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10 Traits Men Find Attractive In A Woman


Are you unable to attract the man you admire? Are you amazed about how unlucky you have been, given all your positive traits? So you wonder, what is it that men find attractive in a woman? Could it be the hip-to-body ratio? Is it a certain shade of hair colour? Is it about personalities, intelligence, dimples, or a mix of these? It is quite difficult to figure out traits that men find attractive in women but it is not rocket science to know.

Here’s the reality! Men are choosy. Women can also be picky, yet somehow men tend to be worse. Knowing “the one” is a major decision in men’s lives. They give it a lot of consideration. Contrary to popular belief, it goes beyond mere appearance. A woman’s actions and behaviour can be just as significant as her stunning, long lashes.

Instead of making the same mistakes over and over, below are some traits that men find attractive an a woman

1) A Confident Woman

People can tell how confident you are by the way you act. Women who are confident are focused on their goals. They are self-disciplined enough to accomplish them and do not back down from challenges. These women are also secure. They are completely aware of their identity and do not hesitate to voice their opinions.

Men perceive confidence as a sign of strength; therefore, they find women who exude confidence to be incredibly attractive. They know a woman with self-doubt will not do well under any circumstance. But a confident woman can make the most of any circumstance. She will also inspire others because confidence is contagious. To men, nothing is more radiant.

2) A Cheerful and Positive Attitude

Traits That Men Find Attractive

Have you encountered individuals who constantly portray themselves as victims? Do you know people who complain and place the blame on everyone else every time something goes wrong? How frequently do you desire to see such a person?

Your energy is everything. It decides whether people will be attracted to you or ignore you. Compared to being sour, men love women who can make other people smile. A positive person is refreshing. It is very alluring when you are carefree and cheerful. No one wants to be with someone who whines all the time.

Life can be exhausting. Your simple humor can brighten even the darkest days. This is why it is so endearing for men to find this quality in a woman.

3) An Intelligent Mind

A woman might not need to be absolutely smart to attract men; regardless, she must have some level of intelligence.

Many relationships start solely because of physical appeal and people engage in emotionless sex to pass the time. However, it is not sufficient to create a long-lasting connection. Eventually, serious conversations about important issues will come up. Women who can engage in deep and intellectual conversations with men are much more attractive to them. This quality always triumphs over pointless sex.

4) An Independent Woman

Self-sufficient women are more attractive to men than needy women. Of course, they do enjoy it when women lean on them for some specific things, but neediness turns them off. They appreciate it when a woman is capable of managing her fears and anxieties on her own without anybody’s assistance.

They admire women with priorities, who have other activities going on in their lives, whether it is school or work. A woman who is a person of her own and true to herself. This is men’s idea of an interesting and attractive woman.

5) A Woman Who Can Be Herself

Less can be more.

Something about raw, undecorated faces drives men crazy. When you initially wake up, they just like who you really are. They think you’re most attractive when you emerge from the shower without any cosmetics or cologne. Once your face is covered in colour without names, they would prefer that to who you are.

A woman who is contented with her own physique is more attractive to men. A woman who smells and looks like her natural self. She can boldly display her bare face. Men find these women more likeable and genuine. They cannot turn away from seeing a lady who is comfortable in her own skin.

6) Seductive Voice

Confidence is the key to having an attractive voice. Women who sound more seductive have more sexual partners. Your voice has the power to instruct, calm, and amuse. It provides clues about your sexual activity. Influenced by the hormones – estrogen and progesterone, your voice can be an indicator of your reproductive state. It also suggests your appearance – a high-pitched voice denotes a smaller figure. Generally, men are drawn to women who have high-pitched voices.

There are various techniques to train your voice. They include performing several vocal exercises, training with voice coaches, and even having surgery.

7) A Woman Who Asks for Help

Do men enjoy feeling needed? Absolutely!

The majority of men were raised with the idea that they should be the one who provides for and guard. Asking a man to carry out certain tasks, such as changing the light bulb can be a good thing. Just ask him for help, no matter how trivial, and he gets a sense of heroism from it. Discuss your problems with him, it makes him feel good and appreciated.

Men are attracted to women who give them superman-like feelings. He just wants to see his value in your life.

8) Flirty gestures

Traits That Men Find Attractive

Flirts have a strong understanding of how to captivate a room through their appearance, body language, and conversations. This trait is adored by men. A flirtatious woman is not only charming and fun but also apologetically outgoing. She initiates physical contact.  She listens intently and asks questions. Jokes, no matter how ridiculous, are met with laughter.

Men enjoy the touching, winks, enticing smiles, and flirtatious texts. Compliment him. You can call his attention to your lips by putting on lip balm in front of him. If you feel brave enough, give him a kiss. Just ensure you do not overdo it by being corny or disgusting.

9) The Way She Presents Herself

Be a lady of high value. Do not waste your time or attention on unworthy activities and people. Do not tolerate any disrespect and spend your life in accordance with your values and principles. Have standards but remain polite, amusing, and friendly. Then, men are compelled to be on their best behavior to impress you. His desire to be in your company is fueled. The riddle of your complexity and simplicity piques his interest.

Also, your appearance and dress sense are important components of how you present yourself. Know your body type and understand what fits elegantly. Be the woman he simply cannot resist.

10) A Woman Who Makes Him a Better Man

Men are attracted to the type of woman who doesn’t run away from their history but embraces it with wide arms and encourages them to grow. She doesn’t make him feel underserving or unimportant as a result of his past. Rather, she holds his hands while he confronts his demons. When it is needed the most, she reminds him of his strength and abilities. She motivates him to achieve his goals and won’t go easy on him until he gets there.

This just might be the most important trait on this list as men do not only find it attractive. They know the value of a woman like this. Once they find her, they consider popping the question and settling down.

Final Words

Men could find a variety of feminine traits attractive. Every person is unique. They all have their distinct preferences. You should not begin to doubt your worth based on a man’s checklist. But generally speaking, these traits will give you a solid perspective on what men value.

Meanwhile, it is also important to know whether the man is worth it before stressing over the qualities he wants. Remember to put yourself first.




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