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Top 10 Secrets On How To Regrow Hair Naturally


Maybe you look at your friends sometimes and envy their hairline and length of hair. Some of them inherited their long hair while others used natural methods to make theirs fuller and longer. And if you are still fantasizing about having longer and fuller hair, this article will unveil methods you can use to regrow hair naturally.

Barring the use of cosmetics to grow and improve hair thickness, I have researched some natural methods that stimulate the growth of hair. You can use these methods at little or no cost and with optimal output.


One of the natural remedies for receding hairline is lemon oil or lemon juice. The juice extracted from the lemon helps to maintain the health of the scalp as well as improves the growth of hair. You can apply oil or juice to the scalp and leave for at least 20 minutes before washing with Shampoo.

Onion juice

Asides from using onion to spice up foods, the juice can also be extracted from it and used to promote the growth of hair. According to a study, onion juice can treat patch alopecia areata.


It also promotes the flow of blood to all parts of the body including the cuticles and improves keratin growth. You can prepare onion juice by squeezing the juice out of the blended onion and apply to the scalp for 20 minutes before washing.

Fish Oil

Fatty fishes contain omega fatty acids which clear the skin and improve hair growth. Fish is very rich in protein and some essential nutrients and so is its oil, which can boost the immune system and as well maintain health. The component of fish oil makes it potent for reducing hair loss and improving density.


Ginseng can be taken as a supplement to stimulate the hair follicles and consequently promote hair growth. Ginseng is filled with Ginsenosides, a component responsible for the growth of hair. However, you should only take as directed by the doctor to regrow hair naturally.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is one of the most widely used natural remedies for hair loss. Coconut oil is lavished with fatty acids which help to reduce the loss of protein from the hair. One of the biggest flexes of using coconut oil for hair growth is that it can be used before or after washing the hair, depending on which one is convenient for the user.


This is also a supplement for people battling thinning hair. Viviscal contains a component dubbed as AminoMar C, which aids the regeneration of new cells and the strengthening of existing cells. To maximize this supplement, users must consistently take supplements twice a day for half of a year.


Massaging the scalp improves the circulation of blood all over the head, thereby improving scalp health and promoting hair growth. Basically, massage improves the thickness of the hair – and this is also a technique employed to relieve tension and stress.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used for several health purposes including treating hair loss. Aloe Vera gel is effective for unblocking hair follicles. It also has soothing components. If you want to see the effect of aloe vera on the hair, apply on a daily basis for no shorter than 6 months.

Geranium oil

Geranium oil is applied as a hair mask when mixed with a carrier oil. It can boost the circulation of blood as well as promote the growth of hair.

Oftentimes, you find that it is convenient to add geranium oil to shampoo or hair condition. Geranium oil strengthens the hair and keeps it hydrated.


Consistency is key for using any of the aforementioned remedies to regrow hair naturally. If you do not stay faithful in using these remedies, you may not experience hair growth.

Remedies work differently for people, it is not a size-fit solution. So you may want to try different remedies to know which best suits your type of hair.


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