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Websites That Pay You to Perform Short Tasks

Websites That Pay

Websites That Pay You to Perform Short Tasks.

Have you ever experienced financial difficulty? If so, you are aware of how annoying it may be to need some additional cash yet have no practical way to get it. Thankfully, a lot has changed during the past decade.

Short tasks are one of the simplest methods to earn money online. It is ideal for someone seeking flexible employment that anyone can be considered for.  The great thing about micro-tasking is that you can sign up whenever you have some free time, complete certain tasks, and get paid. Even several microtasks can be combined.

Ready to check out the top websites for quick tasks? Take a look at our list below!

Websites That Pay You to Perform Short Tasks:

1.   MTurk

There is a tonne of tasks accessible on Amazon Mechanical Turk, commonly known as mTurk. Anyone can find a job here that suits their skills (Websites That Pay). Human intelligence tasks, or HITs, are completed by thousands of workers each day through mTurk. These activities range from surveys to writing gigs to transcription work to picture verification and more. Most activities may be completed in 20 minutes or less and with only basic knowledge. They do have a restriction on the number of tasks you can complete at once, though you are free to establish your own hours and come and go as you like.

Payment Details

Even while it’s exciting to complete these jobs, you should be aware that the majority of the tasks only pay under $1 each.

Websites you can make money from

The task and amount of effort determine the pay. Although some people have made a full-time income on mTurk, the typical income depends on how much work you perform each week. It ranges from $50 to $100. Two payment options are available on MTurk: an Amazon gift card or an  Amazon Payments account. New workers must wait ten days to claim earnings.

2.   ClickWorker

You can make money as a Clickworker by performing micro tasks like typing, copyediting, proofreading, completing surveys, or testing apps. Additionally, Clickworker employs individuals to perform research, classify website data, and create brief audio and video recordings. Based on your qualifications, you will have access to several types of jobs (Websites That Pay).

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Qualifications are decided through tests conducted during the registration procedure and previously finished work. The tasks you choose to complete and the number of them are up to you.  Clickworker works in the U.S., Germany, along with many other nations.

Payment Details

Your salary will vary with how efficiently you work. Good workers and large tasks can make around $9 per hour. Every week, from Wednesday to Friday, Clickworker pays through PayPal. There is a $1 minimum payment requirement.

3.   FigureEight

Previously, this website was called as CrowdFlower. It is a data-gathering and mining company that provides clients from all around the world with a platform for data enrichment. It provides jobs including classifying social media, regulating content, transcribing audio, and more. Each task will specify the subject, level of difficulty, and reward for completion (Websites That Pay).

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Payment Details

The hourly rate on this website often ranges from $2 to $3. You can complete more tasks as your skill level increases. Earning $500 each month is attainable. Once a worker has reached the $10 payment threshold, FigureEight pays them via PayPal. Users can apply to work online from any location to become contributors.

4.   RemoTasks

Remotasks is a reputable platform that connects over 240,000 independent contractors with job opportunities including data labelling and evaluation. The website has an easy-to-use interface. You can visit the training centre to finish courses and unlock paid tasks after successfully registering. The courses typically take 5 to 15 minutes to finish. Online content moderation and analysis, data collection, voice transcription, and other activities are a few of the tasks available on this site. The tasks range in terms of remuneration and difficulty.

Payment Details

Certain short and simple jobs pay cents. Some are more challenging and offer substantially better income. Work will be checked for accuracy after completion. Every week, payouts are made via PayPal. Amounts paid per hour range from $1 to $3. Payouts start at $5 minimum.

5.   Rewardy

Playing free video games, completing paid surveys, or installing apps can all earn you money with Rewardy. Starting is simple and quick. There are no standard steps involved in creating an account. As a result, you can download a game and finish a survey in a short period of time.

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You’ll probably see a dashboard as soon as you launch the app, showcasing actions you may complete to start accumulating points. These points may be redeemed at a later time. When you refer friends to Rewardy, you also get more free money. Simply share your referral link and begin receiving credits.

Payment Details

Users can redeem their points for gift cards.

6.   SmartCrowd

This online marketplace for freelancing offers its members a selection of quick projects. These jobs include typing in data, doing research, translating, etc. Consider signing up with SmartCrowd if you are bilingual and interested in micro gigs. Smaller tasks are generally straightforward and not too difficult to do. It collaborates with well-known companies including Microsoft, Adobe, and Pfizer.

Payment Details

This company pays via Direct Deposit, which goes directly into your bank account. Different tasks have specified rates. Payment is made after the tasks are finished. An average user can earn $50 or more each month.


Although these jobs are flexible, they might still be rather competitive. These days, many desire to work from home. Microtasks could be the appropriate choice if you are pressed for time.

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For stay-at-home parents, students, part-time workers, and unemployed people, it provides a dependable source of income. Whatever you’re interested in, there’s a website that will connect you with customers willing to pay for your skills.

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