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How to Manifest Anything You Want Using The Law of Attraction


Most people tend to fantasize about what they desire in life per time and you find them mostly lost in the quest to arrive at this land of dreams or fantasy. However, there is a law known as the Law of Attraction which is a philosophy that claims people attract what they think about. This means, that if you think a negative thought, you’d attract exactly negative outcomes and conversely so.

The substance of your thought is what is termed manifestation, which means you are responsible for the things that happen to you, whether positive or negative. When you’re consciously thinking about something, the universe conjures it to turn into reality. The great philosophers have also claimed thoughts backed by action have undeniable effects.

A classic example is of a woman that got paralyzed from an accident, the diagnosis she got from the doctor said she would never walk again. Regardless, she believed she’d walk, run, dance, and get her life back together. She returned to the hospital a few days after she was dismissed, the doctor got a rude shock when he realized strength was already returning to her legs despite his dismissive diagnosis. After a year, she started walking and using her legs because she thought about it and worked towards it as well.

Simple steps to manifest anything you want using the law of attraction

Law of Attraction

Positive affirmation

You can say things as they are because that’s what we can see, and let’s be honest, most times, everything around us is adverse. It’s a huddle from one disappointment to the next or a compulsory ride on an emotional roller coaster of negative emotions. Positive affirmation is not denying the situation but transcending above it to focus your energy on words that depict what you indeed are. It works by repetition to yourself because the mind has a way of lingering on negative things rather than holding on to positive things. So, especially when you don’t feel like what you genuinely are, remind yourself that you are smart, beautiful, successful, hardworking, intelligent, etc. Then watch how your mind aligns with the universe to make you that way.

Pillow method

It has been observed that the last thing you think about before you sleep is the thought you wake up to in the morning. Once you feed your mind with the correct information, your brain goes to work to figure out the best way to make it happen. So, if you write down a step-by-step plan of how you want to see yourself, what you want to achieve, and what dreams you have, the universe conjures all the energy you need to make it happen. It’s not magic, but a fundamental concept that the mind is prepared to do what is familiar and repeated faster than new information the mind is processing for the first time. Since the brain is a solution hub, it finds a solution to things you repeatedly bring to its notice.

Make a vision board

Another way to attract what you want is to go visual using a vision board.   Your vision board should have vivid images and detailed steps of what you want. The board should be strategically placed where you can see it as many times as possible. Be clear about what you want, set it on the vision board and watch the law of attraction do its thing.

Step out of your comfort zone

Identifying what you want and recalling it to your memory for the universe to run with it is not where the work stops. After your mind and the universe have mapped out manifest what you want, you need to be reading to learn new things, push yourself and work toward achieving it. Remaining in your comfort zone will not cut it because attracting what you want is not magic; even if it were, you’d need to work to flick your wand.

Practice the 3-6-9 method

The 3-6-9 numeric repetition method is a way of nudging the mind to keep sight of the things that matter throughout the day. You are expected to write down what you want to be, remember or achieve three times in the morning, six times in the day and nine times by evening. That way, you are fully aware and prepared at any time in the day and strategically prepared for when an opportunity can meet preparation.

Surround yourself with positive support

Creating a positive habit is no easy fit, and you need all the help you can get to maintain it. Mastering the laws of attraction is no different. Have a community that keeps you accountable for whatever you are attracting. Getting positive support around you helps you to see yourself in a positive light. Meanwhile, having negative people around keeps you second-guessing your ability to believe you can attract what you want.


Journaling helps you keep track of the things you want to manifest and record the journey so far. It gives you a safe space to stretch your imagination and write down how you see your future self—tracked progress in your journal, which fuels you to keep focusing on the laws of attraction.


It’s easy to feel discouraged about your progress, especially when you have yet to see evidence of what you are focusing on manifesting. Unfortunately, some of these positivity, goals, and habits we want to attract happen while we are doing the work and not paying attention. Consistency makes the law of attraction mechanical and automatic. As we focus our energies on what we want one day at a time, we turn back and realize we have attracted all we wanted to draw.




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