Prostate Cancer: 6 super Diets for prevention

prostate Cancer

Early this year, we wrote extensively on everything that you need to know regarding prostate cancer. Regardless, we have been getting questions about beautilifestyle on possible preventive measures and home remedies for the disease. Thankfully, our delectable friend, who interned at a renowned clinic here in the UK has got some answers for us including the possibility of diets that could prevent prostate cancer.

First off, let’s understand what prostate cancer is:

Prostate cancer is a prevalent disease among older men, with 1 in 9 certain to be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime in the US. The prostate is the organ that produces semen in males and it is located underneath the bladder.

Men under 40 are unlikely going to develop this disease as it is commonly found in older men.

Prostate Cancer symptoms

However, it is best to start taking measures that could prevent this disease when you are younger. Although there’s no scientifically proven method for preventing prostate cancer, there are indications of diets that could prevent prostate cancer. Thus:

Tomatoes and other Red Foods

All the red foods you see including tomatoes, watermelon and others contain what is known as lycopene, an antioxidant that fights against the damage to cells of the body. While there are rife claims that watermelon and tomatoes could lower the risk of prostate cancer, research in this area isn’t concluded yet.

It is also better to take the fruits that are redder. The redder the fruits, the more lycopene which makes the antioxidants in them.

Quit Smoking

The cliche “smokers are liable to die young” is true for people who have prostate cancer as well. People with prostate who smoke are likely going to expect a recurrence of the disease and die from it as well.

what is Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer patients who quit smoking live as long as those who never smoked.


Coffee is one of the few beverages that has many health benefits. Although being an addicted coffee drinker has its own disadvantages, indications according to research shows heavy drinkers of coffee have a lower risk of fatal prostate cancer.

Drinking 4-5 cups of coffee has been linked with the prevention of many diseases like kidney stones, dementia, and more recently fatal prostate cancer.

However, taking more than 400 milligrams of caffeine poses a greater threat to the body. So, if you’re a coffee drinker, ensure you do not take more than four cups per day.

Also, the method of coffee preparation can affect its efficacy in prostate cancer prevention – boiled coffee is most preferable to filtered coffee in this case.

Healthy Fats

It is quite possible that animal fats are one of the reasons some people develop prostate cancer. Fats are found in lard, butter, and cheese.

Plant-based fats are healthier than animal fats, for example, go for fresh vegetables, fruits and olive oil instead of any animal-based fats source.

Tea and Soybeans

Soybeans are found to have isoflavones, a nutrient that can potentially prevent prostate cancer. This nutrient is also found in Lentils, Peanuts, Tofu and etc.

Meanwhile, men who take green tea were found to have a lower risk of advanced prostate cancer than those who do not. Research in this area is not conclusive yet but there are indications to justify the claims herein.

Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to the entire body system. Green vegetables contain carcinogens, a substance that can break down agents that causes cancer.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables promote satiety and help to detoxify your system against harmful substances.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise increases the rate of heartbeat, thereby increasing the blood flow to every part of the body. All forms of exercise including cycling, swimming, running, brisk-walk, etc., are not good for maintaining a healthy weight, they are also good in terms of maintaining good health.

Consult Your Doctor

A Doctor, who is more informed about health issues can better inform you about prostate cancer and possible preventive measures. There are claims that prostate cancer is hereditary but you can check with your doctor to know about your family history. Asking questions like the kind of screening you need to undergo at your age and dietary recommendations are pertinent topics that must come up when talking to your doctor about prostate cancer.


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