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Why There Are So Many Divorce Cases

A young couple falling out of love

Although, there’s a popular cliché that says “You cannot love someone without first loving yourself”, Love is also an intense feeling of affection, protectiveness, and warmth for another person other than self.

Love is not restricted to humans alone, it covers animals, religion, objects – a classical example is when people say they love their religion or even their cats ( an animal). The topic LOVE, in the context of people, has been favored by philosophers, poets, writers, and scientists for generations and the definition has remained practicably the same, interestingly.

There’s been the debate about love being a choice or a feeling, or even a permanent or fleeting feeling. When you fall in love, it seems like you have the world in your hands and it looks impossible to fall out of love – everything feels amazing and, more importantly, everything your partner does is spot on. Then suddenly, there’s a rude change.

The reality is that hearts are broken. More often than not. We all would have experienced it or it happened to friends that are close to us. There’s an alarmingly high divorce rate, and some divorces will even happen before the close of today.

People have turned against their loved ones, others even go as far as developing a feeling of resentment or hatred towards those they love. Relationships don’t just end abruptly, love wanes gradually for some of the reasons I am going to be laying bare.

Failure to give

You can give without loving but it is practically impossible to love without giving. Even the Lord Jesus gave his life in John 3.16 as proof of God’s love. You do not really need to give only material things, immaterial things like your time, your pride, your comfort, your love, and affection, etc should be easily offered to people that you love. The moment you stop giving to your partner, they are likely to go to where they are given the things they need, and that is why some people have often said “To love is to give”.

The Feeling of being unappreciated

One of the many reasons that could possibly see people fall out of love is when they feel underappreciated, disrespected, and devalued. Complimenting, showing gratitude, or even thanking your partner for their efforts goes a long way in maintaining their love for you. The moment a person senses that they are taken for granted, they tend to withdraw gradually and go where they are commended and appreciated.

Lack of Communication

Communication is one of the bridges that keep every relationship going. Communication means talking and listening to everything that your partner has to say or hear. Your partner must be privy to your daily routines and you must also be accountable to them in terms of your frequent routines.

In the instance where you have a reservation and cannot tell your partner, it builds a chasm between you two, this way, the feeling and love gradually fade away. In essence, you should be able to tell ALL and everything to those you love but in a courteous and respectable manner as well.


To my mind, cheating is whatever you do that you do not want your partner to know about, it is not just about having a sexually based relationship on the side. It is very difficult for men and women to forget partners who cheat and even if they do, the feelings they inhibited might become altered by the act of cheating.

Something as small as the password of your mobile devices should be available to your partner unless you have secrets that you’re keeping away from them, and why keep a secret from the one you love?

Falling in love with someone else

No matter how good-looking or romantic your partner is, there’s likely someone out there that looks and acts much better. There are instances where people fall out of love with their partners because they have met other people. This is quite sad but when you’re always thinking about someone else other than your partner, you may have fallen out of love with them.


Physical or verbal abuse breeds a lack of affection in humans. An abusive partner more often than not pushes their partner to fall out of love with them. How can you be in love with someone and hurt them physically or with toxic words? This is also a fundamental reason people fall out of love.

What Can You Do About It?

We must all accept the fact that people grow, change and so do their feelings. Sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing when you see relationships reach a natural endpoint. In this instance, just move on and hope you find love and it finds you as well.

Regardless, relationships could be very well maintained, rejuvenated, and even resuscitated. It takes the efforts of two people to make a relationship work – commitment and dedication from the two parties involved.

For emphasis, effective communication is key to maintaining feelings, this ensures that partners’ needs are attended to. Even keeping quiet is a form of communication but the best-explored form involves talking.

Communication improves intimacy, another reason why you must never let your partner communicate with people other than you.

Getting Professional Help

The moment your partner starts falling out of love, you feel the emotional distance from the reduced intimacy and communication.

This may be largely due to your ineffective communication patterns or the aforementioned reasons.

You might have realized that your communication patterns are destructive and ineffective. And you and your partner might have voiced out concerns over the state of the relationship in a bid to address it.

There’s a huge chance that you’d still be frustrated and concerned but you can as well seek professional help.




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