Top Websites That Pay For Small Task Online

Top Websites That Pay For Small Task Online

Sometimes you just need an extra $50 to get you through the month. We’ve all been there, or maybe you haven’t. It must be nice. Today we’re diving into six task sites or apps that you can start with today to start making it a little bit of extra cash, completing microtasks that other people do not want to finish.

This post is perfect for you, If you already may or may not have a main job, you have some free time to complete some micro-tasks. If you’re looking for a job that’s more of a full-time income, you should check out this post instead. Okay.

My first website slash APP is TaskRabbit. TaskRabbit is amazing.TaskRabbit. It’s a pretty popular APP, but if you don’t know what it is, pretty much. TaskRabbit is a platform where you can oppose different things, different projects or jobs that you don’t have enough time to get done or are lazy and you can post these projects for people who do have enough time or are not lazy and they can finish the task.

I remember when I was like 17 or 18 years old, I decided to Redo my entire room, all of my own and I lasted about all of 40 seconds. I jumped on TaskRabbit and I actually contracted two friends, two guy friends to Redo my room and it was great. It’s a win-win situation. I got my room done, they got some coins and we go on our way.

The reason I love task rabbit is that you get paid in cash on the spot. You can negotiate the price and also you can do whatever you want. Like you can paint a house if you know, if you see something you like, you can talk to the person and try to do that little job. Okay.

My second APP is called Easyswift. The easiest APP is an interesting take on micro-tasking. It’s similar, it’s like micro-tasking in your local area, so easy swift includes things like taking pictures of products, checking up stores, promotion, checking general prices and various different places and this is throughout the United States.
Once you complete the task and you’ll be paid within two business days.

My next APP is called Field Agent. So if you don’t really get walking it’s pretty much doing a little micro task in your area that essentially you can do walking. This is the only going to be useful. If you live in a big city, you can be taking pictures of products and you can be comparing prices. Each task is usually about 3$ to $12 which is paid through PayPal. Unfortunately, they do not have this app on android yet. It’s only on IOS. So if you have an android and you can check out something similar.

  • Figure Eight

Fourth job or APP is called Figure Eight this is really good for completing just quick, fast little tasks. So you’ll be doing anything from moderating content and managing social media things.

You could be drawing boxes around pictures to help artificial intelligence recognize objects and all of these different tasks have different amounts for them, but there are things that go really quickly, so they only pay you 50 cents, but you can do it in 20 seconds, so you might be getting paid like $20 an hour. If you’re sitting there for an hour and just getting boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Task, task, task success.

My Fifth website is called Needto. Needto is a great website. It’s just like TaskRabbit where people just need to get things done, clean their house, move their bed, and set up their couch or something. Little things that really don’t need much experience that you can do.

Maybe they need to clean something out, help them set up their garage sale, et cetera. I’ve even seen some things on here like make their bed, I don’t even know what this is. I think they want someone to make their bed or assemble it. Oh, it actually is a symbol. They want someone to assemble their bed and you can even negotiate the price of you say, okay, yeah, I’ll assemble your bed, but not for $30 I’ll do it for $40 or $50 you can negotiate that price. Okay.

My Sixth website is called Dolly. Dolly is a great website where you’re going to be helping people move. It’s kind of like you haul, but they are a smaller company so you can sign up and work whenever you want and help people move their stuff.

So you can get paid up to $30 an hour if you have your own truck or car. But if you don’t have your insurance card and you’re just to use your hands and be able to lift things that they’ll pay you up to $15 but you do need to be able to lift over 75 pounds. So that might be a thing for you.

Like if you’re a strong person, you can work for Dolly in your free time. And you can also use this as a free gym membership. So they claim that consistent Dolly helpers earn about a thousand dollars a week,  $4,000 a month, or help in their free time and you get paid quickly.

You get paid every single week, the week after that you work. Another great thing about Dolly is before you go to take on a move, you know exactly how much you’re going to get paid so you can agree or you can reject their offer.

Another great thing is you can work as little or as much as you want. So if you literally only want to do this one day a week or one time a month or five days a week, you have that flexibility. And of course, Dolly is a great way to help the community as you’re going to be helping people move into their new homes or move out of their old homes. Okay?

My Last job is called that shifgig. Shiftgig is an APP where you can pick up different gigs in your free time. So for example, if there’s a banquet and they need servers just quickly like that, they will post on Shiftgig and you can see what type of jobs they have for that day.

You could see the hours. If it’s like five hours and they paid $10 an hour, then you know you get $50 and you can just kind of pick up little jobs like that. And the great thing is they have a lot of huge companies that work with them, and it’s all on your iPhone.

You can just open your iPhone and get a job on the weekend. It’s just like great, great. So shifting is not everywhere, it’s in the United States, but it’s only in 13 cities. So they’re currently located in, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, Memphis, Tennessee, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas and Phoenix, Arizona.

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