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Soul Ties – What You Should Know


As sensitive as this topic may be, it is quite shocking how many individuals lack ground knowledge of the true understanding as to what soul tie really is. In recent times, there has been so many misconceptions enveloping this amazing phenomenon that it makes many ponder on its factuality – “is soul tie real?”

In all truth, almost 89 per cent of individuals around the globe are more likely to establish soul ties. However, we must ascertain that soul tie doesn’t have to be solidified on family ties alone but rather, strangers! Quite fascinating, isn’t it?

When it comes to emotional connections, there are little to no boundaries as to how they form as emotions are mostly things of the heart that can also be controlled by the brain. This brings us to the topic of the day. Explore with us as we uncover the answers to your questions about soul ties.


What You Should Know
What You Should Know

First off, soul ties are not as complicated or frightening as they may seem, but that doesn’t mean their importance can be dismissed.  Soul tie is a concept used to describe an intrinsic sense of emotional, spiritual, mental, and at times physical attachment to someone. It is crucial to understand that love is not soul tie, but rather, love can be found ingrained in the walls of soul tie. Also, soul tie isn’t just about sex, it is the intimacy that builds after sex.

There have also been recent speculations suggesting a strong connection between soul linkage and reincarnation. Although it is confirmed that they may be somewhat related, reincarnation can be described as a recurrent existence of a soul influenced by karmic deeds in a former life and can vary from gender to personality. Contrarily, soul tie is not bound to the claws of religion.

Soul ties are characterised by a feeling of acceptance and an unfathomably strong affinity to a particular person. Many people view soul ties as a kind of spiritual connection that just confirms in your gut that someone is yours. There are numerous ways that soul ties might emerge. It could be an unwavering act of compassion, constant interactions, a first kiss, or even “love at first sight.” Soul ties can also be seen in romantic relationships, close friendships and other natural closures.


What you should know
What you should know

Because soul ties can be so intense and can happen unexpectedly, it is important to understand the patterns in which they can manifest positively. Furthermore, as exciting as it sounds, soul tie has an imminent ability to either mar or make a person’s mental state. A soul tie should be a benefit, anything otherwise can be detrimental to a person’s whole being. In any form of closure:

They inspire you

A healthy soul tie makes you just want to be better for that one person in any way you can. Ultimately, you find yourself doing things that on a regular, find it difficult to execute. It could be working on your weight, putting yourself together mentally, boosting your intellect, or even carrying out necessary day-to-day tasks. A healthy soul tie is capable of giving you emotional and mental strength and for many, it is a source of encouragement and willingness to be better.

You constantly crave their presence

If you constantly crave a person’s presence from time to time. Then it is a good sign that you have reached the point of a healthy soul tie. A healthy soul tie just makes you want to see this person every day, spend time with them and more. It’s like they are in your every thought.

Safe haven

It’s reasonable to assume that you have discovered a healthy soul tie when the feeling of security sets in. A healthy soul-tie relationship will provide you with a safe space or “a safe haven” where you can be yourself without fear of rejection or belittlement, as opposed to a partner who continuously causes you anxiety or finds it difficult to feel at ease.

You feel complete and content

Being in a healthy soul tie gives you a sense of contentment rather than comparison. Because your partner somewhat completes you, you won’t find yourself yearning for or searching for a lover anymore. Rather, you find yourself thinking about how fortunate you are to have your partner and always complimenting them. From time to time, the emotion of gratitude turns into a constant companion.

There’s a deep feeling of empathy

What is a healthy soul tie if there is no empathy? A soul-tie relationship that is healthy should allow both individuals to support, love, and understand one another intentionally. Not forced, not pushed, the empathy will flow from a natural source of love and compassion. This compassion translates to emotional intelligence, love and trust.

Fraternal acceptance and respect

Shared respect and admiration are the foundation of healthy soul ties. It’s obvious that your soul tie is toxic if there isn’t any mutual respect or understanding in your relationship. How can you experience a deep bond with someone and not respect them, and vice versa?


What you should know
What you should know

The potential of a soul tie being harmful and toxic when is unhealthy when it is dangerous could be drastic, especially when the signs are unnoticed. For this reason, we have brought in this section of this article as an eye-opener to the signs of an unhealthy bond:

Extreme Jealousy

Instead of serving as a means of rivalry, you and your significant other should be a source of encouragement for one another. Toxic as it is, projecting a portion of their insecurity onto you is another form of jealousy. Extreme jealousy can also develop when someone feels intimidated by you or is envious of all you do.  When you notice that your partner isn’t supporting your aspirations or immediate goals, that’s all you need to know if you are involved in an unhealthy soul tie. Staying in there will make everything worse. This trait is also found in narcissists.


Everyone aspires to have a companion who shares their intense passion for them. As soon as your partner refuses to give you any privacy or invades your personal space, that’s when things turn scary. As much as this is meant to be a deep, intimate bond, that doesn’t mean it cancels out individuality in a relationship. When a partner wouldn’t even let you breathe, exist alone or even have friends, then that’s definitely an unhealthy soul tie.

Over protectiveness

Protecting the person you love or care for is OK, but going too far in shielding them such that it appears they are incapable of handling things on their own is just overboard. Even though you mean no harm, the worry that results from being overly careful in an attempt to prevent any situation of hurt could send a wrong message. Being too protective of someone else indicates that you don’t trust or believe in them, which is a blatant indication of an unhealthy soul tie.


Any form of abuse – yelling, gaslighting, physical assault even emotional manipulation is a glaring sign of an unhealthy soul tie. What’s even more bizarre is your partner’s response to their deeds afterwards. Do they take this into account? Do they turn a new life or are they always the good guy? These are the things to consider, the questions you ought to ask yourself. No matter how they make it seem they love and care, no bond is supposed to cause you any form of harm so walk away when you notice any sign of abuse!


One of the first and most important steps to terminating an unhealthy soul relationship is admitting your involvement in it. From everything, including its toxicity. Most people frequently live in delusion regarding the actions and characteristics of their significant other. You are at the correct spot if you have made it this far and yes, we’ll guide you to ending that charade.

Understanding that you deserve better

Settling is only a form of low self-esteem and it translates to self-sabotaging. You can’t be putting effort into something meaningless. You must understand that you deserve better, someone who is willing to make it work as much as you do. And no, it’s not your fault, it was just unfortunate so don’t blame yourself. Leaning into self-love and care is the perfect way to break away from an unhealthy soul tie. Always choose you.

Disconnecting from links and contacts

Why bother having their contact when you already know what they have in store for you? It is perfectly okay to grieve the hope that you had when you were with them but holding onto an imagination of everything working out is completely ridiculous. Deleting contact on social and wiping away every significant memory is a fantastic start in breaking away from an unhealthy soul tie.

Leverage the support of others

Your world shouldn’t have revolved only around your partner. Yes, everyone needs someone, friendships are amazing. Staying isolated is not the way to do this as it could ruin your mental health. Instead, leverage on the shoulders of support through communities and friends. Spend time with people you care about and watch how you swiftly break through that unhealthy soul tie.

Find a new purpose

If your partner has always been part of your daily routine, then it’s time for a change. Although it may be tasking to throw away a wonderful thing you had going on, think of it as an opportunity to discover yourself even more. Self-discovery is one of the most fascinating experiences and it is a phase you must go through alone – with all intentionality. Finding a new purpose is a good way to break off an unhealthy soul tie and we highly recommend it.

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