Weight Lose: How To Lose 1Pound Per Week

How To Lose 1Pound

How To Lose 1Pound Per Week. Losing weight requires discipline, determination, consistency and self-denial. If you follow a specific meal plan, exercise routine and lifestyle, you can lose tons of calories in a week.

While it is very easy to add weight, most people find it difficult to lose weight. There are routines that you can practice to facilitate your weight loss journey. Ideally, you can lose one pound per week if you follow these routines.

Lose 1Pound Per Week

How To Lose 1Pound Per Week:

  • Set a realistic goal

    Before embarking on your weight loss journey, ensure that you set goals for losing weight. And in setting goals, do not draw up unrealistic targets. For example, you may be unable to lose 20 pounds in a week so your target should not be 20 Pounds per week.

  • Create a Plan

    You must have an exercise plan for the week. Your plan should include the warm-up routine and the varieties of aerobics you should do in order to lose weight. For every plan, you should assign a time frame for the exercise. It is also advisable to add high-intensity routines for a given period.

  • Create a meal plan

    Exercising without a proper diet will amount to a wasted effort. Eating unhealthy foods is part of the reasons why people become obese. Therefore, your plan to lose weight must include a healthy meal plan for all the days of your week.

  • Check your eating habit

    Your eating habit is fundamental to your health and weight. If you engage in exercise but have a bad eating habit, chances are that you won’t lose weight. For example, excessive snacking can be bad for your weight. Another bad eating habit is gluttoning, eating excessively or large portions of food. In order to lose weight, you must watch what you eat and how you eat.

  • Get Rid of bad eating habits

    The following are bad eating habits and they cause weight gain too.

  • Eating too fast
  • Always eating dessert
  • Skipping meals
  • Eating when not hungry
  • Always clean your plate
  • Eating while standing up (may lead to mindless eating)
  • Practice Portion control

    Portion control means minimizing food intake at a given time. Food is not meant for entertainment but for the nourishment of the body. You should stop eating the moment you feel full and ensure you serve your meals in very small portions.

  • Eating Proteinous meals

    Protein is very good for weight loss. They are low in calories, help build the mass of the muscles and reduce abdominal fat. For example, eating an egg every day, eating a portion of beans and fist, etc.

  • Reduce Carbs intake

    Carbohydrates are packed with calories. If you want to lose weight, you should limit your intake of carbs and stick with more proteins or non-starchy vegetables and nuts that are low in the glycemic index.

  • Eat Soluble Fiber

    Soluble fibre causes early satiety. In other words, it gives you a feeling of being full for a long time. Examples of soluble fibre diets include Flax seeds, avocados, legumes, and blackberries.

  • Limit Saturated fat

    Saturated fat is calories-packed and it will have a negative effect on your weight loss journey. Avoid this by all means.

  • Avoid sugary foods and beverages

    Sugary foods and drinks contain a high concentration of sugar. The high fructose content of added sugars is thought to inhibit fat burning. As a result, avoiding sugary foods and beverages such as candy, cakes, frozen yoghurt, soda, flavoured coffee drinks, and sweet tea may help you reduce the amount of fat in your body.

  • Stay hydrated

    You may eat less if you drink plenty of water. Instead of taking fruit juice or other sweetened drinks, increase your water intake.

  • Get Enough sleep

    The lack of quality sleep can cause weight gain. Similarly, sleeping for more than 8 hours per day can also cause weight gain. People with sleep disorders like insomnia tend to gain weight too. Sleeping for 6-8hours per day is perfect for weight loss.


Is working out 30 minutes a day enough to lose weight?

In order to lose weight at a good pace, you must combine exercise and the right diet. However, there is no given amount of exercise that is needed to lose weight. You need to be consistent with your routines and ensure do you not skip your schedules.

Thirty minutes of exercise per day is good enough but losing weight can also entail the following:

  • Fitness level
  • Body metabolism
  • Weight loss goal
  • Starting Weight
  • Type of exercise plan

If you burn 500-1000 more calories than you consume per day, you will lose 1-2 pounds weekly. You do not need to hit the gym to lose weight, combining a weight loss diet and taking a daily walk is good enough. However, if you increase the intensity and duration of whatever form of exercise you do, you will lose weight quicker.

Research shows that men who work out hard enough to sweat for 30 minutes a day lose an average of 8 pounds in three months.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to speed things up at any time. Don’t try extreme diets or workout plans if you want to see results in the long run.


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