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UK Visa Application Guide For Nigerian Citizens


Many Nigerians have seen their visa application to the United Kingdom thrown out and their hopes of migrating dashed. Alas, we have been able to publish a UK Visa application Guide strictly tailored for Nigerians.

The United Kingdom made up of Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Island is one of the most attractive Nations of the world, receiving about 30,000 visitors per annum who mostly visit for tourism or academics.

If you have been looking to scale through the herculean tax of travelling to the UK, then go through this guide.

Documents Required for a UK Visa in Nigeria

You cannot travel to the United Kingdom without possessing certain verifiable documents.

Find the following UK Visa application for citizens of Nigeria.

Leave Approval

You need a document from your workplace that would show you’ve been granted a leave of absence.


Nigeria’s international passport that’s valid for at least six months from the application date.

Bank statement

Go to your bank and apply for a bank statement indicating your transactions for the last six months. If it’s a corporate account, you’d need to get a reference letter with the bank statement.


You need to get a copy of your tax payment ready.


A 4-Months payslip is required, you may want to get that from your employer as well.


In the instance where you are self-employed, the CAC document will suffice for 5 above.

Introduction Letter

A letter of introduction is gotten from your employers indicating details on your passport, your job designation, annual salary, and purpose of travelling which will be addressed to the UK Embassy.

Invitation Letter

In the instance where you are invited by someone over there, ask them to send you an invite. The letter must embed all your details, the name of your host, passport number, status in the UK, relationship with the host, purpose, and duration of the visit.

Utility Bills

If you are going to be accommodated by your host, you have to include their utility bills in your application.

Host’s documents

If your host is going to be funding part of your travel expenses, you’d have to request their bank statement and work details.

Data Page or Permit

Your host should have a work permit and data page, which they ought to send you a copy of.


If you’re travelling as a tourist, a hotel reservation is mandatory. And, you’d have to provide proof of accommodation.

How To Apply For a UK Visa from Nigeria – Online Process

It’s not just enough to have all of the required documents. There is a step-by-step process that must be followed on the government website of the UK.

  • The first is to create an account on the website.
  • Click on the visa and immigration menu, and then click on visit the UK link afterwards
  • Depending on your purpose of visit, click on the type of visit you’re embarking on. A standard visitor visa covers leisure, business and even medical treatments.
  • Next is to fill out the application form and ensure all the required details like the email address are correctly inputted.
  • Proceed to pay the fee, visa fee which is about $129 for six monthly UK visas (The price can be changed). Acknowledge the information inputted before proceeding to make payment.
  • Payment is confirmed when you’re redirected to the TLSContat portal. Afterwards, you book an appointment for biometrics. Abuja, Ikeja and Victoria Island are the three centres where biometrics are carried out, you have the choice to pick any of the aforementioned centres. Note, you cannot undo this process and Victoria Island is the most expensive centre for reasons of tax and associated costs.

It is also worth of note that you do not pick 9 am and 12 am when picking appointment dates unless you want the service for prime-time applicants. You have to print out a copy of the appointment sent to you and carry the same along.

Find following a classical example UK Visa application process

Example – UK Visa Application In Nigeria 

Sam works in Stanbic IBTC as a teller, where he earns 234,800 on a monthly basis (net income, after-tax). His total expenditure on transportation and other personal stuff amounts to 60,000. Sam is left with 174,800 since he has no dependents and he’s single. Therefore, Sam keeps all of the money left after expenditure as savings.

Sam has on his list, a return ticket, accommodation fare – in case his host disappoints him, shopping and all he’d need to spend to maximize his experience.

Breakdown/Budget for UK Visit Visa in Nigeria

Sam is a very lucky man, he gets an invitation from his childhood friend, Tony. Tony works in the UK and is a citizen. Now, Sam wants to visit Tony during his leave and it’s time to submit an application. What does Sam need to do?

It’s as easy as what I showed on how to apply for a UK Visa and the list of requirements that the applicant needs.

Sam has to check his bank account if he has saved enough money for the trip.

In a year, Sam would have saved 2,097,600 following his monthly savings.

A breakdown of Sam’s trip to the UK follows thus. Flight ticket 378,712. Hotel accommodation for five days would cost 154,200 on average. He will likely spend 88,500 on shopping which means we are looking at a total of 621,412 for this trip.

It suffices to say the expenses for Sam are fair enough as it is given that he’d spend only 612,412 out of his over 2m savings. He’s going to spend less than half of whatever he’s saved, which means the visa officer is going to rate him high considering the breakdown of expenditure.

UK Submission Process In Nigeria

Next for Sam is to put together the required supporting documentation and apply for a UK visa in Nigeria. I earlier showed you the requirements, how to apply and the list of documents needed.

Sam has to ensure he meets all the requirements for a UK visa and then carefully goes through his application before submitting the same.

If your purpose of visiting is for business, you’d need to swipe your host details for that of your business partner/organizer’s invitation. Likewise, for applicants who are travelling for tourism purposes, replace host details with hotel reservations. For foreigners applying from Nigeria, you must have a valid CERPAC ( resident permit).

Wondering where you submit your application in Nigeria and what to print out? be patient.


The two options for booking appointments are either self-service or assisted service.

Self-service allows you to upload your documents yourself but you should be able to get hard copies of supporting documents.

Assisted Service: You pay about 11,000 for this service. You have to go to their TLSContact centre where you’d be assisted with uploading documents by officers.

Finally, you must go do your biometric and submission on the date previously chosen while booking an appointment.

What You Need To Bring To The UK Submission Centre

  • International passport (You have the option of choosing a Keep My Passport service if you do not want to submit your passport.
  • Checklist form
  • Check your email for Appointment Confirmation.
  • Receipts of all payments done including visa and associated fees.
  • The supporting documents listed above ( If you use the self-service option, you are required to come with the confirmation of document submission).

The processing of your documents and application takes about 3 weeks after submission. You will get an SMS or email notification when it is ready for collection. There are so many instances where your application takes longer to process if the embassy is digger deeper to your requirements in Nigeria.

UK Visa Fees In Nigeria

6 months visa fee: 129 USD

2 Years visa fee: 491 USD

5 Years visa fee: 891 USD

10 Years visa fee: 1118 USD

The aforementioned fees can be changed at any time without prior notice.

UK Visa Application Centres in Nigeria

Victoria Island: Ground Floor, Ivie House, 4/6 Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Ikeja: Ground & First Floors, Etiebets Place, 21 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Lagos.

Abuja: Third floor, El-Yakub Building (beside Metro Plaza), Plot 1129 Zakariya Maimalari Street, Central Business District.

You do not necessarily need to visit the UK embassy if you want to submit and collect your application. If you’re looking for their address, you may use google or check below. However, do not forget to meet the requirement before making an attempt.

British Deputy High Commission, Lagos
11 Walter Carrington Crescent.

British High Commission, Abuja
Plot 1137, Diplomatic Drive, Central Business District

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