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7 Supplements That Guarantee Muscle Growth (2022)


Changing your diet and hitting the gym guarantees a change in body shape. However, if you intend to build your muscular mass in record time, you should consider adding supplements that guarantee muscle growth to your regime.

You may even add supplements to your daily routine but if you fail to get the right supplements, your muscle-building effort might be worthless.

There are supplements that improve muscular gain if combined with the right diet, gym routine and lifestyle.

So, let’s take a look at supplements that work for building muscles.

7 Supplements That Guarantee Muscle Growth:

Whey Protein Isolate, Unflavored

Whey Protein Isolate is very rich in protein and has low fat and calorie content. And unflavored whey protein has been used as a flour substitute that can be combined with various diets. It can be added to crackers and soups, made as salad dressing, hummus, oatmeal, hummus and so on.

During exercise, the muscle mass is broken down and it is the protein that repairs soreness and helps with recovery. Given the fact that Whey protein is rich in leucine and amino acid, it boosts the mass of the muscle.

Micellar Casein, Unflavored

Unflavoured Micellar Casein powder is packed with protein and an excellent amino acid profile. It is a slowly digested supplement that basically contains whey and casein. In terms of recovery and muscular growth, you can count on this diary protein.

There’s also a pre-sleep casein protein that helps in post-exercise recovery if taken 30 minutes before bedtime. The benefit of pre-sleep protein also includes improved exercise performance and protein metabolism.

Almond Protein Powder

Almond Protein Powder is made from the best quality blanched almonds made into a creamy powder. It can be added to smoothies, sauces, salad dresses, oatmeal and so on.

Almond Protein Powder has been categorized as food instead of a supplement. It is packed with protein, fibre and calcium that enhance muscle mass.

 The benefits of Almond Protein Powder include lowering blood sugar levels and minimizing blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Beta Alanine-SR

Beta-Alanine enhances performance during exercise by decreasing muscle fatigue.  The main sources of beta-alanine are foods and supplements like SR.

Although research is still being carried out on this supplement, there are indications that even though it does not facilitate muscle-building, it increases power output.

And more power output leads to muscular gain.

However, it has a side effect. The beta-alanine supplement has a tingling effect if more than the needed dose is taken.


Creatine is one of the most effective muscle-building supplements. It is a chemical that is naturally found in the body. It is also found in seafood and red meat. The supplement is used to improve exercise performance and enhance muscle mass.

Athletes have used creatine because it increases energy for a short period but the overall benefit includes an increase in muscle mass.

Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport

This is a blend of vitamin D3 and concentrated omega-3 fatty oil. It is used to support all kinds of muscular activities.

 Ultimate Omega-D3 sports delay muscle soreness, especially after resistance training. However, to enhance muscle mass, consuming lower doses like 3 grams a day has been found to be effective and beneficial.

Vitamin D3 2000 IU (50 mcg) Softgels

Vitamin D improves the function of the body systems like skeletal strength, function and muscle.

Therefore, an increase in serum vitamin D concentration is found to enhance strength after exercise.

When used, Vitamin D3 2000 IU (50 mcg) Softgels enhance recovery caused by muscle damage.


Building muscle mass takes time, consistency, endurance and effort. However, you can quickly get results only if you combine specific exercise routines, diet and supplements.

 Research has been made on the supplements above and they are proven to increase the mass of the muscle if the right doses are taken.

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