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Understanding Compatibility and Chemistry in Relationships


A fraction of our everyday lives is how we manage so many relationships we are surrounded by. One of these important relationships is the one with lovers. All relationships have an inception and blossoming stage and what determines the transition between these two stages is the attention you pay to compatibility and chemistry.

The concept of chemistry and compatibility has often been mistaken as synonyms and the temptation to do so is quite strong because they often work side by side. The focus is on the presence of the two to make a relationship worthwhile.

What is Compatibility?

Compatibility in a relationship is a state in which two people naturally share similar values and lifestyle choices. When you are compatible with someone, it’s like they become an extension of you and they make choices you would naturally make because similar things make you and them alike. You also feel comfortable with who they are physically, intellectually and in the various forms of human categorization.

For example, if I love photography and fall in love with someone who likes to pose for pictures, we’d be fundamentally compatible. In addition, a nerd and someone who loves to party may start a relationship, chances are that it won’t last long.


Compatibility does not mean two people are not going to have a misunderstanding or a fallout but the potential for this is always long-term. Compatibility creates a bond that stands the test of time. Whatever relationship chemistry starts and ignites, compatibility blossoms and nurtures. While chemistry is more at face value, compatibility is more in-depth.

Signs of Compatibility

You Feel Comfortable Being Yourself

When you are around your partner, do you both let your guard down or do you have to pretend to have a different personality? The right person will admire the unique traits that make you who you are just like you would admire their unique traits. If you’re not comfortable being yourself around your partner, it is a sign of incompatibility.

Share Core Values

Although it is natural for you to have differences with your partner, a sign of compatibility is that you share important values. It is nice to share a favourite sports team or love for ice cream together.  Having similar views on life, money, religion, family and more helps to establish a bond that goes beyond the surface to bind souls.

Sharing the same values create attraction and covers more points of connection in a relationship. Being able to respect each other’s views and find a common ground brings harmony.

Enjoy Time Apart

A healthy relationship is all about balance. You cherish time together as well as time spent apart doing individual careers, hobbies and being with other friends.  A healthy relationship allows both partners to flourish independently and keeps them looking forward to filling each other in on what happened with no guilt or jealousy on both side.

Spending time apart makes you miss your partner and cherish them. In the end, a compatible partner makes your life better and not worse. So, what is your relationship like at the moment?


In a compatible relationship, you get a clear sense of commitment from your partner. They won’t make you feel like you’re in the relationship alone, in fact, they reciprocate all of your good acts.

Couples who have similar visions for their relationship and put in similar efforts make a happy, compatible relationship. You should be able to fulfil promises, have fun together and be there for your significant other. The moment you start questioning your stand, chances are that your partner isn’t as committed as you are.

Bring Out the Best in Each Other

Every relationship should be about adding value. One of the best aspects of a compatible relationship is that you help each other grow. So, do you believe in each other and the relationship? If your answer is in the affirmative, you will want to see your partner fulfil their dreams.

Partners who support each other’s good news have a positive impact on the well-being of their relationship. Whether you’re working towards a dream or enjoying a recent success, you’re able to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and push each other to reach great heights.

Compatibility does not mean your relationship is perfect but it means you can enjoy a healthy bond that allows you and your partner to grow together and build a long-lasting relationship.

What Is Chemistry?

Chemistry in a relationship means an emotional connection between people who are around each other. It is quite impossible to fake chemistry because people with this sort of connection display their emotions when they are around each other.

Two people with great chemistry feel better when they are together. Whatever this feeling is, you find that people with great chemistry are always happy around each other. Chemistry is the inception stage that ignites relationships. It’s the physical attributes that make you want to know a person and spend time with them.

Signs of Chemistry

Eye Contact

Do you find yourself sneaking glances at them and they try to look away? or are you able to look into each other’s eyes without being nervous? The eyes are the windows to the soul. If you easily maintain eye contact with the opposite gender, it means you’ve got great chemistry.

It is understandable for the person you are interested in to be bashful in the first few meetings but after a while, If you can’t make eye contact easily, it is a sign that one of you is nervous or isn’t comfortable around the other.

You Can Converse With Each Other

Being able to hold down a conversation with someone is chemistry in action. If you find that there’s always an awkward pause during a conversation, it is a sign of a lack of chemistry. Imagine when you’re talking with a friend and he/she helps you finish your sentence – this is evidence of chemistry. But when conversations are boring with long pauses, chemistry is lacking.

A bad conversation has so many stops, clarifications and difficulties.

Lose Track of Time

Do you lose track of time when talking or texting someone? If this is the case, you have great chemistry with that person. On the contrary, if time seems to stretch on forever and you get tired of talking with someone, it is a sign of a lack of chemistry. The truth is, time flies when you are having so much fun talking about common interests.

Looking Forward to Meeting Again

With great chemistry, you can’t wait to meet the person so that you tell them everything that happened to you or didn’t happen to you, all you did or didn’t do. It’s like you have them at the back of your mind all the time and you just want to see the smile or laughter on their face when you tell them happy things or the sadness on their face when you tell them about your ordeal. You equally look forward to meeting them and hearing everything they did or did not do in your absence.

Teasing Each Other

As chemistry builds up and partners become comfortable with each other, teasing each other becomes incorporated as a type of playfulness. You find one partner trying to annoy the other partner or throwing banters around just for the fun of it. The reaction is usually them getting a bit angry or shy at first then realizing you are joking then goes the big smile are laughter. That feeling is very rewarding and people with chemistry can’t help themselves from acting that way even if they tried.

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