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The Top 19 Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs For 2021

Beautilifestyle is one of the most reliable hubs for information on everything Affiliating Marketing and we have gone a step further to bring to you our latest findings on the best real estate affiliate programs for 2021. If you’re already an affiliate partner and you’re stuck on your thought on where to pitch your tenth, after this read, I bet that real estate will tickle your fancy.

Real estate has been a major source of income both online and offline for people in the entrepreneurial sphere. And given the advent of the internet, realtors have leveraged the online medium to connect buyers to sellers of landed properties, and do other businesses that concern real estate – this should already leave you with the idea that as an affiliate, real estate is quite viable in this day and age.

And you know the biggest flex about this online money-making venture? You just need only a computer system to get started. Even for those who offer services as interior decorators or home designs, this real estate niche presents you with opportunities as well.

We have a superfluity of affiliate programs you can choose from, and your ability to identify the best for you is what will make you stand out. But I’ve got you. I made personal findings and the following programs are the best in terms of real estate affiliate partners for 2021. Thus:

1. Lex Levinrad Real Estate Affiliate Program

Levinrad have been in the real estate business since 2003 and they set out to refurbish, purchase, fix and landed properties. Lex, the CEO of the company has mentored a lot of students and turned them into budding millionaires.

Their affiliate program is open to all interested parties who own a real estate website with an average of 1000 unique visitors daily. They vet websites before approving them to place their banners on their platforms.

Tops of the advantages of pitching your tenth with Lex is the fact that they pay affiliates 50% commission on the sale. Imagine if you use your platform to sell a $1m house, you’d be smiling to the bank for $500,000.

Check Lexlevinrad to join.


Foreclosure is a Canada-based affiliate program that was launched back in 2007, and its services include everything real estate.

You earn up to 75% commission when you recommend a buyer and one of the biggest advantages of selling houses on Foreclosure is that they offer a recurring commission on sales.

On Foreclosure search, all you need is to sign up on the platform while they create the product, host it, handle customer queries and etc.

3 Referz

Referz has been in operation for over a decade, and they set out to help those in need find real estate agents around where they live.

They have three options for paying out their clients and this is based on the type of sign-up affiliate used. They have the standard program that offers affiliates 70% from sales but they are required to pay 30% of the worth of sale of their referral.

The second affiliate program utilizes a licensing program and they pay a whopping 20% commission on sales for referrals. Meanwhile, the last program is team referral where you potentially earn 25% for sales.

4. DealCheck

Dealcheck has carved a niche for itself as a real estate, wholesalers, and agent analysis platform. One of the biggest flex of this platform is that they offer a $100 bonus if you refer 10 paying users.

A handful of people are using their App to do business in the real estate niche and it appears that their accurate analysis is handing them more users by the day.

For Dealcheck, joining their program is totally free and because they want to satisfy their affiliate partners, they have jacked up their commission from 30% to 50% because of the pandemic.

5. Real Estate Express Affiliate Program

Real Estate Express makes the real estate business very lucrative and easy. They have been in operation since 1996 but they have remained a champion in the business ever since. They offer mentorship course that has graduated some of the best licensed real estate brokers.

It is free to sign off for their affiliate program and they pay you 20% commission if a student signs up for their course with your own link.

If you are accepted into their affiliate program, they’d give you access to their customized banners, logos, and all whatnots that you can embed on your website.

6. Foreclosure Affiliate Program

Foreclosure is currently based in America but they have an annex in Canada as well. And they are said to be the biggest distressed realtors in the US with the most detailed listing of properties on their platform.

In terms of conversion rate, they are one of the biggest. They have paid out a whopping $40m in affiliate payout while they offer 25% commission for referrals for every active subscriber you lead to their site.

It is free to join this platform and you’d be amazed how much cash out you can get if you sign up and make referrals.

7. Realtor Affiliate Program

Realtor are one of the most trusted platforms in the business, and this is owing to the fact that they can help home seekers with their dream properties. They have all the necessary information that can help potential buyers decide on which property to buy.

Vigilink is currently managing its affiliate link. One of the biggest flex of using thier platform is that you can easily make sales because their platform is very popular.

They are one of the platforms that pay per lead, and the pay is $5 per lead.

8. Home Referral Network

Home Referral Network also helps you find the best contractor services for home maintenance and development.

So if you need the services of plumbers, electricians, dry cleaners, painters, carpenters and etc, Home Referral Network is the best place to visit.

People are constantly looking for those who can help them fix these things in their homes and so, imagine that you are promoting this service on your website. You’d be earning between $100-$325 for sales in terms of sign-up for service made by your visitors.

9. RP Capital

Most affiliates are confused about a legitimate platform whose link they can share on their platform. But after a deep search, I can say for sure that RP Capital stands out because they have licensed personnel and a team of professionals working for them.

The forte of RP Capital provides a structured kind of transaction and they deliver detailed information on the best real estate opportunity as well as help users identify the best market around them.

You can earn 6% commission for leads you generate that led to closure, and they pay twice a month via check.

10. Zilpy Affiliate

Zilpy was birthed back in 2008 but till date, they remain a very reliable platform in terms of rental market analytics.

They lay bare information including school rating, crime rate and even demographics about native locations.

Affiliates earn up to 30$ commission on sales.

11. All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program

Among those in your audience, some want to become landlords while others only want to turn into real estate agents. Whichever you want to be, All Things Real Estate provides marketing items you can use to sell a house.

Their materials include a guide for potential landlords, yard signs, open houses and every other thing that can excite you when getting a choice place.

Refersion is saddled with the responsibility of running their affiliate program. Signees earn 15-20% commission for the referral.

12 Buildium Real Estate Affiliate Program

Buildium has an affiliate program where partners can promote all things related to property management.

They began operation in 2002 but they have evolved to the extent that they have software that is used to track budget, manage listing, screen potential tenants, and pay vendors.

Their commission remains one of the highest in the business. You can earn 25% commission for referrals and they have marketing tools they give affiliates to scale up sales.

13. Property MOB Affiliate Program

Property MOB is big in the business because they have one of the most comprehensive websites. You can find almost all the information you need to succeed as a realtor.

They conduct virtual training and provide all the necessary materials needed and it is free to sign up for this program.

Affiliates earn 25% commission for sales generated through your link, and they stand out for paying users monthly.

14. HomeAway Affiliate Program

HomeAway is one of the best platforms where you can get your ideal holiday spot. They are currently managing over 2 million properties across 200 countries of the world, so it’s easy for you to pitch your tenth with them if you are a frequent traveler.

Affiliates with travel or property-related blogs can join their program and start making money for themselves.

For every traveler referred, you will get 3% commission if they choose to rent one of the listed properties on their website and for every listing that you refer to HomeAway, you get $20.

15. LeadsBridge

When you join LeadsBridge as an affiliate, you’ll get 20% commission for every sale generated through your platform.

LeadsBridge has email marketing software and CRMs that can be used by realtors to smoothly run their businesses.

They also have another app dubbed Real Estate Webmaster that is specifically designed for the real estate space and market/

16. LendingTree

If you are in search of a leading platform that offers loans, credit cards, and home loans. They also provide the right mortgage support for users.

Though they were founded in 1996, they have the largest networks of lenders. When you sign up, you can fill their form and take advantage of their multiple offers for loans. And anytime a form is filled using your affiliate link, you get to earn a commission.

Platforms that manage their affiliate program include CJ Affiliate, Viglink, FlexOffers.

17. BoldLeads Real Estate Affiliate Program

BoldLeads vets your website when you sign up and give you a unique affiliate link if you are approved.  They also offer diversification of opportunities that transcend selling properties or rentals via blogs.

This platform has a good follow-up system and it is mainly built for realtors in the US and Canada.

When you join their platform, you’d earn $20.

18. House Plan Gallery Affiliate Program

House Plan Gallery stands out for the high-class floor plans they design. They have over 13000 patronages for the design plan across USA and Canada.

Though they have gotten awards for their barnstorming floor plan layouts, they are not resting on their onus on delivering what they set out to do.

You cannot go wrong with House Plan Gallery if you have a website and you want to target real estate agents or investors. Affiliates earn 20% commission for referrals.


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