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6 Websites That Pay You to Talk to Lonely People

Talk to Lonely People

Online media has a plethora of opportunities for everyone seeking a passive income stream. You can make money typing online, teaching online, playing video games online and even talking to lonely people.

There are a lot of lonely people in America that are looking for someone who can just listen to them and pay for this service. This can also include a physical meeting to have a conversation.

It is quite possible to earn money for your time on the phone with someone.

Types Of Websites

There are many websites that connect lonely people to have a conversation. Some platforms connect people through text conversations, others video, audio or face-to-face cover affiliate Marketing Tips and Tools for BeginnersAffiliate Marketing Tips and Tools for Beginners.

Some of the platforms are only about sexual interaction but most of them are for casual conversations. Meanwhile, people who need sexual interaction are more, so you must be aware of this to know where there are more opportunities.


It is also possible to sell chat services on some freelance platforms like Fiverr. So you will not have to wait to be paired with someone who needs to have a conversation.

Take a look at some sites that pay you to talk to lonely people.


Papa is made of up the elder or senior citizens of a place. This category of people (Lonely People) is lonely because they are mostly in a convalescent home. They need help with transportation and everyday tasks. So they are paired with people who can help them with all the aforementioned services.


Every job has its hazard. On Papa, you may be unable to hide your identity because they offer both virtual and in-person services. So, you have to be ready to give up your privacy even though you’d be meeting with strangers.


Papa pays $15 per hour. In the instance where employees commute to sites, they cover the cost of transportation and offer daily and weekly bonuses.


FrendPC is one of the platforms that pay people for talking to the lonely. However, on FriendPC, you can do a little more than talk. You can also be paid for providing companionship or accompanying someone.


Most of the clients on FriendPC are looking for sexual partners. If you’re not ready for this, you may be unable to thrive on the platform.


Friends are allowed to set prices for the services they offer.

Rent A Friend

People who use rent a friend meet people in person. You can register to become a friend per hour and if clients find you good enough, they will rent you. Oftentimes, you are rented for the purpose of companionship, to become a workout partner, a reading partner and etc.


You are responsible for your safety as you physically meet up with your client.

rent a friend

Clients do not pay any fee before they are allowed to Rent A Friend. They allow you to chat with people before meeting them.


RentAFriend pays $10 hourly but this fee is subject to negotiation. As a Friend, you are allowed to set your fee and you do not pay a commission to the website.

Revenue is generated by the site through a fee paid by those who need Friends.


As the name implies, FlirtBucks is a platform for people who love to flirt. The site is designed for text messages and video calls. However, the video call conversations aren’t restricted but the display of nudity isn’t allowed. FlirtBucks only has female chat hostesses.


You need a fill in a ton of information to get to chat with a hostess. And there’s no guarantee that you will get a response even if you submit all your information. However, they have data privacy but this is a risk.


They pay between $0.10 and $0.15 per minute for text chatting while they also offer $0.40 to $0.50 per minute for video chatting.


Phrendly is one of the platforms where people earn for talking and connecting with others.

How to overcome Loneliness

However, Phrendly is not a very traditional site but they reward influencers with money. People who stay on chats for longer periods make more money.


Phrendly is a very secure platform because conversations are through an App. Personal data is protected from the view of clients. So, there’s no disadvantage for sighing up.


Payments are made in the form of drinks. To have a conversation on Phrendly, a client sends a drink that is worth any amount. If you accept the drink, it means you want to have the conversation and more drinks mean more money and time.


MyGirlFund is one of the online communities where members make money by talking to other people. On MyGirlFund, you can flirt with the girl next door via chats.



MyGirlFund does not allow members to exchange personal information, so there’s no disadvantage on this platform.


Members choose how much time they spend interacting and 1 credit is awarded for every reply gotten. However, you can set your own rate if you want to continue to enjoy chats and other conversations.


There are various passive income streams online.

All you need is information and if you enjoy chatting or talking, you can explore any of the above sites.


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