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7 Reasons Why People Break Up their Relationships


There are several love stories with happy endings but there’s probably no love story that is perfect. Why people break up their relationships varies. Couples who go all the way in their relationships must have had reasons to call time on the journey but the decision to love and stay in a relationship among other things might just be some of the things that worked for them.

The pain of heartbreak is quite real and leaves the victim with the regret of looking back and pondering on what they did or didn’t do rightly. Instead of being hard on yourself, why not shun regret and apply some of the principles we are going to be talking about on here?

You may argue that there is no formula or format for a successful relationship but two people who are ready and sincere about being together can make it work for them.

We’ll lay down some of the reasons why people break up their relationships – this means if you do their converse, you’d be fine.

1. Listen

A lot of folks claim they are good listeners but they only hear instead of listening. To listen means to hear out, agree and understand what your partner is saying without first judging them. There are people who feel better after venting, and if they are not patiently listened to, it turns them off because they’d be looking for someone to listen to them.

Every good listener is believed to be emotionally intelligent, hence, they can easily understand their partners when they talk.

2. Mistrust

Trust is one of the foundations on which a relationship is built. Trust means firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of your partner. Lack of trust creates a doubt system in the relationship, and this can see couples fall apart.

Once trust is established, ensure you do not betray the trust of your partner. For instance, when you hear gossip about them, it is necessary you talk about it with your partner instead of drawing conclusions.

3. Loyalty

Loyalty means staying true to a person through thick and thin. Why would anyone want to be in a relationship without loyalty? If you are loyal to a person, you would not cheat on them or back out of the relationship when they are going through turbulent times.

From the start of a relationship, both parties ought to exhibit a good level of trust which will, in turn, earn them the trust of their partners.

4. Lack of support for each other’s goals

It feels very great to know someone has got your back regardless of the perils of life. Failure to support each other is a recipe for a broken relationship. To Support your partner means to help them with chores, help them with finance, and help them with whatsoever they’d be needing including helping them with the tolerance to achieve their vision and dreams.

If the support is one-sided, the relationship will suffer and the giving party will eventually want to back out.

5. Permanent Routines

Going through similar routines may bore couples, especially for people who have been together for up to 2 years. Instead of doing the same thing like going to an eatery for lunch, you can change that to some romantic date night, where you may end up going to the club afterwards.

Being adventurous and trying out new things helps couples to build new connections, gain new memories and appreciate each other even more.

6. Frequent complaints and verbal attack

This is one of the reasons why people break up their relationships. When one party complains unnecessarily, it may scupper a burgeoning relationship. And there are instances when hurtful words become a verbal attack, these two things must be avoided else a relationship would crash.

Instead of nagging or even using hurtful words, why not communicate your reservations to your partner? How about in the most respectful and responsible manner? You must refrain from using vile words that can affect the mood of your partner.

7. You outgrow one another

If you do not make a conscious effort to grow in intellect, spirituality, finance, emotional stability etc when your partner is growing, you’d hardly be compatible.

Especially women, have tendencies to think and feel differently after age 24. At 25 years, a woman has likely undergone the emotional development stage. A point where she can make lasting decisions for herself. It is possible that the person who fell in love with you a year ago wants someone else to become their partner.


7 Reasons Why People Break Up their Relationships

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