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The Ideal Break Up for Each Zodiac Sign


Breaking up with a significant other can be tricky, even for a career playboy or playgirl. The reason is that you never know how it will turn out till it does. As a result, some people’s reaction to a breakup is composure and chill, while others’ hysteria or, even worse, infliction of hurt on themselves or their news bearer. What then is the ideal break up for each zodiac sign?

The point is, breakups that stemmed from relationships that meant something to both parties always hurt no matter how calm and well-put-together the heartbroken party pretends to be. Unfortunately, some people often try to take the easy way out and ghost their partners to avoid confrontation.

However, no matter how hurtful a breakup will be, it is better than ghosting a significant other because you give the hurt party room to start healing with your honesty.

Experts say our personalities, especially with regard to our zodiac sign, determine how we process information and life in general. Therefore, you can take a hint from their horoscope when delivering bad news.

The Ideal Break Up for Each Zodiac Sign:


Aries (Zodiac Sign) people are fearless and firm when it comes to facing challenges. However, they are highly competitive, too, so you have to be clear and direct when breaking up with them. Allow them to react and process the news in their way, and you’ll be surprised how fast they’ll move on because going forward, it becomes a competition about who has bounced back and is unaffected by the breakup.


Taurus (Zodiac Sign) natives have a strong desire for social and corporate stability and hardly find themselves in casual relationships. So, behind the hurt of the breakup, a Taurus will find solace in the fact that they meant everything to you and if you had any other way, the split wouldn’t have happened.


Geminis (Zodiac Sign) are outgoing people who like spending time with friends and family. They get their energy boost from communicating and being around people, so breaking up with them and keeping breakup boundaries can be tricky since they can still stay friends with exes. The best thing you can do for them answers all their questions about why you’re breaking up, and they have a lot of those, then set clear boundaries about communicating going forward.


Experts say Cancers (Zodiac Sign) attract friends and lovers through loyalty, commitment, and emotional depth. However, they are hard shells on the outside and softies on the inside, so the outright withdrawal of a relationship will shatter them. Therefore, you must be ready for their emotional outburst and withdraw from them tactically.


Cosmopolitan says Leos (Zodiac Sign) love to lead, perform, talk, be admired and receive praises and breaking up with them takes away all their attention. Experts suggest that allowing them to wear the hat of the victim and volunteering to be the problem even if you are not might soften the blow on them but not get you off the hook for emotional theatrics.


Virgos (Zodiac Sign) are known for being practical, sensible, and loyal, and so they internalize criticism harder than other signs. Therefore, innuendos and hints won’t cut out for Virgos when breaking up with them; you must be clear and direct as possible, then allow their analytical mind to make an informed decision.


Libras (Zodiac Sign) are known for being charming, beautiful, and well-balanced, and they understand themselves through their relationships with others. So, breakups go straight to the heart of their identity and give them an existential crisis. To reduce the sting, you should magnify your shortcomings so that it overshadows the voices telling a libra that they are inadequate.


Scorpios (Zodiac Sign) are sensitive, emotional and often misunderstood. They crave love and intimacy and have a powerful presence. Breaking up with them can be very hard. Apply compassion and be honest with them before cutting off contact with them after a while.


Sagittarius (Zodiac Sign) people are fair-minded, honest and spontaneous people and getting them to commit to a relationship can be a challenge in the first place. But, on the other hand, breaking up with them does not always surprise them because they can sense when things go off in the relationship before you even mention it. So, be honest with them about why you are ending the relationship, and as a coping mechanism, they will tell themselves the version of the story that helps them process the breakup.


Capricorns (Zodiac Sign) are relentless and determined to overcome whatever stands in their way. To do so in processing a breakup, you must give them a detailed explanation why they are no longer a choice for you. They are known for putting up a façade of calmness in the face of unpleasant news. Thus, while secretly craving love and attention. So go easy on them with the bombshell and allow them to process things independently.


Aquarius (Zodiac Sign) is known for being an independent thinker that comes to a conclusion about things. They can act standoffish in the face of a breakup and be back on their feet in no time because they tend to run on self-validation rather than people’s validation. They are fantastic to be friends with after the breakup so try not to burn the bridge.


Pisces (Zodiac Sign) people are known for being emotionally sensitive, gracious, and aware. You should expect them to play the victim because, for them, being in a relationship gives you all of themselves. This includes whether you’re aware of it or not. Breakup is betrayal, and to assuage pain. Acknowledging the sacrifices they made for you and be kind to them but cut off from them.

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