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Online Job Opportunities That Requires Little Skill and No Experience

those who have simple skillsets and no experience have all earned from what is now known as the gig economy, otherwise, online job opportunities

The advent of the internet has not only made life simpler, but it has also opened up the labour market to more people who can now bag jobs from the comfort of their homes. From surveys, to teaching jobs, to freelancing, those who have simple skillsets and no experience have all earned from what is now known as the gig economy, otherwise, online job opportunities or platforms.

The first port of call is to sign up on websites that connect clients to users, who are notified whenever a job that fits their profile is available. Depending on the platform you choose, they will charge a fee for the service they also render to you.

Let’s take a look at these websites and how you can sign up to get jobs there.

Click N Work

Click N Work provides online job opportunities for people who people seeking data entry jobs, research jobs, and others that are related to tech to do stuff. Earning is determined by the kind of task performed.


On Zaarly, users do odd jobs for specific fees. Not a lot of people are aware, you can be a party planner, disc jockey, or even book tickets for others on this platform. Several artisans have earned money through this platform.

The Smart Crowd 

For data entry enthusiasts, Smart Crowd offers users online job opportunities in data entry. There’s usually a long list of people on the waiting list and it may take time to get to your turn after applying. They pay via Paypal.

User Testing 

User Testing is a US-based company that pays you for visiting sites. Though users are expected to give feedback on the functionality of the site among other things.

Task Rabbit

This is another platform that pays people who are not professionals. However, Task Rabbit does a check and virtual interview before they employ people because you may need to go to the homes of clients.

Short Task

Short Task is a platform that connects seekers with problem solvers. You sign up with them and navigate through their website to look for a problem that you can solve.

SliceThe Pie

You earn after reviewing a song by up and coming artist or established artist. Some reviews have earned as much as $50 for reviews they submit.


This platform has over 5000 users whose duty is to do a transcription of audio or video recordings. Depending on how long you want your job done, they have a good turnaround time. Payment is via Paypal.

Harvard Business School Computer Lab for Experimental Research (CLER) 

They offer opportunities to those who are enthusiastic about carrying out research. Those who sign up can earn as much as $15-$40 per research. Not just that, users also get a paltry $5 gift certificate for those who patronize their online portal.


There’s a pool of opportunities for people who have no skills. On Humanatics, you earn some bucks for sorting and reviewing phone calls for companies.

Just Answer 

Just Answer is quite unique because they tap into the wisdom of users. Signees get paid for answering questions posted by users. However, they accept experts in the fields they have categorized, and payment is made based on the number of questions individual answers.

Micro Workers

On Micro Workers, commenters are paid for their comment on several social media posts. Simple? Your guess is as good as mine.


There are several survey sites but mindpay stays out because they pay as much as $50 for completing online surveys.

Cloud Crowd

Cloud Crowd offers opportunities for those who do data entry, people who can write a blog post, and many other freelancing jobs. However, users are required to have a Facebook account to be able to sign in.

Crowd Source

Bar Speechpad, Crowd Source is another platform that gets users to earn money for carrying out transcription, writing articles, and even tagging images.

Do My Stuff

This is a platform where people get connected to clients for informal jobs like walking a dog, dry cleaning or manicure. The agreement may be long or short term depending on the terms by the employer.

Easy Shift

Easy Shift typically pays between $2-$20 for users who complete tasks like taking photographs or even doing market surveys on valuable items like phones or even laptops.


Upwork is one of the most reliable platforms that connect millions of freelancers to their clients. Users create a portfolio and fix a fee that matches that skillset. Opportunities abound for bloggers, programmers, graphic editors, copywriters and etc.

Fancy Hands

For virtual assistants charged with the responsibility of data entry jobs, FancyHands is your plug.

Field Agent

Users are charged with the responsibility of writing reviews for products and checking for the availability of products for their clients. Payment is made via Paypal.


Users can buy and sell services. Although highly regulated, this is about the biggest online job platform with about every kind of job is available for seekers. They have various methods of payment to suit users.

This is a platform exclusively for expert who lay bare their opinion or advice through a chat or by answering questions posted on the website.

Fusion Cash

People who sign up on this site gets a bonus of $5 they get paid for doing a simple tasks. Payment is made via Paypal account when accumulated to about $25.



Gigbucks are a solution provider for various tasks. Earning can be as low as $5 and as much as $50.


Small gigs can be done on Gigcoins and they also have the least payout. Services offered include surveys, article publications, and others.


Gigwalk is a platform that collects data and uses the same to do a task. They already have up to 2million users and are still growing because of how reliable they are.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

The uniqueness of AMT stems from the fact that they pay cash or deliver gift cards to users. The jobs are usually short and based on human intelligence.




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