Proven Homemade Remedies For Sagging Breasts

Sagging Breasts

A woman’s body is quite sensitive. Age, childbearing, lifestyle, diets, quality of bra, and other physical and environmental conditions can alter her entire appearance including the shape of her breast. It is nearly impossible to get a sagging breast back to shape and firmness without surgery. However, there are proven homemade remedies that can reshape sagging breasts.

These homemade remedies might not get the breast to its original shape and size. They can, to an extent, fix the sagging condition with a visible difference. The breast comprises connective tissues and muscles, and the chances are that it will sag and partly return to shape given some conditions.

So many women have spent their earnings on surgery, but this move has proven costly for those whose procedure didn’t go well. If your self-esteem is affected by the nature of your breast, this piece will teach you about homemade remedies for sagging breasts.

what to know about sagging breasts

Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera is a common plant used for various medical purposes, from treating acne to clearing scars and burns. The gel found in Aloe Vera is also an effective homemade remedy for saggy breasts, and it is very easy to use.

  • Usage: You can either mix aloe vera gel with a tablespoon of honey, apply it all over the breast, or leave for at least 15 minutes before washing with cold water. Secondly, you can apply aloe vera gel on the breast in a circular motion, allowing 10 minutes before washing off with warm water. To get results with either of these methods, you must be consistent with the application; else it won’t work. Research has proven that doing any of the routines above, five times a week, is a recipe for firm sagging breasts.

Olive Oil:

Another common homemade remedy for sagging breast is oil olive. Olive oil is a widespread commodity in many homes, but aside from cooking, many folks are not aware of its other uses and benefits.

Olive oil is lavished with antioxidants, which fight free and ravaging radicals. Olive oil does not only tone the skin when used for massage, but it can prevent sagging and improve the tightening of the skin.

  • Usage: Apply olive oil around the breast in an upward motion. Repeat this routine for up to 15 minutes to cause the oil to get into the skin’s tissues. The antioxidant left by the olive oil on the skin will fix and repair worn-out tissues around the breast. For maximum output, use olive oil at least five times a week.

Embark on regular exercise/physical activities:

Without exercise, the body naturally becomes weak, and one of the effects of the weakness of the body is loose skin. This is exactly why those who engage in sporting activities appear much younger than their counterparts who do not.

Exercising improves blood flow to all body parts, including the breast. And there are specific exercises that uplift certain parts of the body, making them firmer—for instance, engaging in push-ups tones the muscles under the breasts, making them firmer. Using dumbbells for various upper body exercises also makes the breast firmer. Whatever form of exercise you decide to embark on, ensure you’re consistent to get maximum results.

Shea Butter:

Shea butter is one of the common over-the-counter remedies for sagging breasts and various bodily issues. Shea butter is used for longer and fuller hair. It is used to tone the skin and make it tighter because of the Vitamin E.

  • Usage: Rub shea butter on and around the breast at least three times a week, allowing for about 30 minutes before washing off.

Egg white:

Many people delight in eating eggs, but not many of these lots know that egg white makes the skin healthier and tighter. Egg whites contain hydro lipids, responsible for uplighting saggy skin, even those around the breast.

  • Usage: You have to learn how to take out the yolk from the egg and stir the egg white for minutes before application on the breast in an upward motion. Leave for 20 minutes. However, you cannot remove egg white paste with ordinary water. Use cucumber or onion juice with water. Do this once a week consistently to see results.

Ice Massage:

Ice is found to be an effective remedy for sagging skin. It can be used on the face to treat wrinkles by making the skin firmer. Also, using Ice cubes to massage the breast and around it can make the skin around it firmer, thereby causing the breast to be firmer.

  • Usage: Use ice cubes of any size to massage the breast in a circular motion. Do this for at least 5 minutes. Do this regularly or at intervals during the day.

Bottom Line

Instead of opting for surgery, which is even more expensive, homemade remedies like we have mentioned have sufficed for people with sagging breasts. So if your self-esteem is affected by the shape of your breast, practice all we have laid bare in the publication, and you’d be better for it.


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