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Websites That Pay You To Type Online (Up To $50/hour)


The gig economy is filled with opportunities for freelancers and people who love to work from home. These opportunities include websites that pay typists to type Online.

Do you realize that most people spend a significant time of their day typing? Be it on your phone or your computer system and you can monetize that everyday ability.

Many online typing jobs are virtually available and some of these jobs pay as much as $50 per hour.

If you can type accurately and with speed, find some websites with typing job opportunities below.

Websites That Pay You To Type Online (Up To $50/hour):


Rev.com is one of the reputable websites that pay freelance typists to type Online. Typing jobs on Rev are either for transcribers or captioners.

Transcribers write down what someone says, while captioners create captions/titles for video audio.

On Rev.com, captioners are paid $0.54-$1.10 per audio minute; whole transcribers are paid $0.30 – $1.10 per audio/video minute.

Work is virtual and flexible.


English proficiency by undertaking a grammar quiz.


Pay varies according to work done, but Rev pays $0.30-$1.10 per audio/video minute.


ClickWorker has a plethora of opportunities for affiliate marketers and freelancers. However, ClickWorker also hires people to carry out tasks like data verification, data categorization and text correction.

ClickWorker has an app that can be accessed using a smartphone, making work easy and at your fingertip.


English proficiency

Ability to use Microsoft packages.


Depends on the work done.


Babbletype carries out market research, so they always search for freelancers who can transcribe these research documents. They do not compromise on the quality of their work, so they ensure that those hired are focused and professional.

Applicants are subjected to a transcribing test, assessment, and interview.

Freelancers on Babbletype work a minimum of one hour per day and four days a week. However, candidates will work for more hours during peak periods.


Depends on the number of tasks completed, speed, and accuracy.


Lionbridge is one of the platforms that pay freelancer typists to type Online. Opportunities include data analysis jobs and information verification jobs.

Applicants who want to earn by typing from Lionbridge are subjected to an English typing examination.


Lionbridge pays between $12-$14 per hour, and freelancers can work up to 20 hours weekly.


Xerox offers a virtual office program for veterans and the spouses of those in the military. Online job opportunities on Xerox include data entry and verification jobs.

Even though their jobs are exclusively reserved for veterans and military spouses, freelancers have the privilege to search for available jobs.


Depends on the work done.


One of the platforms that offer opportunities for freelancers for typing jobs is TranscribeMe. Here, freelancers are paid to transcribe short audio clips.

The basic requirements are access to internet services, a computer system, and passing the qualification examination. Other than these, English proficiency is also needed.


$15-$22 per audio hour.


Quicktate is among the highest-paying sites for typing jobs. In addition, freelancers are hired to transcribe audio clips, videos, and phone calls for their clients.

Freelancers are required to type only what they hear.

Quicktate subjects applicants to a typing test. In addition, they do a background check on those who apply for typing jobs.


Pay ranges from $0.0025 – $0.0050 per word


Aberdeen hires freelancers as Captioners, subtitlers, and translators for broadcasting companies. And all of these jobs require typing.

However, their requirement is relatively high for captioners. For example, captioners must be able to type at 180 WPM and caption in real time. In addition, captioners must have three phone lines and backup internet.

Aberdeen offers the option of working from home and on-site for their captioners. Those who work on-site are paid more.


Not Listed.


Microworkers provide a plethora of opportunities for freelancers. You are unlikely to earn big here, but online jobs include typing jobs.

There are data entry jobs, translation, and transcription jobs.

Most of the jobs offered here are quite small, hence the name Microworkers. However, your earnings depend on the jobs you take and your level of skills.


Ranges from $5-$7 per hour.


SpeakWrite offer transcription job for professionals. Their job involves transcribing audio for the police, law offices, and other protective services.

Candidates are subjected to a 60-word per minute test, and you have to be accurate with typing to be considered. You are also expected to be a proficient user of Microsoft Word and a foot pedal.

Freelancers who pass their tests are further trained to do the job.


Pay is $0.0050 per word

Accutron Global

Accutron Global employs freelancers for transcription jobs. The transcription jobs include conference calls from medical, legal, finance, and other professionals.

You need to have a State Board Level CARTs to be hired. Other requirements include Windows 10, a quality pair of headphones, and software for voice writing.


Accutron Global pays up to $75 for up to an hour of a conference call.


SigTract offer freelancers opportunity in data entry in the United States of America.

Candidates input voter registration information into the database of SigTrack.

You have to be a resident of the US, have Windows ten or even higher, and have fast internet.

SigTrack is a legitimate online job because the government is responsible for paying contractors.

In addition to being a resident of the US, they carry out background check on applicants.

Getting signed on tends to be a little more complicated because of the secure nature of the information.


They pay on an hourly basis and depending on the task completed

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