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Top 13 Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women


Pregnancy is a defining moment for every woman because the body undergoes so many changes in preparation for the child’s growth and general development. As expected, the body expands and hormones are heightened all in expectation of the child.

Some people are lucky and the elasticity of their body returns back to normal while others need to exercise rigorously to achieve their original body shape and size. Some mothers never quite get back to their body size once they start having kids even with workout plans. However, you can utilise beauty tips for pregnant women to beautifully make the most of your journey.

Women experience pregnancy differently and so while some might have glowing Instagram – worthy skin, others have dry skin and breakouts or are too sick and fragile to take care of
themselves. These changes have been attributed to hormonal changes and no woman can predict the hand she will be dealt even if one of her pregnancy experiences was a smooth sail.

There are beauty regimens you can follow to mitigate or reverse the negative side effects of
hormones on the body and your looks during pregnancy.

Here are a few beauty tips for pregnant women

1. Proper hydration and feeding

This Is one of the most important beauty tips for pregnant women. On a normal day, drinking water and eating right are very beneficial for the body. When you are pregnant, more necessary. Water helps to detoxify the body and gives you clear skin, fast-growing nails and healthy hair. Eating the right amount of foods rich in vegetables and fruits and practising portion control will not only nourish the baby but make the skin glow and keep your weight gain under

2. Prevention of breakouts

If you’re experiencing acne flare-ups during pregnancy, the remedy is to wash your face daily with soap-free cleansers twice a day. Apply a gentle touch on your face when washing and drying your face so as not to further irritate the face. As for the zits on the face, try not to squeeze or exfoliate them and stick to oil-free products like make-up and moisturizers.

3. Be intentional about mani-pedi

Remember you are growing another human inside of you and you deserve nothing less than princess treatment so schedule that appointment and have a mani-pedi. Pregnancy will make your nails grow faster so why not try out as much nail polish as possible? Also, your feed will feel sore and heavy most of the time so the best solution is to get a foot rub and scrub.

4. Hair maintenance

During pregnancy, women have a hard time trying to understand the changes in their bodies that they hardly have time to take care of their hair and this is understandable. That is why it is advised that you make protective and easy-to-maintain hairstyles for the period of the pregnancy. That way, you don’t need to make your hair frequently or give in to the laziness of not making the hair at all.

5. Dental hygiene

Pregnancy can make women too exhausted to groom themselves but while you overlook some basic hygiene can be overlooked, women are prone to dental problems during pregnancy. The dental problem is often due to the impact on the birth weight of the baby. If you practice dental hygiene, pregnancy-related dental issues can be kept at bay.

6. Pregnancy-friendly exercising

Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are restricted from participating in some types of exercise and encouraged to do some type of exercise. For instance, taking a short walk can aid blood flow throughout the body.

Usually, the urge to just stay home and sit or sleep is very high but going out on walks helps to manage back aches and foot swelling.

7. Quality sleep

Relaxing sleep is the secret ingredient to looking fresh and without puffy eyes. Try to get 8 hours of sleep every night and your body will thank you. Good sleep will prevent your eyes from looking puffy and shallow because beauty sleep is most important during a child’s conception.

8. Stretch marks control

At some point in your pregnancy journey, stretch marks are inevitable. However, you can
manage stretch marks during your pregnancy by using coconut buttercream and massaging the spots with castor oil or aloe vera gel. If you manage the marks well, there is no reason to hide your skin because of stretch marks during pregnancy.

9. Makeup glams

If you have that magic glow during pregnancy, you have no need for makeup except if you want to touch it up for a special occasion. If the pregnancy is not given your skin that glow, you might want to apply some powder, concealer and eyeliner to touch up your face and give it that glow.

10. Pay attention to what you wear

Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

As you get to the second trimester your body size mostly changes and your old clothes become very tight and uncomfortable on you. The best fashion advice for pregnancy is to get a few maternity jeans, leggings, tunic tops and kurtas to make you feel comfortable.

There is no need to dress boring during maternity. With great styling sense, you will look drop-dead gorgeous in those maternity outfits.

11. Spa treatment

A spa treatment will serve two purposes during maternity. One is to massage and relax the stiff muscles. Another is to serve as a treat and give you the pampering you deserve. You will definitely come out of the spa looking bright and feeling good about yourself from the inside out.

12. Avoid toxic chemicals

You have to pay attention to the ingredients in your beauty products as a lot of them can be harmful to your skin and the baby.  Experts say expectant mothers should avoid chemicals like parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, dihydroxyacetone (DHA), aluminium chloride, salicylic, and beta-hydroxy acids. Be intentional about the products you use as they can be absorbed into the baby’s bloodstream.

13.  Meditation

Beauty Tips For Pregnant Women

The changes going on in the body of an expectant mother can be very overwhelming and affect your physical and emotional state of mind and in turn, affect looks. With meditation, like yoga, you can release stress from your body which is one of the factors that affect our skin, cause breakouts and deem the glow on our face.


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