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9 Penis Enlargement Tips That Work


Are you considering penis enlargement tips? This is a sensitive question for most men. There are many over-the-counter pills, lotions, and procedures available for penis enlargement. But which of them actually functions? We shall find out in the 9 penis enlargement tips that work.

It is quite acceptable to be obsessed with human bodies! Perhaps, it is why the size of a man’s penis is a major worry.

Penis size anxiety is a common complaint that many men have without even understanding that they are completely normal. You, most likely, do not actually have a little penis. There is just an exaggerated expectation about the size of your penis and other aspects of sex. It could be a result of pornography and modern culture.

There are several reasons why a man might want to enlarge his penis. It could be due to problems with fertility or the urinary system. It could also be caused by a variety of psychological problems.

There are many over-the-counter pills, lotions, and procedures available for penis enlargement. But which of them actually functions? We shall find out in the 9 penis enlargement tips that work.

What Is the Normal Size Of A Penis?

The majority of men who believe their penises are small really have penises that are considered to be of normal size. The “average” penis size is so overstated in the minds of many men. It is not always accurate to estimate how long an erect penis will be based on its size when non-erect. Your penis is considered average size if it measures at least five inches or more when erect.

A penis is only regarded as tiny if it is smaller than three inches when erect. It is scientifically referred to as micropenis. Approximately 0.6% of males worldwide have this condition, that is, six out of one thousand men. It can occur if a male fetus does not receive sufficient testosterone.

It is natural to worry that the size of your penis won’t satisfy your lover during sex. However, the majority of partners are satisfied with the average penis size.

Tips for Making Your Penis Bigger

Penis Enlargement Tips

You can attempt a few different methods to make your penis larger and boost your self-esteem. Several non-surgical techniques can possibly create the impression of a longer penis, although, the most efficient strategy is typically surgery.

Non-Surgical Options

These approaches guarantee penis enlargement:

Vacuum Pumps

When employing this technique consistently, use caution. Excessive usage might harm the elastic tissue around the penis, resulting in weaker erections over time.


This is one of the simplest methods to make your penis bigger. In this exercise, you use your index finger and thumb to repeatedly pull on your non-erect penis. Form a circle around your penis with your thumb and index finger. Then, move back and forth from the base to the tip of your penis for about twenty minutes.  It is believed that regular penile pulling can enhance the amount of blood the penis can hold. As a result, the penis would grow in length and thickness.

However, when it’s not done correctly, it could harm your sexual health. The penis may become numb due to neurological damage as a result of overstretching. It may also result in the development of scar tissue, discomfort, and deformity.

Traction Devices

This technique entails applying light strain to the penis by a penile traction device or penile extender. It is beneficial to males who have a relatively small penis. Some men may experience a two-centimetre increase in non-erect penis length. Elongation is caused by sustained traction.

However, it can be quite uncomfortable. Your penis can suffer injury from the weights. The usage of this kind of gadget must be supervised by a physician. In order to see tangible results, you must dedicate nearly six hours per day to wearing the device.

Pills and Lotions

However, tests have revealed that they may be dangerous, containing elements like lead, pesticides, and E. coli. Also, some of these oils and lotions might irritate your skin. Additionally, a doctor’s prescription is required for these pills.

Get Fit

Your penis may seem shorter than it actually is if you are overweight. The scientific term for this condition is called “buried penis syndrome”. Your lower abdominal fat might conceal a portion of your penis. As soon as you lose this excess belly fat, your penis will be more visible and look bigger. Also, acquiring a lean, toned body will significantly boost your overall sense of confidence.


To create an illusion of a larger penis, shave your pubic hair. Clearly, it will not lengthen the penis; however, it could appear a little bit larger. This procedure is known as manscaping. Since your penis is no longer hidden by hair, it gives the impression that it is longer.

You should employ this method with caution though. There is a number of shaving equipment available. Ensure to select a brand that won’t induce unwanted cuts and rashes in your delicate area.

Surgical Options

Certainly, there are surgical procedures that can enlarge the penis. Although, it’s rarely necessary except for men whose penises are non-functional due to an injury or a defect at birth. They include:

Penis Girth Surgery

In order to enlarge the penis, fat cells from a fleshy area of the body are injected into the penis. This treatment to thicken the penis can give unsatisfactory results. The injected fat may not be evenly distributed, resulting in an irregularly-formed, ugly penis. There also could be scarring, swelling of the penis, infection, and lumpiness. Furthermore, the tissue can lose 20-80% of its initial size during the first year after the surgery.

Penis Implants

However, the implant may need to be removed via another surgical procedure if it becomes infected or has other issues. In addition, the penis could become shortened, scarred or curved. Your erection capacity will also be impacted by the procedure. Regardless, the effectiveness is intriguing.

Penis Length Surgery

This is one of the most common surgical methods for lengthening the penis. In this surgery, the suspensory ligament connecting the pubic bone and penis can be severed. A skin graft is then done at the base of the penis to achieve more length. The non-erect penis will have a 2cm increase in length while the erect penis won’t become any longer.

The ligament stabilizes the penis and holds it in place when erect. Due to the procedure, the penis becomes unstable during erection because the ligament is damaged. Penetration during sex becomes challenging, resulting from the absence of support. There might also be a loss of sensation in the penis.


Bigger does not always mean better. A bigger penis won’t help you last longer. You are prone to infections. Your spouse is even more likely to suffer an injury during sex.

Rather than being attentive to the size of your penis, be more concerned about your sexual health. Beyond that, it is crucial to consider your spouse’s sexual needs. Non-sexual intimacy is equally paramount.

Therefore, it is imperative that men stop stigmatizing their penis and begin healthier dietary and lifestyle choices.  However, if you must, before going through with any penile enlargement procedure, see your doctor.

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