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Recommended Medical Procedure To Lose Weight Without Surgery

Lose Weight Without Surgery

Malia was born the only daughter of her parent. She started to add weight at a very young age, and this, to the extent that her chubby cheeks were easily drawn by whoever came close to her because they fancied her unique but weighty cheeks. The only way out for her was to lose weight without surgery.

During her early days in school, she had times when she was given certain pills to limit her appetite but all of the shenanigans employed to get her to lose weight only played negatively on her mind. To add to her woes, her parents were always involved in a brawl at home, and the only way she consoled herself was to eat.

Now, Malia a full-grown woman, wife, and mother of four is still obsessed. Following the admonition of her husband and children, she decided to take responsibility and control of her life so set out to get a gastric band fitted.

The surgery was successful but it wasn’t without its side effects, both physical and psychological. Bar the excess skin she had under her arm, she began to lose her curly hair that used to be lengthy and full – she wasn’t told about this.

Although she stopped eating as much as she used to, weight loss surgery was not the be-all and end-all solution that she needed. Though, It was a quick fix, she had several psychological problems which couldn’t stop her cravings even though she had a smaller stomach compartment. She was always swinging moods over her desire for food but she tried to balance her desire.

The crux of the matter is that, as much as surgery is one sure way to lose weight, there are non-surgical procedures that are proven to be effective for weight loss. For instance, a gastric balloon is a non-surgical procedure to lose weight and this method has minimal side effects.

Lose Weight Without Surgery and diet

It is easier to gain weight than to lose weight – factors like eating habits, family history, lifestyle, and medical conditions are the leading causes of obesity, and once you are able to decide you want to lose weight without surgery, you can checkmate some of the causes of being overweight. See the non-surgical weight loss procedures that I have laid bare in this publication.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Methods

There are so many methods to lose weight non-surgically, especially when you know the leading cause of your obesity. Among the non-surgical method of losing weight is through dieting like adopting ketogenic diets, exercise and etc.

In the instance where you are having a tough time dieting or embarking on exercise, you can talk to a weight-loss guru to outline the best diet and exercise regimen for you.

There are two common ways to lose weight without going under the knife

  1. Supplement/Pharmacotherapy

There are pills and supplements that can boost weight loss. It is found that if you take the right medication for weight loss albeit consistently, you’d lose weight. This means the medication has to be prescribed by your physician.

  1. 2. Lifestyle Modification

Do you want to lose weight but do not partake in any form of physical activity? It takes the deliberate effort of exercising and dietary changes to experience weight loss. Frequently taking a swift but long walk is enough to cause weight loss. Also, the amount of calories you take determines how your body will turn out. To lose or maintain weight, you must watch what you eat.

The Most recommended non-surgical weight loss procedure.

According to research, the best and most recommended way to lose weight without surgery is a procedure called a gastric balloon.

The best non-surgical weight loss procedure on the market happens to be the gastric balloon. It is completely non-surgical and minimally invasive to the body. There are no incisions or tiny holes in the body.

In this method, you would not be subjected to any form of incision but you’d be required to swallow a deflated gastric balloon via an endoscopic tube. These gastric balloons come in various types but they are all effective and it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to get them into your stomach. The idea of this procedure is to have the balloon take some part of your stomach compartment and make you feel fuller when you eat.

In the end, you’d eat lesser and eventually lose weight, with the result start showing in just a few months.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Gastric Balloon

One of the biggest flexes of this method of losing weight is that you do not have to go under the knife unlike gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and so on. The result of a gastric balloon is undeniable and you experience reduced hunger while you feel fuller quickly.

This procedure is found to also improve diabetes, heart health, and bone issues.

However, among the cons of the gastric balloons is that complications from the procedure can be caused by anaesthesia risk in the instance where they need to induce sleep for the patient.

Also, the balloon can get deflated which may result in blockage so, in a bid to prevent this, the balloon is filled with dye so that when it is deflated, patients will know through their urine colour. A gastric balloon can also cause pancreatitis.

More Information On Gastric Balloon

This procedure does not really require patients to spend time at the hospital as they can go back home the same day. However, they’d need some 72 hours to recover fully which is better than most surgical procedures that require months to get to recovery.

A patient who undergoes this procedure is given a transition diet for two weeks and other restrictions in terms of what they can eat. If you are able to keep to these, the balloon will be removed after six months.

Some of the side effects of gastric balloons include Bloating, nausea, loss of appetite for some foods, and bloating.

Another Non-surgical procedure for removing fat from the body is CoolSculpting

CoolScuulpting is another healthy but non-surgical method of losing fat that is termed cryolipolysis as well. In this method, fat is removed from certain parts of the body through freezing.


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