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Top 12 Music Affiliate Programs In 2022  


Affiliate marketing is currently one of the most important revenue streams for bloggers and influencers – miusic affliate programs. It has a lot to offer to several industries such as the music, fitness, and gaming world.

There are quite several music affiliate programs to choose from. This is because music is a part of everyone’s life. Everyone listens to their favourite artists, look for new local talents, and is curious about their favourite celebrities’ taste in music.

Below are various types of modern-day affiliate marketing opportunities in the music industry.

Top 12 Music Affiliate Programs In 2022:

Rocket Piano Affiliate

The purpose of this website is to teach people how to play the piano. Their tutorials include instructional films, pictures, sound files, and diagrams that walk learners through the procedure step by step. This website has helped more than 90,000 people to learn how to play the piano.

A 75% commission fee is paid on video downloads and for physical copies, 25% is paid. The cookies can be tracked for 90 days. Influencers like this site since the company are well-rated and the commissions are attractive.

Prime Loops Affiliate

Prime Loops is a website that deals with audio samples and a music preset library for music producers. Despite the small size of the collection, the content is of outstanding quality. The samples are available in a variety of musical genres and can be listened to before purchasing.

Every sale generated by the affiliate program earns a commission of 20%. Every quarter, a minimum payout of £100 is made through Paypal. The cookie period is not divulged until a marketer joins the program.

Maestro Classics

For classical music enthusiasts, this is the best site. It is an online store that sells classical music instruments. The website has stories and fables about classical music in form of CD collections and MP3 audios.

It offers music lessons for beginners. It also provides music education articles for teachers and parents willing to teach their children about music. Affiliate members receive around 20% commission from this affiliate program. The cookie duration is unknown.

Performance Partners Program by Apple

Around the world, iTunes is incredibly famous. It has a gigantic catalogue of songs, albums, audiobooks, movies, and television shows. As a result, it is a terrific avenue for promotion. This platform can also be used by influencers who are not associated with the music industry.

It takes around one week for this affiliate program to authorize membership. The commission rate is 7% per sale with a 24-hour cookie period. Typically, payment is made after 90 days of sale. Due to its broad audience, it is a good affiliate income source. With a single tweet or Instagram post, an influencer with a massive following can make a lot of money. Matter of fact, if it is done appropriately, it can be quite profitable.

Sam Ash Affiliate

In the United States, Sam Ash is the biggest family-owned musical instrument dealer.

It was founded in the 1900s. It has an online store that sells more than 50,000 different types of music equipment, including pro audio equipment, studio accessories, and DJ gear. Their website is suitable for both novices and professionals.

Customers can call and speak with experts, enjoy free shipping on most orders, and take advantage of several payment plans.

Depending on the products they sell, Affiliate members have three commission options:

3% per sale on gift cards

5% or more per sale on music gear

8% for affiliate members who generate $10,000 or more in monthly sales.

This affiliate program is managed by Rakuten Marketing. The cookie duration lasts for 30 days.

The only fault on the otherwise rosy picture is that due to tax issues, Sam Ash does not accept affiliate marketers from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Arkansas, and North Carolina.

Audimute Affiliate

Audimute is a great tool to check out for soundproofing. The family-run business is an acoustic and sound management company. Their products include fibreglass, wall panels, and insulations. All of these items are manufactured in the United States and made entirely of recycled materials.

The website has an extremely high number of subscribers. Podcasters, touring companies, recording studios, theatres, and houses of worship all benefit from their services. There are a large number of potential customers for affiliate marketers to reach out to.

Each sale carries a commission rate of up to 5%. The cookie duration has a 60-day expiration date.

Singorama Affiliate

This online learning resource is designed for upcoming singers and songwriters. It is useful for people who want to improve in their vocal range and strength. Clients receive both digital and physical items.

This music affiliate program’s commission varies, depending on the event. In the case of delivered items, affiliate members are paid 40% of the sale and 70% in the case of instant downloads. Members also earn money by purchasing promotional items such as one-time offers and more. The cookie has a 60-day lifespan. Clickbanks collaborates with Singorama to track and calculate commissions for members.

Singing Machine Affiliate

Karaoke is a huge amount of fun.

The only drawback is you have to do it in front of strangers in a bar. It feels like taking an exam, going through all the nerves, anxiety, and potential humiliation. At this point, Singing Machine comes into the picture. It is a store for anything related to karaoke. They possess high-tech gadgets with incredible features as well as a music collection for karaoke enthusiasts. Now, karaoke sessions can be enjoyed in the comfort of one’s home, eliminating the need to go anywhere.

The affiliate program pays a 5% commission on each sale and has a cookie period of 30 days. It is one-of-a-kind because the items are affordable and of high quality. The business has a great reputation, and many families would welcome having karaoke in their homes.

Musician’s Friend Affiliate

Musician’s Friend has the largest selection of musical equipment, with more than 85,000 incredible music items. Its inventory includes a wide range of used and old instruments. When it comes to purchasing or having to return products, this company makes it as easy as possible for its customers.

It runs a popular promotion where members receive 8% back in rewards, access to a VIP phone line, and free shipping on everything within the neighbouring parts of the United States. Overall, every guitar is backed by a two-year warranty. For the affiliate program, each sale generates a 4% commission. The cookie lasts only for 2 weeks.


This music affiliate program offers online piano lessons. It is an extensive and well-known music affiliate program. It provides e-books and video tutorials to promote aspiring musicians of all levels and help them understand and enhance their piano skills. These tutorials are jam-packed with secrets, tips, and lessons by artists with years of experience.

There are no limitations on the styles you want to choose, whether classical, blues, or jazz. There is also a DVD option for those who want to keep a backup. This service is not only restricted to pianos but is also appropriate for other keyboard instruments.

The affiliate program is extremely detailed. It pays a hefty 60% commission on each sale. The cookie term can last up to 90 days. The registration procedure is easy. Furthermore, the company gives ad tools that will assist advertisers to develop a campaign. The firm is also helpful to new affiliate members, offering support in a variety of ways.

Because of its high commission rates and plentiful cookie duration, this program is unrivaled in this theme.

Guitar Center Affiliate

Guitar Center, as the name implies, is a store that specializes in musical instruments and other music-related accessories. With over 200 locations, it is the largest music store chain in the United States. The product line includes DJ equipment, drums, basses, software, studio equipment, and guitars, to name just a few.

The store also sells used products and has an antique section.  It delivers goods across over 90 countries. With such a broad extension, affiliate marketers from other countries other than the United States can join their program.

For their affiliate program, each sale generates a 6% commission. The cookie duration, however, is relatively short, at only fourteen days. A third party monitors your commissions once they exceed $25. The Commission Junction is in charge of this.

If you have a lot of traffic, the Guitar Centre affiliate program is a good way to make money because they have a large product selection.

Masterclass Affiliate

It is one of the perfect and most sophisticated affiliate options available on the market. This online learning platform offers courses in a variety of hobbies and activities, including cooking, sports, acting, and music. It is usually anchored by people who are well-known achievers in their field. As a result, these workshops are intended to be educational for students. They give a once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from the best.

NAS and Usher, for example, can teach the fundamentals of rapping. Some other popular music tutors are Alicia Keys and Carlos Santana.

ShareASale manages the masterclass affiliate program, which pays a 25% commission on each sale. The annual subscription fee costs approximately $180. The cookie is valid for 30 days. For two months, there will be access to fantastic newsletters that will include important marketing materials.

A monthly incentive based on performance is also available through this platform. For example, if Masterclass generates $10,000 in sales from an affiliate link in one money, compensation of up to $300 can be earned.

Final Words

And that’s all there is to it! Clearly, there are numerous ways for affiliates to profit in the industry. Anyone with the right approach and content generation abilities can gain from these music affiliate programs. We hope you have discovered one or two affiliate programs to help you better serve your audience and grow your commissions.


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