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7 Ways To Love That Are Wrong

Most people get into a relationship with those they have feelings for but questions like does he/she truly loves me? have arisen during such...

Is It Possible To Be In Love With Two People At The Same Time? What Experts Say

A lot of people have asked, "Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time"? This is tricky and...

Difference Between “I Love You” and “I’m in Love with You”

Most of us will experience this feeling at some point in our lives: your heart skips a beat when you see your partner enter...

10 Effects of Flirting With Another Person While In a Relationship

To understand the effects of flirting with another person while in a relationship, you need to consider what flirtation means to different people. For instance,...

8 Conversations To Have With Your Partner Before Marriage

Marriage is great but challenging; it stretches you and sometimes makes you emotionally drained. So if you are planning to get married or engaged, there...

12 Tips for Building Intimate and Timeless Love With Your Partner

A lot of modern relationships do not endure the test of time because either one or two of the partner's involved exhibit toxicity, thereby...

8 Reasons Why Your Heart Always Gets broken

Ever wondered why no one seems to stick around despite your good intentions? You know you're a good person (yes, with flaws like every other...


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