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What Is A Twin Flame And How To Know If You’ve Found Yours

Twin Flame
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A twin flame is not the regular couple or love affair that you know. This is by no means a common story of passion or even romance. On the contrary, Romanticism is often scarce in a twin flame relationship. In fact, when these people meet, their affair is often filled with drama.

It is hard to say when or where people meet their twin flame but when they do, the feeling and experience will be different. While there are thousands of soulmates and twin flames on earth, the experiences within each couple are somewhat similar.

What is a twin flame?

“Your twin flame is a fragment of you,” says Dr Harmony. Spiritually, you can picture their soul as a different incarnation from your own. “This kind of relationship is meant to bring your soul and this other soul into oneness or wholeness,” says Kaiser.

Mostly described as “Mirror Soul”, it is a reflection of your strength and weakness, struggles and even past traumas. It is a connection that opens people up to their reality.

What Is A Twin Flame in relationship and Love

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate: Differences

Twin flame relationships can be hard.

Connecting with a soulmate often feels easy, and effortless but coupling with a twin flame needs more effort and time. You could possibly connect with twin flame at a challenging point. Most twin flame relationships are sexual and they are often hard to deal with. The relationship is mostly about learning hard lessons from past experiences.

Soulmates aren’t always romantic.

Soulmates are very easy to relate with but you find that they are not always the affectionate type. Though hard to believe, the relationship with a soulmate is often platonic. A soulmate can be anybody like a partner, a sister, a brother, a best friend or any other person. When your connection with someone is really deep, they can be your soulmate.

You can have more than one soulmate.

It is believed that in your lifetime, you will meet many of your soulmates. On the contrary, you have only one twin flame. A twin flame is a fragment of you and there is just one of these fragments.

Twin flames bring out your insecurities.

Twin flames have negative effects on their partners. Meeting your twin flame amplifies your insecurities so that you can work on yourself. Soulmates give you a good feeling about yourself but your twin flame will make you uncomfortable because the relationship will bring out all the negative qualities you have.

Communicating with your twin flame is effortless.

The main sign that you’ve met with your twin flame is communication. It is easy to be around that person. Your nonverbal communication will be through the roof. In most cases, you do not need words and you will have it very easy around them.

10 signs you’ve found your twin flame

1.  Unconditional and Unlikely Love

Do you love your partner unconditionally? With a twin flame, the love you feel is completely different from all of your experiences in the past.

Love and connection

This kind of love is without judgment or any condition. This kind of love is similar to the love of a mother for her child but with a strong energetic attraction.

Your twin flame is often the opposite of what you are looking for. It is the opposite of what you had idealized and you find it surprising that you love this person passionately when it should be the opposite.

2.  Share So Many Similarities

Twin flames share similar values, principles, past experiences and interests because they have the same soul. This is why you will find their behaviour similar to yours and it is easy to relate with them. Your past will be filled with similar coincidences as your twin flame.

3.  An Inevitable Separation

Most twin flames go their separate ways shortly after they meet. In fact, during the relationship, the intensity of the bond that unites them and the awakening of the egos bring out their fears. Fear is the cause of the separation but this is essential to their life so that their souls can heal and learn to live without each other.

4.  You complement each other

Twin flames complement each other. For example, if they love to sing, you will love to play the instrument and in so many other areas. Because your twin flame is your mirror soul, you will always remember the highlights of your relationship.

5.  One is a hunter and the other a Runner

At the onset of the relationship, one of the twin flames will realise they have a special bond. That one person will do anything to save the relationship. This person will put the pieces back together unsuccessfully when they part, he is called the hunter.

On contrary, the other person will make a negative effort to run away and stop the bond from becoming stronger. This is the runner. The one who feels suffocated and hunted.

6.  The relationship is tumultuous

Twin flame relationships are somewhat toxic and tiring. More often than not, these relationships are not smooth because they are filled with infractions. Imagine confronting yourself, that’s exactly how being with a twin flame feels.

is twin flame real

Despite the challenges of this relationship, the end of it is growth for both parties.

7.  Wounds and Intense Emotions

Do you feel intense emotions? Do you feel the old wounds are open again? Do you feel betrayed, rejected or abandoned? Do you feel injustice? If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative, you’re with your twin flame. In a relationship with your twin flame, your sensations and emotions will be heightened. You may be overwhelmed.

It is also possible that you will feel depressed and sad, especially after you’ve separated. Everything depends on the wound that you’re trying to heal and it can be different from one twin flame to the other.

8. You keep coming back together

One commonality with the twin flame relationship is that they keep getting back together after going their separate ways. If your relationship is on and off, it is possible that you’re dating your twin flame.

Despite the resentment, anger and disappointment, you’d give yourself good reasons to go back to this “annoying” person. In some cases, it takes years and even decades for twin flames to find each other and reignite their affair.

9.  Communication

Twin flames can communicate with each other without words. Starring at each other is enough to pass the message they intend to share. It is nearly impossible to lie to your twin flame. With your twin flame, you can understand, guess and anticipate their gestures and words. It is that easy.

10.  Your connection feels divine.

Feelings are often very deep and connections are like magic. You feel you’re with the right person and the bond will be like nothing you have experienced in the past. A relationship with twin flames feels like the partners were brought together by divine power.

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