Who You Are Is A Reflection Of You & You Attract Who You Are Not What You Want

Reflection Of You

Who You Are Is A Reflection Of You – You Attract Who You Are Not What You Want. Earlier this year, my little cousin and I were watching a reality show where one of the stars mentioned that her therapists helped her to understand that “people typically attract who they are and not who they want”.

This sent her into a pensive mode. Melisa’s best friend had just done a number on her. Their relationship was currently going through a strain because the friend said some things behind her back and it got to her ears. Melisa could relate to the saying “You Attract Who You Are Not What You Want” so much that it got her to think inwardly and realize it was true

Some people may dismiss this law as a farce but those who understand physics know that there’s such a law as a Law of Attraction which led Carlos Santana to say Your mind is a magnet. You don’t attract what you need or what you want; you attract who you are. And I love who I am!”

This is exactly why if you are broken and yet to heal from a past relationship, you’d only attract broken people as your mate at that point in your life.

Who You Are Is A Reflection Of You - You Attract Who You Are Not What You Want

Also, being successful or wealthy is not just a function of hard work but your ability to attract the same. Through personal development, you can become attracted to wealth by creating values.

So, your thought process is as important as the work you put into anything that you do. Let me help you get through why you attract who you are.

Who You Are Is A Reflection Of You & You Attract Who You Are Not What You Want:

Positive Thought attracts only positive results

It was Tony Dungy that said Be positive. Your mind is more powerful than you think. What is down in the well comes up in the bucket. Fill yourself with positive things.”

If you feed your mind with positivity, you’ll attract positivity. Whatever you feed your mind on grows so you must be careful what you focus on. It is quite easy for the mind to wander when you’re trying to focus your thought on the right things. You can resort to meditation to help you maintain focus if that’s the case.

Mirrow of yourself

There was a certain man called Job in a Biblical story. He was afraid of losing his children and wealth. But because he allowed that thought to consume him, that negative thought became his reality. It is up to change your current state with your thought process.

What you believe is what you attract

Your belief is fundamental to your reality. No matter how hard you work, if you do not believe in yourself, you may not be able to achieve a set goal. No wonder Neil Gaiman said “You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.”

According to one of the Laws of Attraction, the universe works to bring our beliefs to pass.

It is not a thing of pride if at some point in your life you feel uncomfortable with certain friends, or conversations, or even with your career. You will never grow beyond your belief in life, and this may include the kind of people you keep around you as well as the kind of value that is added to you at a given time,

What do you really believe in? How successfully do you think you can become? If you can answer these questions, you’d realize your current state in life is not a coincidence.

Like for like

In the context of relationships, you find that lovers are compatible because they share similar and not contrasting traits. For example, a woman who loves and can talk football is likely going to be easily attracted to a man who is fanatical about the game.

If you are really observant, you’d find that many couples have the same traits that bind them together.

Grow to attract better

In the instance of a relationship, one of the reasons there could be constant fallout is because one of the parties of the relationship likely outgrew the other person.

If you fail to find or work on yourself, you’d only get attracted to a particular class of people – this is why there is the phenomenon called dating down or up.

Things You Can Do to Attract Positive People

For instance, if you want to be lovers with Rihanna, you’d have to work on your physique, intellect, and finances. People in the class of Rihanna are only going to fall in love or date people from the top echelon of society.

You attract what you are prepared for

You cannot become a medical doctor without going through the rigours of medical school. While you are waiting to bag that dream job, improve your resume by attending courses that are sought after by firms you’d love to work for. This is the exact reason why a popular cliche goes thus “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”.

There is no such thing as luck. Opportunity is often presented to those who prepare themselves.

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