Why A Good Divorce Is Better Than A Bad Marriage For Kids

Divorce Is Better

Do you want the for best your children? Then staying in a toxic or emotionally abusive relationship is not good for you and the effect is even worse for your children. Most people find it difficult to leave a relationship because they want their children to experience parental love and presence.

Toxicity or abuse is caused by a lack of dignity, mutual respect, integrity and maybe the absence of love between couples. But, it’s often difficult to walk out of a relationship with your head high when kids are involved.

People have asked; When is the right time to leave a relationship? If there is any form of emotional abuse, you should quit whether kids are involved or not. You owe no loyalty to abusive people and the mental health of your wards should be a concern to you.

Abuses include mental, emotional, sexual and psychological. Anything that whittles you down, destroys your self-esteem and takes away your faith and confidence as a human is an abuse and you should walk away from it.

Children who grow up under abusive parents, grow up differently. They are unlikely going to be well-behaved among many other negative traits that they might exhibit.

Below are some of the reasons why a good divorce is better than a bad marriage.

You May Not Get Out Alive

A verbally or physically abusive relationship can send anyone to an early grave. And who will take care of your kids if you’re no longer alive? For the sake of your kids, you should walk away if your partner consistently abuses you.

Children do better in life with “parental presence”. I mean, if there’s a mother or father figure in their lives, they will be sponsored, guided and reprimanded. So, you have to stay alive to see them become who you want them to be and staying in an abusive relationship is likely going to cut short this dream.

Physical abuse will leave you with injuries, scars and maybe dead. And so is verbal abuse which negatively affects your mental health. Instead of hoping or wishing that your partner turns a new leave, run away from him or her if they consistently abuse you.

Children May Become Toxic

Kids are the most sensitive set of people you can find in the world. They are quick learners. Whatever ever they see or hear is what they take to heart. No wonder, Walt Disney was quoted as saying “I think of a child’s mind as a blank book. During the first years of his life, much will be written on the pages. The quality of that writing will affect his life profoundly.

So, if they grow to see their father hitting their mother, they’d have tendencies to replicate that kind of behavior. Hitting a partner will be like a norm to them. By all means, let your children experience only healthy relationships and the goodies that come with them.
If you desire to raise responsible children, run away from a toxic partner else your children will grow up mirroring toxic traits.

Your Children May Grow Up Unhappy

Just as it is easy to spread happiness, it is also easy to spread the feeling of sadness or unhappiness. Unhappy people transfer aggression, they are unproductive and over-reactive – so, if you are always unhappy, your children will feel it, and they will grow up unhappy because they grew up in an unhappy space.

Parenthood is already a very difficult venture. And then, imagine one that is unhappy. They’d largely raise kids who would be toxic and perpetually unhappy. Children will have to live in a decent and happy space for them to be happy and productive.

Kids do not need the presence of both parents to be happy. Most people stay unhappy in a relationship because they do not want their children to feel like something is missing. In reality, nothing is missing. Instead, a toxic relationship will only inflict long-term pain, resentment and psychological damage to everyone involved even the children.

Abuse Damages Emotions

If you stay in a relationship just because of your kids, it means you have given up on the relationship. Chances are that you may be unable to move on if you don’t give yourself the opportunity to experience things differently.

There’s the story of a man who loved his wife but she left him for her ex. He became emotionally broken. In a bid to deal with the heartbreak, he became a Cassanova. Having multiple sexual partners was his coping mechanism. He became emotionally numb.

Most people who stay in abusive relationships become emotionally numb. Even when they eventually leave, they find it hard to move on. This sort of attitude affects children because it reeks of recklessness and irresponsibility.

Divorce is better than staying put in an abusive marriage.





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