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What Triggers Cancer?


Cancer, in recent times has emerged as one of the fastest growing diseases that has caused a great deal of grief in the hearts of many. According to research, cancer can arise in even the healthiest cells. Evidently, a single cancer diagnosis can change a person’s life’s trajectory forever. What initiates it’s widespread? Could it be the environment, climate change, the food or the lifestyle? What exactly triggers cancer?

What is Cancer?

Cancer is best described as a condition where a few of the body’s cells grow out of control and spread to other bodily regions. You see, for growth to occur in the human body, an organised cell division takes place internally and only occurs when needed or when signals are sent by the brain. Occasionally, this systematic process fails, causing ruined cells to multiply when they shouldn’t. Due to uncontrollable expansion, these damaged cells secretly travel from one point of the body to another – causing lumps, tumors and other visible defects in the body.

Although not all tumours are cancerous, cancer tumours can spread into delicate parts of the body leading to serious life-threatening issues. A good example of cancerous tumours is the benign tumours in the brain. Because there are cells everywhere in the body, it is very difficult to predict the start point region of cancer. Cancer cells are so mischievous that they trick the human immune system into thinking they are normal cells. Hence, the immune system alone can’t defeat these cells.

Cancer Triggers

Cancer Triggers
Cancer Triggers

As much as cancer starts internally, there are some external factors and habits that triggers cancer into its full-blown potential. When these factors are overlooked, it only gives this deadly disease a safe place to be harboured. Here are some of the cancer triggers you should know:


For decades, our society has frowned against the act smoking as it does not only affect the overall health status of the body but has now been found as one of the leading triggers of cancer. Numerous cancers have been linked to tobacco use, which also accounts for 80% of cases of lung cancer. Therefore, a puff of cigarette leads you one step closer to cancer.


Being exposed into an insane amount of radiation could alter the growth of cells but worse, change the DNA composition in the body. When we say radiation, we do not only refer to the sun’s radiation alone. Overtime radiation from x-ray machines, scanning machines, nuclear weapons could trigger cancerous cells in the body.

Bacteria and Infections

Surprisingly, certain microorganisms and viruses have been proven to trigger cancer in the human body according to World Health Organisation. Some of these microbes initiate life threatening cancers such as lung cancer, gallbladder cancer and colorectal cancer. As astonishing as this may sound, many a few possess the awareness of the tremendous capability of these microbes.


The daily routine of every individual holds a great impact on the triggers of cancer. It ranges from your diet, stress, your body size – obesity or overweight. It doesn’t just stop there. A lack of physical activity contributes a large percentage with people diagnosed with cancer. By The National Institutes of Health – excess body fat results in up to 17% risk of cancer.


One of the most underrated triggers of cancer is one of man’s best friend, alcohol. Alcohol can readily exist in different forms as beer, gin, rum, cognac, even wines. Regardless, cancer does not overlook the form of alcohol but the quantity intake of these liquors.  A famous cancer linked with alcohol is the breast cancer. Research has shown that alcohol users are at cancer risk due to folic acid increase in their system.


Since cancer mainly involves cells as its core carrier, it can be introduced into a body system genetically either from parent or by genetic mutation of cells. A greater than 75% risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer is associated with certain hereditary mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.


If you’re looking towards a cancer free life, then pay close attention to the constituent of our daily used chemicals. These cancer risk chemicals include arsenic, vinyl chloride, amino-biphenyl, beryllium and benzene and so many others. Often times, these chemicals could be slipped into your body lotion, preservatives, soaps even your snacks. It is important to keep an eye out for these cancer trigger chemicals

Symptoms of Cancer

How can you tell if you have cancer? There are signs and symptoms which can detect early-stage growth of cancer:

  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Inconsistent Weight Loss or Gain
  • Persistent Tiredness
  • Bloating
  • Lumps in certain regions of the skin
  • Unusual Pelvic Pain
  • Sudden spotting or bleeding
  • Patches of redness or sores on skin
  • Inconsistent Night fever
  • Extreme cough and chest pain
  • Increased appetite at odd hours of the day

How To Avoid Cancer Triggers

Cancer Triggers
Cancer Triggers

Below are a few ways to avoid cancer triggers:

  • Increased ingestion of fruits and vegetables
  • Quit smoking
  • Moderate intake of alcohol
  • Addition of whole grains in diet plan
  • Regular exercise
  • Avoiding direct sunlight or any UV radiation.
  • Reduced beef consumption
  • Consuming as little meat and preservative-containing meals as possible
  • Immense caloric control
  • Getting regular check-ups and antibiotics shots


If all efforts to not trigger cancer are put in place, the eradication of cancerous cell in the human body can become a reality. Thus It is better to be safe than sorry. Ensure to keep in check with your doctor’s appointment from time to time.

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