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Slow Down Ageing Process Using These Tricks


Like change, religion, happiness, sadness, and so on, ageing among other several things is inevitable in life. Even though it is practically impossible for a mortal to live forever, man has constantly evolved to the extent that there are now methods used to slow down the ageing process and possibly make you look 10 years younger than your real age.

While a lot of people have claimed that age is a function of mindset, you can’t also deny this subject matter in the physical appearance of “man”. However, the good news is that BLS has come up with practicable and undeniable tricks that when used, can make you look at least 10 years younger than your real age.

We take a swipe at how to achieve a younger and older look.


To Look Younger: Meanwhile, a trick to look younger with eyebrows is to have thick naturally looking eyebrows as they are highly associated with youthful looks, and the method for achieving this includes:

  • Instead of Pencils, eyebrow shadows are highly recommended
  • When the eyebrows are the same or semitone darker than your hair colour, it works magically on your appearance and gives a younger look.

To Look Old: The eyebrow is one part of the face that if modified, changes the general facial appearance of a person. Dramatic, sculpted, and graphic eyebrows give older looks.

Creamy Textures in Makeup

To Look Younger: Creamy Textures are highly recommended to slow ageing and example includes rouges, eye shadows, highlighters and so on.

To Look Older: Meanwhile, Powder Texture has its way of making people look older as it can accentuate the wrinkles that might already be coming up.

Light Foundations:

To Look Younger: The foundation should have light-reflecting particles with a liquid texture. This makes your skin glow from the inside and gives brings about a babyish look.

To Look Older: A thick layer of foundation speeds up the process of ageing by making wrinkles more obvious.


To Look Younger: Go for glittery and Light rouge. If properly applied to the cheeks, the colour that blends with the skin does magic in the general outlook of people.

To Look Older: Dark shades on the cheek may somewhat look good because it gives an elegant look, but they are seldom recommended.

Brown Pencil instead of a Black one

To Look Younger: Brown or dark blue pencils are known to make the eyes brighter and hide dimming attributes, thereby slowing down ageing.

To Look Older: Black eyeliners are known to give a shrink eyes look. in summary, it looks knackered.

The maximum length and super volume of the eyelashes

To Look Younger: The use of volumizing Mascara and lash curler are capable of opening the eyes in the context of looks. And so, eyes that are widely opened are known to give a much younger look.

To Look Older: Eyelashes that are not made or modified are a recipe for looking older.

Hair volume and shine

To Look Younger: The hair length that brings out younger looks is said to be below the chin and above the shoulder. In essence, applying oil and making a good hairstyle can alter your look but the fuller and longer, the younger the looks.

To Look Older: Low-volume hairstyles and faded hair are responsible for looking older.

Lightening of certain facial areas

To Look Younger: There are dark circles on the face but it will not be enough to just conceal these circles. A concealer is highly recommended and a tone lighter than the skin should be applied to the lips, chin, parts of the nostrils and corners of the eyes.

To Look Older: When pigment spots, dark patches, and circles underneath the eyes are not lighted, it gives an older look.

Light shadows on the upper eyelids

To Look Younger: The use of light shadows very close to the eyelashes is of the essence, meanwhile, the trick here is to apply a darker shade underneath the eyelids. The darker shade conceals the upper part while the lighter shade makes the lids more obvious.

To Look Older: If the upper eyelid is lowered, it gives an impression of tiredness.

“Wet lips” affect the lipstick

To Look Younger: If there are wrinkles, wet lips will visually soften and disperse light from reflecting particles. The trick is to make your lips look voluminous and so, a lipstick with the wet lips effect will work and give a much younger look.

To Look Older: The matte lipsticks reduce the volume of the lips, give the skin dry look and also accentuate wrinkling.

The balance between suntan and paleness

To Look Younger: You should look out for peach, caramel, and a soft tint of gold. It has been found that the colour yellow makes the skin warm and gives it a younger look. A classic example is the women in Asia who oftentimes look much younger than their true age.

To Look Older: If too much suntan is applied or if the converse is the case, it results in pale skin.

Fair hair

To Look Younger: Although the colour you choose should depend on the tone of your skin, a tone lighter than yours gives a younger look.

To Look Older: Darker hair brings out the real age and so, it is not good or even recommend for mature skin.



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