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Platforms That Pay You For Testing Websites

Testing Websites

Ever wondered why the number of internet users keeps increasing over time? The space has become a billion-dollar industry with opportunities in digital marketing, influencer marketing, blogging, and now, people also make some bucks for themselves by testing websites.

Website testing may sound strange to many who are not familiar with the gig economy. But it is possible to make money testing websites. 

What Is Website Testing?

This is the act of assessing, analyzing, and thoroughly perusing a website or an application to check for bugs before launching. In many cases, the person who tests the website has no connection with the brand, but they provide feedback on the site’s speed, functionality, navigation, and appeal to the audience.

It is not out of place for a site to undergo a test after it has been launched, but it is preferable to carry out a pre-launching test. This way, the brand would not have to worry about putting the site in maintenance mode during testing.

Every brand leaves an impression with the quality of its website. This is why they spend a lot on ensuring their sites have an exemplary user interface, optimized content, and an easy-to-navigate menu. Putting together a quality website may cost $30,000, so if you include the cost of maintenance, you’d understand why website testing is fundamental to providing quality assurance.

Possible earning for website testers

I’m sure that I’ve left you a tad excited because of the revelation on the possibility of a new side hustle. You may not build a house testing website, but you can earn as much money to supplement whatever income you earn from your main job.

Most companies for website testing offer about $10 for a test, with a typical session lasting only 10-20 minutes.

How to Find Website Testing Jobs

Interested testers can sign up on the websites of testing companies, where opportunities are listed via their online platforms or emails. There are several testers listed on the various platforms, so you may have to claim a test quickly else they won’t give you access.

Top Website Testing Platforms

There are chunks of website testing platforms that will leave you smiling at the bank. To save you the stress, we have researched and revealed the best and most popular of them of all below;


Userlytics have a blog menu that educates would-be testers on how to use their platform. You do not even need to go through any auditioning to get on board as a tester – but they leave you with specific tasks and instructions that help you to review apps and sites professionally.

If they approve your test result, you will likely earn $5-$20, payable via Paypal.


Enroll is unique because they are the website testing company with the least turn-around time for testing.

But given that testing takes shorter time and effort, their payout is very low. They pay testers monthly via Paypal.


TryMyUI has one of the most lucrative offers for testers, but they require a video and audio recording of one’s self while carrying out testing. There are more opportunities here, and their pay is typically $10 for 20-minutes testing.

Payments to website testers are made via Paypal and every Friday.


IntelliZoomPanel is more like a study or survey platform. It takes about 10-20mins to carry out a study successfully. Studies that include video or audio recordings pay $10 via Paypal.

The better your rating, the more jobs you get on here.


UserTesting Is about the most renowned website testing company. Brands like Grammarly, Facebook, and others have used this platform to test their site. Testers are paid about $10 through a Paypal account, and it takes 20-minutes to carry out the test.

They are believed to be one of the most reliable, transparent, and honest testing companies.

Tips for Testing Success

Do the following if you want to be among the favorite tester on various platforms.

  • Take the audition seriously: Most platforms carry out an auditioning for potential testers. Do well to meticulously go through auditions to better your chance of being employed.
  • Sign up for multiple sites: It won’t be out of place if you sign up on all the platforms you know. This way, you’d have multiple opportunities in a short time.
  • Be quick to act: If you’re always online or your contact isn’t readily accessible, you will likely miss out on website testing jobs.
  • Don’t inflate expectations: You cannot become rich as a website tester, therefore minimize your expectation, but it is worth your time and great for extra bucks.




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