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Top 10 Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs In 2022

Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

You can count on Beautilifestyle for all information regarding affiliating marketing. Earning a passive income from the online pool is quite an attractive venture. I mean, everybody that owns a website would want to make money from it.

However, “passive” income is hardly passive because of the enormous work you must put in to earn. Yet, if you implement or sign up with any of the pay per click affiliate programs, you’d have reduced the amount of work that needs to be done.

You earn from pay-per-click affiliate programs when visitors to your website click on links, banners, or videos during navigation. So, your primary focus would be to drive traffic to your website, which is not so difficult to achieve.

Without further ado, find below 10 of the best pay-per-click affiliate programs for 2022.

PPC Protect

This program is relatively new in the market, but it turns out that it is one of the best pay-per-click programs for this year. Though PPC Protect is quite competitive, it is a platform that protects google ads against the prevalent click frauds that are limiting earnings.

They offer a 25% monthly recurring commission to affiliates which puts them among the most lucrative programs. And their payment method is quite easy. They pay either through Paypal accounts or bank transfers.

Every publisher who uses Google Ads needs PPC Protect; this makes it easy to promote.

Program Features

  • 25% monthly recurring commissions.
  • Payouts: After the first 30 days.
  • Payment method, PayPal or Wire Transfer.
  • 90-day cookie.


In terms of pay per click and contextual advertising, Google Adsense used to top all programs for affiliates. GA is among the foremost companies that started the pay-per-click program in the early 2000s.

However, Adsense now has several Ads networks in competition, some offering even more. Adsense subjects websites to serious scrutiny before getting them approved, making it difficult to be a full-time earner from the program.

But guess what? You can earn big without Adsense in certain niches like affiliate marketing, provided you have traffic.

Program Feature:

URL: Google AdSense sign-up

  • Traffic requirements: None
  • RPM: Up to $7
  • Payment threshold: US$100
  • Payment Frequency: Net 30


Adzooma is used to manage & optimize Google, Facebook, and Microsofts Ads. Unlike other platforms, you are guaranteed a quicker turnaround time and automation of all other processes.

They have a pay-per-click affiliate program that offers merchants up to $298 per new customer that completes a click action. One of the advantages of signing up with Adzooma is that they have no minimum threshold for payment so that you can cash out regardless of your earnings.

Influencers have incentives like exclusive affiliate deals. You can take advantage of this platform if you have become an influencer as a PPC user.

Program Features

  • Up to $298 per customer.
  • Payments via PayPal or Wire Transfer.
  • Bi-monthly payouts with no minimum threshold.
  • Plenty of affiliate resources.


Most newbie affiliates or publishers tend to lean towards in a bid to become a PPC affiliate. Instead of depending on Google Ads only, publishers and affiliates can double their earnings using platforms like Media.Net.

This platform pulls all of its ads from bing and yahoo, meaning you can earn double the amount of Adsense. In addition, you can use Media.Net alongside ads like Google Adsense.

Media.Net offers a higher RPM (Rate Per Mile), which connotes how much you earn per 1000 visitors to your site. Media.Net is among the best pay-per-click affiliate programs, and it is worth your while.

Program Features

URL: sign-up

Traffic requirements: 5,000 monthly visitors

RPM: Up to $10

Payment threshold: US$100

Payment Frequency: Net 30



SEMRush is a very well-known digital marketing agency. In terms of PPC and SEO marketing, they are one of the most reliable in the industry.

Their affiliate program pays up to 40% monthly recurring commission on all plans, making them one of the most lucrative platforms. The lowest plan on SEMRush is capped at $99 per month, and the highest plan is $399.

Affiliates also enjoy a very long cookie duration of up to 10 years. Another significant flex of utilizing SEMRush is that they have English, Spanish, French, and German resources.

Program Features

  • 40% monthly recurring commissions
  • 10-year cookie life
  • Bi-monthly payments
  • Payments via PayPal or Wire Transfer


Ezoic has been in competition with Adsense since 2010, and its popularity has only surged since then, even among affiliates.

Ezoic offers an improved RPM over companies like and Adsense in terms of RPM. This is exactly why it is a popular ad network. Publishers who sign up with this program earn 15 per 1,000 visitors like other affiliate programs.

However, you must have 10,000 unique visitors per month to earn. One of the biggest flexes of using Ezoic is that it has features that optimize ads on your website. And if you generate a lead, you could earn 3% as referral commission.

URL: Ezoic sign-up

Traffic requirements: 10,000 monthly visitors

RPM: Up to $15

Payment threshold: US$20

Payment Frequency: Net 30


One of the landing page tools currently in the market is powered by Leadpages. With Leadpages, affiliates who sign up for pay-per-click programs can build landing pages, generate leads, and connect with their users.

Their offer is one of the biggest, with plans starting from $25 per month in terms of commission. They also offer a lifetime cookie duration like SEMRush. Leadpages rewards affiliates who get up to 200 people to sign up for their webinar. The reward includes adding you as a co-host for subsequent webinars to push your sales. So, it is a good space for PPC influencers.

Program Features

  • 30% monthly recurring commissions
  • Dedicated affiliate support and education team
  • 30-day cookie life
  • Exclusive deals and packages for customers


This program has a huge entry requirement of a minimum of 100,000 unique visitors per month, but it is pretty achievable. They also take another step to check if your traffic is truly organic or if you were banned from subscribing to any major pay-per-click program.

You should know that they are strict, but their commission is quite tempting. They pay $12 – $30 per 1,000 visitors, making their RPM great and placing them above several PPC affiliate programs.

Most publishers have reported that their revenue increased by over 100% when using AdThrive.

Program Features

URL: AdThrive sign-up

Traffic requirements: 100,000 monthly visitors

RPM: Up to $30

Payment threshold: US$25

Payment Frequency: Net 45

Long Tail Pro

They have a keyword research tool that aids the discovery of long-tail keywords. This makes the program perfect for SEO and PPC marketers.

They also have a competitive keyword research tool, with a staggering 30% recurring commission on all plans. Plans begin at $25 and go up to $147 for business agencies.

Long Tail Pro assigns affiliate managers to affiliates who sign up for their programs. This makes it easy for affiliates to ask questions and get answers. Digital marketers and publishers are always searching for keywords, making the tool from Long Tail Pro in demand.

Program Features

  • 30% monthly recurring commissions
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • High converting
  • Perfect for both SEO and PPC audiences


Undoubtedly, everyone who owns a website aims to make the most of traffic. However, if your traffic doesn’t convert, it becomes useless. This is the problem Unbounce has fixed by building feature-packed landing pages to boost conversion and sales.

Currently, the affiliate program of Unbounce pays a 20% lifetime commission. As part of the incentive for new customers, they offer 20% off their first three months. Plans start at $79 per month.

Affiliate partners are assigned a dedicated coach to put them through whatever they may be confused about.

Program Features

  • 20% monthly recurring commissions
  • Dedicated affiliate partner coach
  • Affiliate resources and training material
  • Affiliate referrals get 20% off their first three months.

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