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Money Secrets of the Rich


Ever questioned why only 1.1% of world’s population holds over 45% of global wealth? What is it that these people know that we do not? What are the money secrets to these rich individuals?

Truthfully, everyone desires to be rich but only a few know the tics and tacks to wealth and riches. It is no longer a mystery as we can uncover all there is to know about these 1% and their money secrets. Find out ways in which you can employ these secrets in your life and enhance your financial well-being.


Spending Structure

If it’s not going to be useful, no matter how enticing it is, don’t buy it. As an individual striving towards financial stability, one of the essentials to employ is spending discipline – no unnecessary extravagant moves. What we simply mean is having a scale of preference indicating the needs from wants from time to time. The best way to improve your spending structure is by living within your means. Rich people are known for their ability to make the right purchases at the right time, when needed.  One of the money secrets of the rich is their advance spending structure and this alone is what has been and will always give them an advantage of the public.

The 60-40 trick

Money Secrets
Money Secrets

It is very easy to neglect the basics all because you want to gather wealth. It is simply not done that way. If there’s another money secret the rich put deep in their pockets is the art and budgeting and allocation. In essence, the 60-40 rule. What is this? It is a percentage base allocation of monthly/ gross annual income separated into the needs, wants and investments. Needs vary from rent, groceries to bills and transportation. Say your annual income is $90,000, it means $54.000(60%) should be allocated for the necessaries and $36,000(40%) for your wants.

Invest in the Mind

You can’t be shallow minded and reach wealth which is why the development of the mind is the first point contact to riches. What you spend your time on, what you listen to, what you read, what you feed your mind are all interconnected. Rich people don’t invest their time and mind into just anything. Their only interests are things of value or things that boost their growth. They are always in the quest for knowledge. While many people do not know this, rich people are well aware that you are what you feed your mind, and this right here is one of their many money secrets.

Multiple Income Paths

Show me a rich man with only one source of income and I’ll show you a gecko that can fly. Realistically, there is no one who got to be a billionaire with just a 9-5. Another money secrets the rich employ is the strategic implementation of several income paths. They spread their arms along different sections of life from real estate, health, banking and finance, agriculture, affiliate marketing, and a lot of other passive incomes paths. This movement doesn’t only give them the financial security they crave for but also boost their net-worth into becoming multimillionaires and billionaires. If you are having trouble finding a passive income, we have a bunch of options for you to choose from.

Advance Saving Scheme

What do you fall back to when things get tough? Your savings! Wait, did you say loan? Please, we don’t do that here. Your savings should be an ultimate fall back, just in case things get really rough. Another money secret to riches is the ability to save. As easy as this may sound, only a small percent of individuals prioritizes the act of saving. According to Forbes. Individuals who save more are likely to attain financial stability quicker than those who don’t.

Prioritize Liquidity

Rather than saving money in cash, you can purchase assets which have high market value. A liquid asset is cash on hand or another item that can be swiftly and affordably turned into cash. So a liquid asset is one that can be swiftly sold on the open market without suffering a major loss in value. If it is more liquid and selling it for fair value or current market value is simpler. More liquid assets trade at a premium and less liquid assets trade at a discount, all else being equal.

Limit the Takeouts

Money Secrets
Money Secrets

There should be moderation in everything you do especially when it comes to spending on food, clothes and others. Establishing limits is one money secrets to reaching riches. It’s okay to spoil yourself once in a while, here and there, but spending as much as $800 dollars on an evening meal is just no. On the same table, if you always get take outs, you are only accumulating coins into the pockets of food stand owners. A smart move is to boycott takeouts by cooking more often. This way, you’d utilise the funds spent on takeout on something even better, something that can generate you more income.

Get a Finance Specialist

Another money secrets rich people will tell you is how they hire a finance specialist who keeps account of the funds that comes in and go out, manage their taxes, conduct spending analysis and takes control of budgeting and allocation. With them in the picture, you don’t need to worry your head about anything. They are usually the right-hand man of rich people and are high in demand. If you have your way around things, do make sure to employ the services of a finance specialist.

Strategize your Network

Money Secret
Money Secrets

If you are observant enough, you’d notice how rich people from all over the world are internetworked from different aspects of life. Business meetings here and there, private conferences, VIP dinners and private cruises and events. The list is endless! Networking is one key money secrets that the rich keep in their purses at all times. Rich individuals play this card so well that they end up being in touch with the most powerful people in the world. You can’t attain riches when you don’t step up your networking game. It doesn’t have to be really big, you could start from work conferences, interacting with people. Soon enough, you’d find yourself in the big leads.

Prepare Yourself

Prior to what we just talked about; you just have to be a person of value in order to have a great network. Nobody wants to have a loser in their network. You want to be part of the rich 1%? Then get yourself equipped with skills, certifications, anything to boost your profile. Heck, you could even learn a new language. Every day, you’ll find rich folks either bagging another degree to their portfolio or signing a new contract deal. It is these major moves that bring an aggregate to their wealth. Pitch yourself right. This right here is a money secret that will give you that head start to riches. Apply it today!


List of Rich Folks Who Utilize Money Secrets

These A- list individuals have spread their arms across different sectors of life, from music to real estate, agriculture, technology, fashion, brand endorsements, partnerships and many more just to secure their riches.

Elon Musk – Net worth:  $253.2 billion

Bernard Arnault – Net worth: $173 billion

Jeff Bezos – Net worth: $152 billion

Mark Zuckerberg – Net worth: $109.5 billion

Bill Gates – Net worth: $108.5 billion

Francoise Bettencourt Meyers – Net worth: $94.9 billon

Alison Walton – Net worth: $37.7 billion

Gina Rinehart – Net worth: $26.9 billion

Jay-Z – Net worth: $2.5 billion

Rihanna – Net worth: $1.4billion

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter – Net worth: $540 million

Cristiano Ronaldo – Net worth: $500 million

Kanye West – Net worth – $400 million

Nicki Minaj – Net worth – $150 million



Now, we have successfully uncovered the closely guarded money secrets of the rich that unlocks the keys to financial success. With these strategies, habits, and mind-set shifts, you can achieve your wealth goals and explore the world of financial secrets and take control of your financial future.

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