Websites That Pay You To Watch Ads

Websites That Pay You To Watch Ads

Did you know that just as there are jobs that require intellectual alertness to perform online, there are passive jobs that don’t require you to be mentally assertive? These sedentary jobs are the right blend of fun and work. You are not required to devise solutions to save the world, become a professional in any field or go to space. The best description for jobs like these is “soft work” because they are easy.

All the online jobs require you to do is click on ads or subscribe to newsletters and get ads sent to your email. Your earnings depend on the number of ads you watch, the length of the ads and the right website. Depending on your website, you can get jobs like watching ads or taking surveys and increasing your earnings.

Although the earnings from the “soft work’ category of online jobs are not a gold mine, it is a good deal for a job that requires you to watch ad videos, especially since you can watch ads for goods and services, and you or people around can use them.

You must be careful when picking websites because some sites will make you do the job and not pay for it. However, we want you to enjoy the benefits of earning online through the right websites and have compiled a list to enhance your experience.


FusionCash means business with the lineup of jobs you can do to earn money on the site. In addition to making money by clicking ads, you can make extra money by taking surveys and installing mobile apps.

As for earnings, you can withdraw once your money hits 25 USD on the platform, mainly through PayPal or gift cards. The money-making site is location-specific and limited to people in the US so if you are within the US, make a run for the FusionCash side hustle.


On the ScarletClicks website, you can earn up to $0. 01 per ad on as many ads as you click. With a dedication to the ScarletClicks, you can easily make more than the minimum withdrawal amount on the site, which is 2 USD. I can assure you that spending a lot of time on Scarlet Clicks is a good use of your time because your money can be withdrawn on different payment platforms like Neteller, AirTM, SrKill, and others.

You can get engrossed in watching ads and earning for as long as you want without keeping tabs on how many ads you have watched and how much it translates to in dollars because the site has a detail of your progress and earnings.


Swagbucks is committed to making your day-to-day online experience fantastic and worth money. So, instead of watching ads for free and seeing them as interruptions, you deliberately watch video ads and earn money.

Only persons within the USA, UK, Canada and Australia are entitled to exclusive payment benefits through PayPal or redeeming gift cards on Amazon.


The GPTplanet not only has a job for everyone to earn from but a combination of jobs to boost your earning margins. So, you can click on adverts, fill out surveys and enjoy the benefits of affiliate marking when you refer people to start using the services. GPTplanet also has a $0. 01 per click payment system. Sign up at no cost and gain financially.


ySense majors in paying you to fill in questionnaires and online forms. However, ySense caters to the needs of its global community by paying users to download apps, try out products and services, sign up for websites and watch videos. You can pick one job option or try out several to make money online.


Neobux is one of the legitimate sites committed to paying you to watch video ads and get paid. The site has different sign-up types that determine the rate of payment you get. The quality and type of video also play a massive role in the payment structure, plus there is no limit on the number of videos you can watch every day. Payments are made through Skrill and Neteller, and you can not withdraw less than 2 USD on the first payment.


Ayuwage is an efficient and straight-to-the-point website that legitimately pays you to watch ad videos, fill out forms or take online surveys. Because they are committed to a user-friendly experience, they have a 9-part video that gives a step-by-step guide on starting, the job description, and how payments can be made through PayPal, Payza, and Amazon gift cards.

Bux Inc

Bux Inc. monitors and pays for activities on the site, like watching video adverts and navigating to the advertiser’s page that lasts for at least 30 seconds. As a result, the website has several followers who have earned their wages in full.


The Get-Paid website is worth trying, primarily because it uses the “coin” system upon completion of specific tasks. Also, the jobs on the site are interesting because you have options between clicking ads, contests, filling out forms and taking part in surveys. Depending on the jobs completed by you, your payments are sent to your PayPal account.

Inbox Dollar

The Inbox Dollar brings companies and different individuals together in collaboration. People sign-up on Inbox Dollar and get personalized ad emails from other companies that use Inbox Dollar. Usually, the products advertised are newly introduced into the market or about to be offered to consumers. Inbox dollar is open to persons in the Us, and Canada and payments are made to your PayPal account.


Aticlix is committed to online money-making by clicking to watch advertisements and paying up to $0.04 per click. New ads are available for you to watch every day from midnight and make money, but you must be careful not to operate multiple accounts. If you’ve found that you manage various accounts, you may risk losing both accounts. Moreover, there is hardly a need to run two accounts when there is the affiliate aspect of earning up to $0.04 per referral.


Offernation does not keep you in doubt of their legitimacy or their ability to pay you for performing specific tasks. Upon signing up, Offernation gives you $0.25, and then you work to grow your earnings as you click on ads, fill out forms and perform any specific task they have for you.


You can make money online from the comfort of your own. A mobile phone is good enough for you to earn some bucks. If you are tired of commuting to work, watching ads online is a viable option for passive income streams.


Websites That Pay You To Watch Ads

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