Websites That Pay $15/hr To Do Research Online

Research Online

Other than engaging in social activities, you can earn decently carrying out research online. A chunk of people get on google to find answers to their questions, look for recipes, complete surveys and watch tutorials – all of these are researches in a way.

One research or the other is carried out every day and there are several opportunities in the online market for researchers. If you love to carry out research, there are online-based platforms where you can hone this skill. Thankfully, most of those who do research online get paid to work from the comfort of their homes and sometimes, on their phones.

Research and get paid

There are a lot of companies that pay people for carrying out research. Below are the platforms that pay a minimum of $15/hr to freelancers who carry out research:

Research Online for Ask Wonder

Ask Wonder ensures that users of their website are providers with answers to their queries within or less than 24 hours. Specifically, the platform serves business professionals and entrepreneurs who are in need of research services. You can find hundreds of analysts who are always online to answer questions from individuals and businesses.

If you love to answer questions online and carry out research, you can join their pool of analysts. However, your skill must involve:

  • Recommending a product or service.
  • Statistics collection.
  • Explaining trends.
  • Estimating the size of a market.
  • English and grammar skills.
  • Working experience in a research role.
  • Critical and logical reasoning skills.
  • Profound understanding of STEM field or a certificate in a technical course.
  • Ability to present answers in summary.

The research skills of applicants are tested based on a quiz and an assignment.


Depending on the difficulty of the question, compensation is given for each completed research project. Researchers can expect to make between $15 and $25 per hour, with some performers even making up to $2000 per month. It is up to you to choose which research requests you will complete. It is essential that you frequently access the website to get jobs frequently.


10EQS is a platform that primarily provides solutions for the crowdsourcing problems of companies. This platform basically employs the best brains to work from home and leverage technology for providing research answers to questions in areas of expertise.

At the moment, their services to their clients include assisting their business strategy efforts by working with SMEs and start-ups from a range of industries, Fortune 500 organizations, investment, and top professional services firms.

Researchers are subjected to specific skills tests before they are employed on the platform and they do not compromise on expertise. You have the option of working online or through a phone conversation.


They pay $15 per task and those who complete jobs can go on to earn more.

IT-BOSS Research

IT-BOSS Research is a court-based platform that is constantly looking for contractors for its clients to carry out court research and document retrieval. Since 1991, this woman-owned platform has promoted several independent contractors to supplement the staffing needs of their clients.

Meanwhile, the court researcher’s duties include pulling requested legal documents in their local area. Depending on the workload at a point in time, two, three, or more counties might be assigned to a researcher for research.

Earn online

IT-BOSS Research is not a job you will wholely do from home. It requires visiting the local courthouse to obtain documents. However, you can also rely on public documents for your research efforts.


The pay range is usually between $10 – $15 per hour to start.

Experts 123

Users can write expert articles or carry out research on this platform to get paid. Basically, if you are an expert in a particular field and can contribute to unique articles, you can work gainfully on Experts 123.

Access to the website of Experts 123 is restricted to only those who sign up on the platform. When you carry out research or write an article, you get paid a percentage of the website’s revenue.


JustAnswer is a platform housing thousands of experts who are on standby to provide answers to questions. There are doctors, lawyers, tech support, mechanics, vets, home repair pros, and many more on JustAnswer.

When users of the platform reach out, they are assigned to an expert who can answer all their questions. You can talk, text, chat, whichever you prefer, and even send documents and photos for review on the platform.

Their payment method is via Paypal. They also give out a $50 Amazon gift card.


There are also fake platforms that claim to pay researchers. You must be careful to sign up with only the authentic platforms where you are guaranteed at least $15 per hour or job.

Carrying out research online is one of the best ways to earn online.


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