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Who Cheats More in Relationships?


Cheating or infidelity has broken off many Relationships. Some people make up excuses for cheating but there’s no good reason to cheat (Cheats). Cheating is hurtful and leaves the one cheated on heartbroken.

Both genders cheat. People who cheat lack the principle of respect for their partners and their morality may be low as well.

However, people see cheating differently but let’s take a look at the meaning of cheating.

What is cheating?

Cheating is an action or inaction that you do not want your partner to know about. It doesn’t have to be infidelity – it could be hiding your earnings from your partner or keeping secrets from them.

Do you see why all genders are liable for cheating?

When you lie to your partner, you have cheated on them. If you go on a date with “a friend” of the opposite gender without informing your partner, it amounts to cheating.


Cheating involves several actions and it is not restricted to sex alone. And there are various forms of cheating, let’s see some of them:

Physical cheating

Physical cheating involves sexually engaging with someone other than your partner.

A lot of men and women have been found to engage in physical cheating. However, women are believed to be more vested in this kind of cheating.

Cheating in relationship

This is because they are very emotional and can get easily physical with whoever they feel an emotional connection.

Emotional cheating

Emotional cheating is when you invest in your feelings for someone other than your partner. This could even mean falling in love with someone else while you’re in a relationship.

Emotional cheating does not occur at an instance, it takes time and consistent communication. People who fail to set boundaries during conversations are likely going to cheat emotionally.

Relationship problems

So, you must avoid flirtatious conversations to avoid emotional cheating.

Online Cheating

Online cheating involves activities you do online that you do not want your partner to know about. Some people go online to flirt, watch porn, receive nudes and all sorts.

Online Cheating

If you cannot allow your partner to see what you’re doing online, then you are cheating on them.

The ‘cheat’ statistics

According to  General Social Survey, more men admitted to cheating on their spouses than women. The survey claims that 30% and 13% of men and women respectively admitted to cheating.

But don’t get ahead of yourself. The above data is for people who willingly participated.

Men are found to easily admit to cheating more than women. Both genders cheat but most men have been caught in the act as well.

Why It Is Difficult to Determine Who Cheats More

It is difficult to give a definite statistic of men or women who cheat. However, it is now easier for people to open up about their infidelity or extramarital affairs.

In fact, you find that cheating has been normalized in some climes. This is exactly why people now have open relationships.

It was widely believed that men cheat more because many of them claim to be polygamous in nature. But you also find that a lot of women are comfortable flirting with people other than their partners.

We can safely conclude that men and women cheat, and more women are now bolder to admit to such affairs. After all, most sex workers are women.

Why People Cheat

The question of who cheats more will continue to divide the opinion of both gender because most people don’t admit to cheating. But it is better to remain single than get into a relationship and hurt your partner through cheating.

According to a study, all genders are guilty of cheating and the behavioural pattern of people who cheat are similar. Men are found to be easily involved in sexual infidelity while women get easily emotionally involved.

communication is key

The study further revealed the following as the reasons men and women cheat.

  • Men and women can cheat because of a lack of affection, attention, love or understanding.
  • Men and women tend to cheat if they don’t feel secure in the relationship
  • The lack of intimacy can make both genders cheat – you cannot starve your partner of sex or romance and expect them to stay faithful.
  • When women stop feeling desired, they can cheat.
  • Men and women are likely to cheat if they are not sexually satisfied.

Who easily Forgives cheating, men or women?

Trust is a key part of every relationship and once broken, may be difficult to fix again.

Most men don’t forgive cheating. Even when they claim to have forgiven a cheating partner, they use the incident to spite them. The scar is always there for them.


Meanwhile, a woman can easily forgive cheating and move on in the relationship.

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