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Skinny Waist Big Butt Workouts For A Perfect Body

The primary goal for exercising isn’t necessarily to keep fit, lose weight and be healthy, but to tone the muscles and attain a certain shape. Getting to shape requires a lot of discipline in terms of nutrition and frequency of exercise. And for those looking to improve the size of their butt, there are big butt workouts they can do to achieve a perfect banging body.

In a bid to look great, a chunk of women spends fortunes to have skinny waistlines, sizeable buts, and big boobs. While the genes of a woman are largely responsible for her physique, her general outlook can be tweaked by specific workout routines that we are going to be elucidating for the rest of this publication.

Skinny Waist Big Butt Workouts

The focus of this workout routine is to reduce some inches off your tummy and add volumes to peach the muscles. For those who do not know, there are specific exercises focusing on the aforementioned two aspects while there are also techniques with a more general and supportive effect.

In terms of exercising, you must shy away from targeting specific body parts and these routines must include different physical activities. The advantage of full-body training includes proportionate muscular development of the entire body.


Just like you see footballers do on your TV screens, warming up is about the most important aspect of working out. If you do this, you are likely coming off the exercise unscathed – stretches, cardio are routines that prepares the body for physical strain by increasing blood flow to all parts.

A classic example of a warm-up routine is as follows:

Shoulder Mobilization

Stretch out your arms and move them in a circular motion, right sides from the top, then to the back and bottom. Repeat for 15 seconds and change direction still drawing circles in the air with your hands. This should be done for another 15 seconds.

Hip Rotations

Put your two hands on your hips and move the hip in a circular motion, pushing forward, right, back and then to the left. Do this routine in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction for at least 15 seconds.

Knee Rotations

The knee rotation is said to be one of the most perfect workout sessions before the skinny waist big butt workouts, this is because the exercise involve the knee. In knee rotation, you put your knees and feet together, keep that connection before bending your knees a little bit and lean towards your torso. Then put your hands on your knees and rotate as you did during hip rotation but specifically using your knee this time. Do routine for 15 seconds in one direction and change to the opposite direction for another 15 seconds.

Alternating Reaches

Bend the left knee of your left leg, use your left arm to reach the toes of your left foot, then lower your upper body, while stretching out your right leg behind you. Stand up after 30 seconds and repeat the same movement with your other leg and hand.

Side To Side Step

Make a step to your right while leaning to your torso a bit forward and bend your knees slightly. Next is to take a step to your left in the same manner. This exercise can be modified by making wider steps, lowering your body more and alternating speed

PNF Crunches

Raise your hands and bend your elbows. Then reach your right elbow with your left knee but you must keep your torso and stand straight on your leg. You can do the same thing with the other elbow and knee for 30 seconds.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is recommended for 30 seconds. Stand straight with your hands on your sides and jump while spreading your legs a bit further than your shoulder width.

Thin Waist Exercises,  Big Butt Workouts

Asides from eating clean and taking supplements, there are exercises that reduce belly fat, tightens the abs, strengthen the core with the resultant effect being a skinny waist and a big butt. Thus:


Planking requires lying down on a mat while facing the floor. Bend your elbow inwardly and use your toes as pillars. Now, lift your hip and straighten your back to create a sort of straight line with your body. This is really strenuous I must say but hold out for at least 10 seconds in each routine until you reach two mins is very well recommended.

Side Plank With Hip Lifts

For this, lie down on your side and use your hand or elbow as the pillar for the upper body while you use the feet to support the lower body. Lift your hips when lowered for 15 seconds and repeat at least 15 times.

Russian Twists

Hold a ball or kettlebell, depending on what you can grab in a lying position with the two hands in front of the belly. Lift your feet but you must bend your knees to do so. In case of difficulty with keeping your feet afloat, you can as well leave them on the floor. Then move the shoulders off the ground and use the ball to touch the ground on your right and then your left. Use the upper body only leaving the legs in a still position. Repeat routine at least 20 times.

Hula Hooping

When it comes to trimming the waistline, hula hooping is about the most effective exercises. The hula hoop was invented in 1958, and it has been in use by women who delights in working out for skinny waist. It is said that a weighty hula hoop greatly adds value to an aerobic workout because it is a fun method that melts fats. If you do the hula hooping for 30 mins, you burn 165 calories, women, while men 200 calories.

Big Booty Training

There are various exercises that get the butt to tighten but the most talked-about and effective of them is squats. The following exercises may be modified by a big number of repetitions, increased or decreased speed, or even more weight.

Sumo Squat

If you want to do sumo squad, you stand straight, your feet twice the width of the shoulder apart and the toes pointing out at 45 degrees. Lower your hips but bend your knees as well. Observe carefully to stop when your thighs become parallel with the floor, stop and return to the initial position.

Goblet Squat

Goblet Squats entails standing on your feet with your shoulder slightly further than your shoulder-width apart and toes pointing a bit outwards. You’d need to take a kettlebell or maybe a dumbbell, and hold it right in front of your chest and close to the body with both hands. Lower your torso and bend your knees. The difference between this and a sumo squat is the fact that you do not stop when your knees create a 90 degrees angle, but you continue to pull your pelvis closer to the ground. When your shins touch your thighs you stop and reverse the former movement to return to starting position. You do this 20 times.

Bulgarian Squat

This type of exercise requires a bench or a chair, You can as well use staircases or rocks. Stand with your left leg on a bench, take a step forward with your right leg, leaving your left leg stretched behind you, with your foot on the bench. Bend your left knee and lower your torso to make a squat. Return to the previous position, repeat, changing legs. Do this 20 times.


The lunge is a tad similar to the Bulgarian squad and it is one of the big butt workouts. However, for this one, you do not need a bench or stair steps. Stand straight and take a giant step forward with your left leg while bending the knees on both legs at an angle of 90 degrees. Leave your left leg behind. You then switch legs and do the same routine. 15 lunges per leg are recommended to make both legs 30.


Bridges is one of the most fundamental parts of skinny waist big butt workouts because it involves the thighs and glutes only but also very core. Lie down on a mat and bend the knees. Slowing raise your hips off the floor to make a straight line with your shoulders, torso, and knees. Hold this position for one or two seconds then bring your hips back to the floor slowly. If you do 30 bridges, then you have done a set.


Running is about the most beneficial but yet a general physical activity that strengthens the body and melts fats. It reduces body weight, improves health, and in some cases helps to fight depression. Running trims a couple of inches off the belly and so it is highly recommended.


Everybody you see with a great shape or body, paid the price to get to what they look like. You cannot just wish to have a curvaceous body, you have to work to have a curvaceous and doing the aforementioned routines will accelerate your desire for a good body.

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