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Super Summer Vacation Travel Tips

Summer Vacation Travel Tips

Aren’t we all excited that travel restrictions have been relaxed and famous tourist destinations are open to travellers now? There is no more excuse to put off that long-awaited vacation anymore. If you’ve made all the major decisions about your destination and travel arrangements, feel free to use this article as a checklist so you don’t forget anything.

On the other hand, if you are undecided about where, how to travel and everything in-between, we are thrilled to give you tips that will ease your decision-making.

Summer Vacation Travel Tips for the beach
Summer Vacation Travel Tips

Don’t waste precious time procrastinating your vacation. Instead, make use of the following summer vacation travel tips.

Best Summer Vacation Travel Tips

Choose a destination based on the type of vacation you want to have

People like to do different things on a vacation. You must take into account your preference when deciding on a travel destination. If your friend had a swell time on vacation because they did a lot of outdoor activities, you should know that their vacation spot might not be ideal for you if you just want to rest and watch people participate in fun activities.

Your choice might differ if you travel with family or go solo. Make sure your destination captures the essence of the vacation, which will be your first hack to enjoying your vacation.

Book an early flight

After calculating the budget for your vacation, it’s always a relief to get some discount off your budget. Booking an early trip can get you discounts that you can channel to shopping or feeding, and this can take some weight off your hands and allow you to enjoy your trip. In addition, early booking will enable you to compare different airline flights and spot excellent flight deals. Therefore, do not sleep on booking an earlier flight.

Get travel insurance coverage

The importance of having travel insurance cannot be overemphasized when crossing international borders. While medical insurance is mandatory when travelling, getting other insurance covers that take care of flight delays, missing luggage, and more is beneficial. If you go for more comprehensive insurance protection that covers medical, accident, emergency evacuation, flight delay, missing luggage, and more, then go for it.

Research your destination country

Research on your vacation destination gives you basic knowledge of what to expect and how to behave on your vacation. This is important because cultures vary from place to place, and you don’t want to offend locals. Also, some places are no-go areas for visitors because of security. You should also find out about the time difference and type of cuisine and make proper arrangements.

Prepare for the weather

You will never understand the essential part travelling with the proper wear plays till you pack winter wears during summer or vice vase. Take the time to research the weather changes to enjoy all your planned outdoor activities. Make sure your clothes are comfortable and suitable for your trip and the activities you plan to enjoy.

Make plans for snacks and water

No matter how obvious the advice to have on-the-go snacks and stay hydrated sounds, do it and thank me later. Set a reminder for drinking water if you must but make sure you take lots of fluid on your trip. It is easy to get carried away and forget to drink water because you are moving a lot or just in need of sights and sounds. Having snacks with you can be helpful if food is too expensive and you are not feeling too adventurous to try out their local cuisine.

Come along with sunscreen

No matter your skin complexion, the sun can damage your skincare routine and cause sunburns. Part of a vacation’s goal is to look relaxed and not like you had a fight with the sun and lost. Since spending time outdoors is part of the plan, be prepared with at least 30 SPF and apply every 2 -3 hours.

Thou shall not forget your sunglasses

If you spend time outside, especially on a summer vacation, then protecting your eyes from the sun is one way to enjoy it. The good thing about sunglasses is that you can always buy them on the move if you forget them. So, just have it on; replace it if you noticed you forgot yours, so you don’t have to squint throughout your outing.

Have wipes and sanitiser all the time

You will encounter public spaces and people in malls, parks, hotels and everywhere, so it is essential to wipe surfaces and sanitize your hands while you mingle. There is no telling the number of germs you will come in contact with, especially in the COVID era. So, sanitize and wipe to stay safe out there. Also, wipes are always a lifesaver when there is no water to clean your hands or wipe off anything that spills on your body, so keep them with you.

Locations to Consider for the Summer

Naturally, summer awakens the traveller in people because of how the weather accommodates enjoying the outdoor. However, it also means that as you plan to make the most of the summer vacation, many other people are thinking in the same direction.

Therefore, once you are set on travelling, the next step is deciding where to visit. Except you are visiting family for a vacation, some locations have proven to bring out the best in people during holidays or staycation.

We’ll mention a few of these spots with their perks to help you pick a location that tailors your ideal vacation.


Bermuda is the place to be if you’re thinking of a “let your hair down” vacation with tans by the beachside. The weather is ideal for swimming and tanning on a variety of beaches. Some of their beaches include Horseshoe Bay, Warwick Long Bay, and Elbow Beach. Be sure to come with extra energy to see the numerous shops and eateries on Front Street.


The city of London is an excellent choice for summer vacation. It is a bubbling city with sights and sounds to accommodate many tourists. You will have a fantastic holiday picnicking in Hyde Park, surveying Buckingham Place or satisfying your adrenalin on the famous London Eye, the largest observation wheel in Europe.

Cannon Beach

From one of the treasures of Oregon’s northwest coast, I present you with Cannon Beach for your vacation pleasures.

Cannon Beach

It is a versatile location for lounging on the beach and hiking on the cliffs. Depending on the month you visit, you can participate in the Sandcastle Contest in June or the burnfire in July for the Independence celebration. You can be confident you will get banging vacation pictures for the gram on your trip.


If the summer is pulling you to the City of Light, you must follow the light beam and enjoy Paris the summer way. With the perfect temperature, a picnic in the Luxembourg Garden or by the Eiffel Tower is an excellent way to progress your vacation.


The magnetic force in Paris practically pulls people from all over the world, so the famous spots like the café’ along Champs-Elysees and the Louvre will be packed full of tourists.


I say yes to a Bali summer trip because it will be worth your while. There is accommodating weather for outdoor activities on the beach, waterfalls, and temple visits.


Everywhere is picturesque, especially the Tegallalang Rice Terrace and Nusa Penida, a breathtaking island off Bali’s southeast coast.

Airport Meet and Greet

You don’t need to prepare your mind for the stress before the rest; there is a solution. The summer is a travel peak period for airports, airlines, hotel reservations and tourist sites. Sometimes, managing travel logistics leaves you with little energy reserve to enjoy your vacation. With Airport Meet and Greet for arrival and departure, you get to skip formalities and logistics and enjoy your holiday.

It is possible to book airport concierge services online, and we strongly advise that you incorporate their services into your budget and planning. Eliminating the stress of logistics is your ticket to having a truly memorable vacation, not one characterized by pressure.


There are various summer vacation travel tips but this will definitely come in handy especially if you are a first-time traveller.

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