and bond with your partner.

Minimizes Depression

Do you know even in a relationship, one can get depressed? Absolutely! As much as we advocate for a frequent me-time for every individual, the emphasis and benefits that comes with having a trusted partner can never be disputed. It is simply absurd to get involved in a relationship with someone who can’t be another source of your happiness and joy. So why not? After all, the main purpose of companionship is having a shoulder to lean on.



Trust in a relationship
Trust in a relationship

Invoking Transparency and Reliability

The first step in building trust in a relationship is employing the act of being transparent and worthy to be relied upon. Also, being transparent extends beyond simply keeping your word; it also involves holding onto sensitive information that has been entrusted to you. You are essentially severing the connection with your cherished partner if you are eager to reveal their fears throughout even the smallest disagreements. In all likelihood, no one would like to court someone who is thought to be a loudmouth or inconsiderate.

Wearing the Vulnerability Coat

You can’t expect your partner to trust you when you also have your walls up. If everyone shoves up their emotions, who then is going to play the part? Therefore, if you wish to build trust in your relationship, you both have to wear the vulnerability coat. It’s totally okay to wear the coat first. You have to realise that having vulnerability does not equate to weakness. Instead, it lets your partner know that you are just as flawed as they are, determined to the relationship work. In any relationship, this alone will increase trust.

Recognizing Boundaries

It is much easier to establish trust in a relationship when boundaries are respected. People tend to overlook this one aspect really fast. Trust can function effectively if you and your spouse can establish a connection and respect each other’s boundaries. Any other action would undoubtedly result in the respective love affair ending abruptly.

Maintaining Honesty

One of the simplest ways to establish trust in a relationship is to be truthful to your words, actions, and intentions. When one partner in the relationship continues to be shady, trust cannot be developed in the relationship as a whole. On the other side, being honest can take many forms like being in touch with your partners’ feelings and giving them active importance in your life.

Consistent Communication

Passively communicating with your partner will only make them feel distant or send the wrong signals. A love relationship could end prematurely for no other reason than a lack of communication. Endeavour to reach out to your spouse first instead of waiting for them to initiate communication. Tell them everything about your plans and affairs.

Adopt regular communication first with your spouse, and you’ll see how quickly trust in a relationship can go from zero to one hundred.

Engage in Common Interest Activities

What’s that activity you both share in common? Perhaps he likes skating and you barely know how to, why not propose him teaching you?

Doing something you’ve never done before, like skydiving, hiking, or surfing, is another smart move. Compared to couples who don’t do much together, those who participate in comparable activities together likely to have greater trust and a closer bond. Thus, this is the solution for you if you’ve been wondering how to increase trust in your relationship with each other.

Take It Slow

According to research, an average of 4000 individuals take up to 3-8 months before establishing trust. If you feel you’ve been having a hard time gaining your partner’s trust, just give it sometime. Most people may not be so quickly to trust anyone due to past experiences, childhood trauma and other shenanigans. In most cases, they might even be studying you. What to do at this point is to continue being your authentic self.

Understanding your partner’s emotions

Deploying a substantial level of emotional intelligence is a solid step in building trust in a relationship and can be used at all times. By being emotional intelligent, it means you have mastered the art of using constructive criticism, be authentic about your emotions & understanding your partner’s emotions as well.



Comprehending the true value of trust is paramount to the growth of a relationship. However, factors like past experiences, childhood trauma and many more could weigh down the trust level in a relationship. However, this informative piece has set forth ways at which you can build trust in a relationship from ground up.

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