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Make Money Online Hack 2022-Make $100-$1500 by Reading Books in 1 hour


Make Money Online Hack 2022. Do you derive pleasure from reading? No, I’m not going to make an article or book recommendation for you – but this publication will teach you the latest make-money online hack from reading books. I know this sounds a bit strange and unbelievable, but it is quite possible to monetize your reading passion.

Many people are looking for who’d review their books or other forms of publications so that they can appear impeccable. They pay book reviewers who carry out a critique of their books and offer a personal opinion. To achieve this, you’d have to learn how to be a book reviewer, and the latest make-money online hack of 2022.

So, if you are a voracious reader, the make online money hack will help you to earn from your passion while you gain knowledge and improve your vocabulary through reading at the same time.

Meanwhile, the opportunities for readers cover nonfiction, genre fiction, classics, indie books, and any other genre you can think of. Let’s get on with sites that pay you for reading.

Make Money Online Hack 2022-Make $100-$1500 by Reading Books in 1 hour:

·         getAbstract

getAbstract is a platform that pays readers to review nonfiction books. So if you’re a lover of nonfictional books, you may want to check out their website to start making money. They have 18,000+ books that reviewers have already summarized, and one of the biggest flex of the site is that it can be accessed in various languages.

They are currently searching for writers in the science and technology niche who can summarize recent books and articles. Their pay is on a freelance basis, and you can apply via their website.

·         Instaread

Another site that pays astute readers for reviews is Instaread. They are also a platform that offers nonfiction readers the opportunity to review books. And they do not even allow for critical takes, making it easier for readers.

Instaread accepts a 1000-1500 worded summary of the books on their platform, shorter than some sites. To date, they pay $100 per review written.

·         Tyndale Blog Network

While they pay on a Freelance basis, Tyndale Blog Network rewards reviews under a platform dubbed My Reader Reward Club. Users of the platform earn points for actions taken like inviting potential members, sharing their website, etc.

A user earns 10 points for reviewing their books on Amazon, Barnes, or Noble. The maximum points on offer in a month do not exceed 50, and readers can use points earned to get books from their shelves. I’m sure this sounds like what you’d love to do already.

·         Publishers Weekly

The platform publishers weekly focus on magazine publications that cover journals from worldwide. Meanwhile, they also pay reviewers for personal and traditionally published books. This means they need reviews, albeit not frequently.

Although they are currently not employing reviewers, you can return to their page to check for openings after a while.

·         Moody Press

Moody Press is a religious entity that pays readers to review Christian-based books and everything, spiritual and bible study. You can make money for yourself if you have a knack for studying the bible and other books that relate to it.

Moody Press does not pay anyone for their reviews. Instead, you’re compensated with a free book. On MP, they allow you up to 60 days of reading to write a review, so you have an expanse of time.

·         Upwork

Upwork is a platform where all freelancers in all niches can make money. From those in need of software developers to Seo Writers and to even book reviewers, you can find all types of opportunities on Upwork.

And one of the most considerable flex of reading on Upwork is that they are not genre-specific. You can find all types of books on their platform. However, they specify the book’s genre and ensure only those who meet their requirements can carry out reviews.

To start on Upwork, you need to sign up on their page.

·         U.S. Review of Books

One of the reasons you must be good at what you do in the U.S. Review of Books is that they publish reviews in a newsletter. So, it is quite possible to get another client if your review is outstanding. And they allow for all kinds of books to be published on their platform.

They have about the least requirement for summarized wordings. 250-300 is the number of wordings they accept, but they do not compromise on professionalism and opinions. If you want to get on board U.S Review Books, you’d have to submit samples of your work, including references.

·         Women’s Review of Books

Women’s Review of Books is one of the leading platforms that pay people for carrying out reviews. This platform is a feminist magazine that came into fruition some 38 years ago, but they are still in the market to employ reviewers.

They have all their reviews published “in the service of action and consciousness.” Their writers are staunch professionals, academics, journalists, and all whatnot. They pay $100 per review.

·         Online Book Club

Once you get on the site of Online Book Club, they inform you that you may not break free from poverty by reviewing books on their platform. Their warning also means you may be unable to leave your day job to sign up with them on a permanent basis.

Their platform is one of the easiest to navigate. You do not only get paid for reviews, but they also offer free books for a summary. Their pay is between $5 to $60, and you can sign up to begin.

·         Any Subject Books

If you want to earn money from reviewing books, you may want to check Any Subject Books. On their platform, you’d be able to serve yourself, and one of their pros is that they offer a book-by-book review opportunity for readers.

Without jokes here, ASB is very well known for its objective, unbias, in-depth, and proper analysis of books, and they have books across all genres. Therefore, if your forte is romance, they won’t ask you to review fictional texts.

However, they are currently closed to employing reviewers, but you can check again if you want to give this a shot.

·         Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is huge on employing book reviewers. Exploring this platform is a make-money-online hack you should explore. They are one of the major publishers you must have come across on Amazon.

KM has an opening for book reviewers, and they are not just restricted to the English Language. They have opportunities also for readers in the Spanish language. They listed Keen eye, ability to summarize in 350 words within two weeks, and experience as requirements for would-be reviewers.

You are required to come up with samples and a CV to apply for the opportunities listed on their site.

·         Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery is a frontrunner and champion for self-published books in terms of Indie books. They have many books on their platform, which offer readers opportunities to pick whichever book tickles their fancy for a review. If you are a consistent reviewer on Reedsy Discovery, authors may contact you directly.

And it is pretty easy to sign on to the platform. All you can do is fill out a form, and if you are selected, you’d have the chance to see through their shelves. Also, authors send tips to their reviewers.

·         Book Browse

One more platform that offers readers the opportunity to review books and get paid is Book Browse. This platform stands out from the rest because of its First Impression program, where members read ARC books before they are rolled out to the public.

Book Browse lays between four to six book titles for their audience, who decide to read the one that appeals to them but responds to the newsletter.

However, reviewers are unlikely to get the chance to review books of their choice because they only have a limited number of books at a time on the order. They won’t pay you for reviews but will give you a free copy of the book in question.

·         New Pages

New Pages are for writers who have the knack for writing shorter reviews, say less than 300 words. This platform was founded in the 70s as a print publication, but it now serves as an alternative press portal.

So if you love to read small presses and magazines, Newpages is the perfect plug for you as they also have bookstores. They have also archived some reviews done on their page in the past.

·         Booklist Publications

Booklist Publications joins the list of major platforms where journals for librarians are reviewed. This platform does not restrict its reviews to just books; they allow for some good blog posts to be reviewed.

One of the biggest flex of this platform is that reviews are often shorter than those on other platforms, say 175 words. You can check their page for requirements and guidelines.

·         NetGalley

They uniquely stand out on the book review platforms for turning reviewers into influencers in their community. They set out to link publishers to readers and book reviewers. So if you are a blogger, a teacher, and an educator, NetGalley is for you.

Once a publisher is ready, he can put his book on NetGalley, where members on the platform can review and make recommendations.

Bottom Line

Making money online hack by reading books is an exposition that can help you with another source of passive income. You should take advantage of this revelation.


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