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Are You Aware that the Affiliate Marketing Industry is already one of the biggest money makers in the world, and it’s generating billions of dollars every year? Yes you can generate a lot of income through top paying Affiliate programs.

Before I start with the top paying affiliate programs, I just want to get something out of the way. A lot of people are afraid to go for expensive items because they feel that it’s going to be a lot harder to convert.

But in reality, guys! Let’s face it.

You’re going to spend time creating content. It could be blog posts, social media posts or youtube videos to promote your affiliate offers, and that usually takes a little time to come with quality content. You would have to learn how to drive traffic and create contents to be able to promote your offers.

Why not create content to promote expensive offers that you could make a hundred dollar commission per sale instead of trying to make $100 per 20 sales. So with that being said, let’s get started with the good stuff.

Now, the first set I’m going to be recommending is this site called Kinsta .

Kinsta is one of the top paying affiliate programs. Its a cloud web hosting a company that pays out really amazing commissions. Now they have a lot of different plans that you can promote. They have the starter, the pro and the business plan. If you want to go to the starter plan, you’re going to earn $86 per sale. To the pro plan, you’ll earn $172 per sale. Now for the business plan, That’s where it gets interesting,. You’re going to be earning $270 per sale. So if you have a blog, YouTube channel that focuses on web hosting companies, this is going to be a great offer to go ahead and start promoting.

Now for your affiliate products to actually convert, to actually make money from affiliate marketing, you will have to test out your offers before you can actually promote it to your audience. It’s going to convert a whole lot better if people can actually see proof of your product in action. So with that being said, let’s move on to the next one.

Next top paying affiliate programs is . This guy is huge on YouTube. He is awesome in affiliate marketing, social media marketing, whatever type of marketing you can think of. This guy is good at it. Now he offers up to 90% commissions for his program and different courses that he sells online. Now with this you can earn up to $250 per sale, but the one that I want to talk about in this article is the SMMA.

SMMA is a social media marketing agency that he has and he has an affiliate program that you can go ahead and sign up for it and you can earn $350 per sale.

This is amazing. If you have a blog that you talk about social media marketing or affiliate marketing or you blog about making money online, you can go ahead and start promoting this offer. You gonna make a $350 per sale. You can also check out his other programs that he has on his website that you can enroll in. I’m just showing you what’s legit so you can go ahead and target and start making some huge commissions online.

Next top paying affiliate programs is Etoro. This site is a social trading network that people can go ahead and invest in. This site has an affiliate program which they pay out a CPA commission that is cost per action, $250 commission per sale.

Now the lowest commission you could earn with these guys is a $100. So you have $100 commission, $200 commission, and you have $250 commission. Visit to be able to sign up for their affiliate program. You can go ahead and join it and you can start promoting. If you have a blog about investing and a social networking and that kind of stuff, you can go ahead and promote this site. As you can see, their landing page is awesome and it looks like it’s highly converting and a lot of people talk about this site. I did my research before recommending these sites to you so you can go ahead and look into it and if it’s something that you think you will be able to promote, you can go ahead and check it out. You can invest in Facebook, Google, you can go ahead and invest in snapchat, Amazon and all of these different social platforms and start making some money.

Next top paying affiliate programs is  This is a community, a program of package. It’s something that you can join for free and they have a lot of free tutorials that teaches you affiliate marketing. They also have an affiliate program that you can join on clickbank and you can promote their program. You could earn $114 per sale by promoting affilorama and it converts like hotcake because it is free to join. You get people in and they do the selling. You don’t have to worry about converting with affilorama.  Affilorama converts on its own because they know what affiliate marketing. They teach affiliate marketing. They know how to convert people into sales and how to convert leads into sales. Now, if you’re just getting started and you do want to look into affiliate marketing and promote something that you know can be helpful to other people, I highly recommend that you go and look into affilorama affiliates program because  your audience is going to love you for it.

Next top paying affiliate programs is Skillshare . this is one of the easiest kinds of affiliate programs that you can promote online because   Skillshare is filled with a lot of different tutorials. People can go on this site and they can sign up for free. They can sign up for a premium account for free and they can learn for 30 days completely free and you get paid $10 per person. Now because this site is highly converting  you can easily sign people up to this site.

You can sign up to 20 persons per day. For instance, I could create a post where I tell someone that you can go ahead and learn affiliate marketing completely free. You know, just by typing in your email address to Skillshare and I get paid $10. It’s as easy as that. So if we go to their affiliate program, they tell you that you can be paid $10 per referral and for five person you get $50, get 100, that’s $1000 .When you’re into affiliate marketing or you’re teaching people, it’s going to be very easy to be able to recommend this platform to people where they can go and search for any type of class that they can take completely free for 30 days and you get paid $10 per person.

I think that’s a great deal. You can use mediums like snapchat Ads to send traffic to this particular offer. You could use Facebook to tell people that they can learn for free for 30 days and you get paid $10 per person. So I think it’s something that you want to look into it. You can go ahead and join the affiliate program and you can start earning with Skillshare . It’s very easy and it’s highly converting. Think about the amount of commission you can start making with this particular program. Your options are endless.

Next top paying affiliate programs we have is Colmexpro . This is a trading site that you can go ahead and start trading stocks. US stocks, EU stocks, Forex and CFD’s. This site has been around for ages and it’s one of the most trusted websites for trading online. Now if we’d go and look at the kinds of commissions that they offer their affiliates, you can earn up to $650 per sale.

That is awesome guys, $650 per sale!  They have the lowest commission, $150 per sale that is payment per lead, CPA,  CPL, cost per lead. You could earn $9 per lead and that is just someone going ahead and putting in their email address. You could get paid up to $25 per lead. With this company. You don’t even have to make a sale. So if you’re in the trading and investing niche, this is a great site that you can go ahead and promote. They have commissions up to $650. Click here colmexpro.affiliates-program  to see the different payouts that they have for the different kinds of referrals and leads that you can earn commissions with.

There is Class A, you get a $500 per sale class B, class three, $300. This one is on the list that you get $250 per sale. That is the kind of money you can be making with this. And they tell you the different countries and how much you can be making per country. This is awesome guys. If you’re into this, you can go in and check it out. You make $650 per sale with this particular company and it is 100% legit. You get paid, you get your money and a lot of people, tons of people are promoting this particular company.

Next top paying affiliate programs is You earn 200% bounty commissions for referring a person. So when you say your referral signs up for $29 a month plan, you’re going to get paid $58 so you get paid for two months per referral. So if the person that goes ahead and signed up under you for 79 $79 per month, you get $108 whatever plan that they sign up for, you get 200% commissions. That’s why you see a lot of different videos on YouTube and blog posts and all over the Internet about starting a Shopify store because these guys are banking huge commissions with Shopify. Shopify has a lot of different plans. They have the basic, the pro and the business plan, the business plan. I don’t know how much they charge for the business plan, but you can imagine you’re getting 200% bounty commission per referral.

So this is a good affiliate program to go ahead and look into. Just go to t  to be able to join.

The next top affiliate market program is This is a program that they have a lot of different affiliate offers that you can promote. They have  CPA offers that you can promote and earn very high commissions. You can earn $200 and some  $480 per sale. From the BizHub, you can choose your products by category and you have this bitcoin $480 per sale. That’s why you see a lot of people are promoting bitcoin. You just  create content for these kinds of offers and you go ahead and promote it. You could use Facebook ads, snapchat ads, those are very cheap ads, Twitter ads, Youtube ads, and you can promote these offers f and you can start making a lot of money with affiliate marketing. That’s how it works. You look for the high paying top offers and products ,you promote them and you make those high permissions. That’s how these guys are making the big bucks online. And if you want to go that route, I think this is the way you should  do it.

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