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20 Most Lucrative Pay Per Lead Affiliate Marketing Programs In 2023


There are numerous pay-per-lead affiliate programs available, and each one has advantages and disadvantages. Some programs work great for smaller businesses. Others are preferable for big enterprises. It varies depending on the business and the requirements of the affiliate.

What is a Pay-per-lead Program?

Pay-per-lead is a method of digital advertising where an affiliate is compensated for each legitimate lead generated. A lead is a potential customer’s contact information that enables corporations to offer them their goods or services.

Most affiliate schemes pay commissions on purchases. However, with pay per lead affiliate marketing programs, you are compensated whether or not the individual you recommended makes a purchase.

These programs are more popular since they have lower standards. Rather than having them make a transaction, a converted lead may only sign up or simply download software.

If you are seeking a reliable income without having to make any sales, you should consider pay-per-lead affiliate programs. It is also best if your traffic source doesn’t convert very greatly.

Most Lucrative Pay Per Lead Affiliate Marketing Programs In 2023

Are you thinking about promoting a pay-per-lead affiliate program?

Wise Choice!

With the top pay-per-lead affiliate programs, you can earn high commissions. Let’s explore some!


The Buildium app was developed by real estate investors for real estate investors. Managing numerous investment properties can seem like having many full-time jobs at once. There are an overwhelming number of separate responsibilities involved.

With this software, users can manage all parts of their real estate portfolio from rent collection to contractor recruitment. Even bookkeeping for their company and responding to tenant concerns become simpler.

No property investor would not desire to live a simplified, more effective life while also increasing their earnings. They can get there with your assistance when you introduce them to Buildium.

Buildium offers a remedy for problems that any real estate investor has, therefore you should promote them.

Commission Rate: $25 for every successful subscription

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Payment Methods: Wire, direct deposit, check, PayPal


Canva serves as a central platform for graphic design tools for a range of digital marketers, business owners, influencers, and bloggers.  It allows novice designers to make professional graphics either for free or for a very minimal fee.

Many individuals choose Canva over its competitors in the market for many reasons. The premium plans are affordable. There is an availability of limitless photos, templates, and videos to make your designs stand out. It is simple to use. Even if a user has never done graphic design before, they can still create stunning designs with it.

Commission Rate: $36 for every new Canva Pro subscriber

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Methods: PayPal, e-transfer

Touch Bistro

This is a restaurant management program. It is concerned with providing companies with services such as digital menu boards, gift cards, kitchen display systems, reservations, and so on.

The wonderful thing about this affiliate scheme is that it offers a massive sum of $100 for every lead or demo and $1,000 for each sale. You may sign up via the company’s official website.

But there are limited tools available for promotion. You have to send an email to their affiliate service team for any assistance.

Commission Rate: $100 per lead/demo; $1,000 per sale

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

Payment Methods: Not disclosed – but you can find out from Touch Bistro


Sendinblue is a comprehensive email marketing service. It handles all email marketing requirements on a single platform. It has a simple user interface. Users may generate and send emails instantly using the email builder.

It is one of the most reliable email marketing systems for creating promotions, managing contacts, automating emails, and lots more. It can be used to plan and organize webinars for your clients.

Commission Rate: €5 for each free sign-up; €100 per subscription

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Payment Method: PayPal


At least thirty per cent of all pets need unplanned or urgent medical attention. Petplan offers complete pet insurance that pays approximately ninety per cent of the veterinarian’s fee.

This service is crucial because the surgical procedure for a four-legged pet with a major health issue can be well over $10,000. With Petplan, clients won’t be bothered by the expenses of medical screening and medications. It also covers cancer treatments and therapy.

You ought to advertise this affiliate program because pet owners get the finest insurance available for their beloved animal friends.

Commission Rate: $25 per lead

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Payment Methods: Direct deposit, PayPal


It is among the top internet tools available for checking plagiarism, punctuation, and spelling. It is utilized by various companies, bloggers, and writers for creating flawless, blunder-free work. Clients will be able to produce outstanding documents, articles, essays, and so on.

This software corrects errors in just a few minutes. Their pay-per-lead affiliate program is fantastic because it is recognized for speedy conversions. Additionally, each purchased membership also earns affiliate rewards.

Commission Rate: $0.20 for each free sign-up

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Payment Methods: Not Disclosed but find out from Grammarly


Indeed, ShareASale does reward leads as well! Many individuals are unaware of the fact that ShareASale will pay up to $150 for one eligible lead. Isn’t that just incredible?

For those unfamiliar with this platform, it operates a web of affiliates and oversees hundreds of affiliate programs. They typically offer a huge variety of niches as well as a wide choice of products. Therefore, you have the chance to profit handsomely from them. It is regarded as one of the best and most reliable affiliate networks in the whole affiliate marketing sector.

Commission Rate: $20

Cookie Duration: 60 Days

Payment Methods: Not disclosed


It is an online learning service for courses related to databases, cyber security, software development, and IT. To begin, users simply need to select their preferred subjects. The main advantage is that courses can be learned from anywhere and at any time.

PluralSight is a quite popular network with thousands of tech users.  There are over 6,000 courses offered to both private and corporate clients. With dozens of options available for classes, it is easy to study many of the newest technology.

Commission Rate: $5 on a free trial, 50% on monthly subscriptions, and 15% on annual subscriptions

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed – but check with PluralSight

Payment Methods: Not disclosed – but check with PluralSight

National Debt Relief

This program helps people get out of debt. It is one of the most affordable strategies for paying off credit card debt. This kind of service is more important in this modern era. This is because the majority of people survive solely off of their credit cards. Customers have a better option than going bankrupt or stressing to make payments for the bare minimum.

This business will deal with creditors directly when it comes to negotiations. The intention is to lower their client’s overall debt while enabling them to pay off unsecured obligations such as personal loans. However, they are unable to help with debts related to lawsuits, the IRS, and mortgages.

You can spread the word about this website to those who need assistance managing their finances and debt.

Commission Rate: $27.50 for every successful lead

Cookie Duration: 60 days

Payment Methods: Check, Payoneer, Direct deposit


This is yet another reputable business. In fact, it has been highlighted in the best publications and magazines around the world such as Forbes. Patriot is an accounting and payroll program designed to simplify operations for proprietors of small businesses.

As you surely have noticed, payroll network systems are generally quite pocket-emptying. However, Patriot really isn’t, and the greatest part is that they do not sacrifice quality.

The commission rate is reasonable. For every lead that registers using your lead, you receive $20. Also, the referral window is 90 days.

Commission Rate: $20 per lead

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Payment Methods: Not disclosed – but check with Patriot

Liberty Mutual

These days, insurance is essential for almost everything!

Liberty Mutual has been in business as an insurance provider since 1912. It is among the largest in the world. It is partnered with CJ affiliate. This company specializes in assisting customers with their insurance coverage. They provide clients with all the necessary solutions, including auto insurance and house insurance.

Affiliates will receive payments ranging from $3-$10 for qualified leads. There is also a 120-day referral window available.

Commission Rate: $3-$10 per lead

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Payment Methods: Not disclosed – but check with Liberty Mutual


This software is the quickest approach to improve in writing English online. No matter their level of linguistic competence, writers and bloggers should strive to produce the greatest blog posts possible. It ensures that papers are error-free. All grammatical errors, including those with punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, and writing style, are corrected.

Ginger offers $0.20 for every signup for its free subscription plan.

Commission Rate: $0.20 per free sign-up

Cookie Duration: 120 days

Payment methods: Not disclosed but check with Ginger


Hiscox provides commercial insurance that caters to the interests of small enterprises. Having been around since 1901, they are one of the well-known businesses in pay-per-lead affiliate programs. They cover things like property insurance, worker payments, and cybersecurity among others.

Would it be worthwhile for you to promote this program? Yes.

Not everyone has the financial resources to launch a firm. However, if the concept is compelling enough, investors and funds can be attracted from several sources. Hiscox is one such source! They assist individuals like you and me to grow into successful business owners. Furthermore, they have over 100 years of experience in the field.

Additionally, the conversation rate is 33%. You have a very great opportunity to become a top affiliate marketer with Hiscox.

Commission Rate: $25 per lead

Cookie Duration: 7 Days

Payment Methods: Direct deposit, Check, Payoneer


For the best customer care, Freshdesk is top-notch. It assists users with communicating with their customers over the phone, on social media, via mail, and texts. The free subscription offers numerous features such as email ticketing, ticket distribution, unlimited agents, data-centre location, and lots more.

Freshdesk offers $5 for every new signup. Services can be automated to give clients the maximum support available. In comparison to other options, it is a reliable and affordable choice with over 40,000 users globally.

Commission Rate: $5 for each free signup

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed – but find out from Freshdesk

Payment Methods: Not disclosed – but find out from Freshdesk


Homeowners can manage their energy consumption by installing solar panels. This saves a ton of money. Since the 1980s, SunPower has offered consumers residential and business solar solutions. They cover all aspects of solar energy, from household solar systems to other power storage options.

SunPower stands out from its rivals because its solar cells function more efficiently and better than other competitive brands. It is one of the leading suppliers of solar energy in the US.

They assert to have a conversion rate of 17.8%, performing a satisfactory job in converting traffic.

Commission Rate: $75 per lead

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Payment Methods: Check, Direct deposit, Payoneer


Byte is a well-known company that’s been mentioned in outstanding magazines and publications such as InStyle and Forbes. It is a dental supply firm that offers teeth aligners to customers who are struggling with their teeth’s alignment. Users have access to both daytime and night aligners.

The remarkable quality of this platform is that the staff is always eager to assist people without charge. A supportive team and a plethora of useful creative materials will be at your disposal to guide you every step of the way.

Commission Rate: $45 per lead

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Methods: Not disclosed – but you can find out from Byte


This program helps to organize clients’ posts for Pinterest and Instagram. Top-quality posts can automatically be shared on social media with little effort. Besides sharing, it assists in monitoring these shared posts. There is also a browser plugin that enables the swift publication of loads of posts from any website. Many web marketers and bloggers rely on Tailwind as their ideal tool.

Tailwind reposts the best content on the most popular social networks to increase visitors. Therefore, users don’t need to bother about the traffic. They just concentrate on producing quality blog posts. Each lead may register via a Pinterest or Instagram account.

Commission Rate: $0.50 for free signup

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed – but you can find out from Tailwind

Payment Methods: Not disclosed – but you can find out from Tailwind


The financial sector is one of the most sensitive sectors for most people. This organization offer assistance with financial issues such as debts, medical fees, loans, and credit card issues.

Promoting CuraDebt without a following can be extremely challenging. It is best for those who have heavy traffic sources such as podcasts and YouTube. PayPal is used to make monthly payments. Therefore, if PayPal is unavailable in your country, it will not work for you.

Commission Rate: $30-$40 per lead

Cookie Duration: Lifelong

Payment Methods: Undisclosed – but you can find out from CuraDebt

America’s Lift Chair

For many years, America’s Lift Chair has manufactured and supplied lift chairs to North America. Their products make getting up from a sitting posture simpler for older people, people who have movement problems or certain medical conditions. The chair provides a remote control, heater, massager, and cup holders.

Additionally, they provide financial options featuring payments spread out over thirty-five months. It would be important to convey this in your advertisement. With a fixed $180 payment for each lead, it is by far the most profitable pay-per-lead program.

The drawback is that there may not be a lot of referrals because lift chairs are a very small industry. Regardless, given that they have a variety of reasonably priced lift chairs, this is a business you should consider.

Commission Rate: $180 per lead

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Methods: PayPal, Direct deposit


Investing apps are highly sought-after among the millennial generation. Therefore, if you run a financial website that caters to this audience, you should look into this per-per-lead affiliate program.

With the Robinhood app, everyone can invest.They were the first to provide investments without commission. These give their clients a wide range of solutions so they may maximise the value of their investment. Additionally, they give their partners all the support needed to make sure they get the most out of their affiliate marketing.

Commission Rate: $5 per lead

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Payment Methods: Not disclosed – but you can find out from Robinhood


After reading about pay-per-lead affiliate programs, readers tend to daydream about wealth and exotic islands. However, you must be cautious when deciding what to market.

The commission structure must be well-understood. The brand’s marketing plan must be critically considered. Pay enough attention to the program’s T and Cs. Lastly, the lead conversion rates should not be overlooked.

All affiliate programs are not made alike; there are variations. The advantages and disadvantages should be taken into account before choosing the one that is ideal for you.



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