Top 10 Affiliate Marketers You Must Know About To Be Successful

Affiliate Marketers

If you want to make money online, you may already know that affiliate marketing is the most effective method. Affiliate marketing could make you a lot of money, but it is the most challenging way to do so. Only a few affiliate marketers have consistently profited from the business. Others fail because they have no idea how to do it.

You cannot expect to become wealthy through affiliate marketing overnight. Learning every trick of the trade takes years of practice. Nevertheless, the ten affiliate marketers listed below have made a fortune in this industry.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a collaboration in which you earn a commission by promoting another company’s products or services on your website, blog, or social media accounts. When someone purchases something through your affiliate link or takes the desired action from the company, such as signing up for a newsletter, you get a percentage of the sale. This enables you to generate passive income.

Affiliate marketing is appealing because you won’t have to worry about customer service or client inquiries. Once a potential customer clicks your link and purchases a product or service, the company provider handles them. You only need to focus on connecting buyers and sellers. This can be done from the comfort of your own home.


Despite low production costs, most affiliate marketing newcomers fail to earn significant profits for various reasons like a lack of promotional effort or failure to use the proper tools. You must establish authority in your niche, drive traffic to your affiliate links, and convert these clicks into sales.

One of the best ways to learn something is by learning from the masters, which is why we’ve made a list of the top affiliate marketers to watch in 2022. These marketers also provide digital marketing techniques to assist you in supplementing your affiliate marketing efforts with additional promotional efforts.

Here are the top 10 Affiliate Marketers You Should Follow

  • Diggity, Matt

Matt Diggity is the CEO and founder of Diggity Marketing and an SEO expert. He spent some time in Silicon Valley before focusing on digital marketing. Diggity Marketing offers one-on-one SEO coaching sessions as well as test-based SEO techniques. His blog also includes a monthly SEO news roundup.

Diggity also established Affiliate Lab and Authority Builders. Affiliate Lab provides a tried-and-true method for ranking, monetizing, and converting high-competition affiliate websites. On the other hand, Authority Builders offers tutorials on increasing website traffic through natural, high-quality links.

He also has an SEO partnership program with The Search Initiative, which offers strategies based on the practices and data of well-known SEO experts.

  • Kirsty McCubbin

Kirsty Mccubbin began her career as an SEO specialist in 1999. She was tasked to create an affiliate program for one of her clients as part of her job. She was trained in the field and never left. After a month, she received her first commissions and devoted herself entirely to affiliate marketing.

She is now heavily involved in PPC through landing pages and directs to merchants. She derives 85 per cent of her income from the same. She gets most of her traffic from Google AdWords and directs it to merchants.

Kirsty also does PPC to landing pages on Bing and Yahoo. She is a stay-at-home mom with two daughters who live with her husband. She travels the world on her affiliate earnings and works her hours daily. She founded after winning the a4uAwards in 2010 for her affiliate marketing abilities.

  • Spencer Haws

Niche Pursuits is the brainchild of Spencer Haws. Haws created the website to research and evaluate new business and marketing concepts. Niche Pursuits has a separate blogging and niche site content page where you can learn about evaluating affiliate marketing credibility and a list of compelling reasons why you should start a blog. Podcasts and niche business ideas also have pages on Niche Pursuits.

In addition, Haws runs an NP Facebook Group where followers can communicate with coaches and students, receive unique digital marketing updates, and share their strategies.

  • Doug Cunnington

Doug Cunnington is a Project Management Professional, an internet marketing expert, the Niche Site Project founder, Affiliate Marketer and the Golden Keyword Ratio (GRK) inventor.

The Niche Site Project is a veritable treasure trove of affiliate marketing and SEO content. He goes into great detail about creating an Amazon Affiliate website and success stories with passive income.

Affiliate Marketing

However, the Golden Keyword Ratio is a clever and effective method for locating in-demand but undersupplied long-tail keywords. This shortcut is intended for new websites requiring immediate traffic but lacking the domain authority to compete for high-volume, high-competition keywords.

Cunnington discusses useful topics like Amazon Affiliate Marketing and SEO development on his Doug Show podcast and YouTube channel.

  •  Zac Johnson

For over 20 years, Zac Johnson has worked as an affiliate marketer. He began with Amazon affiliate marketing and launched his website in 2007 to establish his brand before selling affiliate products.

Johnson has spent years experimenting with all things digital to find the best methods for affiliate marketing. He grew his mailing list to over 2 million people using PPC marketing. Today, he runs a blog with high-quality content that isn’t just about affiliate marketing.

He hosts his podcast, Rise of the Entrepreneur, on Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly In addition, he interviews successful business owners and invites them to share their industry knowledge and advice with their viewers. Johnson also includes an extensive resource list for blogging, affiliate marketing, and website design.

  • Andrew Payne

No, he isn’t related to Liam Payne, the ex-1Direction artist. Instead, Andrew Payne founded Affiliate Success. He began working in affiliate marketing nearly 13 years ago. At the time, he was more concerned with AdWords. Later, he dabbled in consulting, where they worked with B2B companies and handled all of their online lead generations. However, in 2016, he decided to return to affiliate marketing.

He returned to the STM Forum. He researched the marketing environment and decided to begin with Mobile Pop Traffic. Andrew Payne and his team concentrate on antivirus, gaming offers, adult and glamour offers, and some sweepstakes campaigns. As a result, his traffic has increased from zero to seven figures. Payne presented his most profitable insights live onstage at Affiliate World Europe 2019.

  • Miles Beckler

Miles Beckler is a digital marketing and affiliate marketing expert who shares strategies, ideas, and tools for building a multi-million dollar online business.

He provides valuable tips on keyword research and Google Trends as a specialist in content marketing and affiliate marketing. In his videos, Beckler also emphasizes social media marketing. His YouTube channel currently has over 190,000 subscribers and over 10 million views.

Beckler also provides Million Dollar Business Blueprint, a free course on increasing traffic, leads, and sales from free and paid sources, on his website. In addition, his blog contains several valuable articles about affiliate marketing, Facebook advertising, and sales funnels.

  • Flynn, Pat

Pat Flynn is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, professional blogger, Affiliate Marketer and entrepreneur. He founded the business website Smart Passive Income, or SIP, to assist new and experienced bloggers in growing their audiences and monetizing their work through innovative techniques.

SIP provides growth and monetization classes in email marketing, community building, podcasting, and affiliate marketing. In addition, his blog contains a wealth of information on the business, technology, gaming, parenting, education, and family news.

  • Matt Giovanisci

Matt Giovanisci is a marketing jack-of-all-trades (Affiliate Marketer) who is well-versed in numerous aspects of the industry. Giovanisci founded Money Lab, a well-regarded digital marketing website, in 2016. Money Lab is primarily concerned with upfront online marketing and live experiments.

Affiliate Marketing business

In addition, it offers educational and entertaining content for both new and experienced marketers, such as how to create a lean online business plan and a podcast marketing guide for 2022.

Money Lab’s content also supplements other platforms like The Blog Builder Kit, Business Porn in Audio Form, and YouTube for Bloggers, which can help affiliate marketers promote their content.

  • Ward, Missy

Missy Ward is a philanthropist, stay-at-home mom, and affiliate marketer. She worked for several companies before co-founding the Affiliate Summit Corporation with Shawn Collins in 2003 with a $400 investment. Affiliate Summit Corporation is a company that offers opportunities for solo entrepreneurs and large businesses to prosper in affiliate marketing through conferences, trade shows, magazines, and other means.

She began her career as an affiliate conference manager for Affiliate Force. Soon after, she and Shawn Collins decided to develop an alternative, a more efficient method of assisting affiliate marketers and promoting their businesses. After the company owner rejected her idea, she decided to fund herself.

Their first show had 200 attendees, and their most recent show had 5000. 


The list is endless. There are many more Affiliate Marketers (affiliate marketer) out there killing it that we couldn’t squeeze into this list. Affiliate marketing has come a long way, and you can see it for yourself. So, are you prepared to venture into the murky waters of affiliate marketing?


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