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Make Money From Amazon With These 9 Steps


One platform that readily comes to mind when you think of affiliate marketing is Amazon. This is because of the reputation they have built for themselves as an e-commerce giant. Although there is a plethora of platforms that offer opportunities for affiliates, you can easily make money from amazon without a dime, probably up to six figures.

You may have started doubting the authenticity of this claim, but if you frequently visit  Beautilifestyle, you’d understand affiliate marketing more. There’s so much money in the gig economy and affiliate marketing is just one of the best ways to make money there. However, it is much more than buying a domain name, hosting it, and publishing content.

Finding the right niche, and tailoring your content to meet the needs of your market (audience) is also a very important aspect of this online business. I’m sure you’re already getting excited about the possibility of how you can make money from Amazon.

Let me get you through the step-by-step method to make money from amazon with zero investment. Consider these important notes:

1. Take lessons on building a blog

As an affiliate, you do not necessarily need a blog/website to make money but to make the most of this opportunity, you should own a weblog. Now, owning a weblog does not mean paying someone to host, and build the site for you, you should learn the basics of posting content, fixing affiliate links within content, and so on because the skill will be handy when you sign up to become an affiliate.

The biggest earners all own a site where they showcase the products that are wanted by their readers or audience.

2. Discover your niche

This is the second most fundamental step after owning a blog. In fact, before owning a blog, you should already know the niche that would best suit your audience. For instance, if you love to write about football stories, you could establish a blog that covers the Premier League, where you’d sell products related to football like club jerseys, branded stockings, tracksuits, and all whatnot.

Although the beauty and lifestyle niche fetches so much money for affiliates, you might end up frustrated with writing articles related to this niche if you do not understand the products here. So, we admonish you to pick a niche where your strength lies. This is one of the key secrets of how you can conveniently make money from Amazon.

3. Build a Website

The process of building a website is a herculean task. But even Rocket Science has renowned professionals because they practised and mastered it. This is the exact reason I recommended that you first learn how to build a website.

  • Buy a domain: A domain name is literally the name of your site. For example, beautilifestyle.com. You can buy domain names on sites like Godaddy, Namecheap, and so on. Most of the platforms that sell domain names do it on a subscription basis, meaning you’d have to renew ownership after a given period.


  • Host the Domain: Until the platform hosts your domain, it will not appear on any search engine as a website. The host is like the foundation on which lies the domain. Also, most platforms that sell domain names are hosted on a subscription basis.


  • Install WordPress: After hosting your site, you’d be able to install WordPress, a content management system that enables users to write, edit and publish content to taste.
  • Design Site: The next step is to design your website to make it more user-friendly. This is where you insert categories and subcategories that best tickle the fancy of users. For example, we have categories such as Relationship, Health, and Wealth, tips on here. These guide the users on how to quickly navigate to what they need.

4. Register on Amazon to become their affiliate

Now, this is where the actual business of affiliate marketing starts. To do this, visit Amazon and sign up as an affiliate on their website. Amazon reviews every website that signs up to become an affiliate and if they meet their requirement, they can begin to sell products from there.

However, Amazon provides a disclaimer that even though you have become their affiliate, they may not compensate you in some instances.

5. Create Bookmarks and links for blog posts, and create an amazon build-a-link bookmark and link

There’s a bookmark stored in every web browser that allows for new features to be added to the browser. You can use it to update your audience about a new product on a site with just a click.

Then, you can move into building a unique link using the affiliate ID given to you. Check associate central, you’d see where to build links there before adding them to your link toolbar.

6. Get Your Maiden Link

After becoming an associate on Amazon, you’d receive personalized log in details. Whenever you’re logged in, you can search products that tickle your fancy to review before using the site stripe, you’d see this at the upper part of your screen. Amazon allows you several options for creating personalized links to products.

It is with the maiden link that you make money from Amazon.

7. Blog Your Review

You may now go on to write a review about the product. This review will contain a link to the product and also carry your associate ID for amazon. Ensure that you publish your review only on befitting categories and then wait for customers.

8. Stand out as an amazing affiliate with your site

Most people rush into becoming affiliates without going through the step-by-step method. This is why a whole lot of them fail to maximize these platforms. It is advisable that you build a website with many unique contents about the products you intend to sell even before applying to become an affiliate. If you have plenty of unique content on your site, Google would easily rank the website higher than others.

9. Carry out Promotions

Your pace of growth can accelerate if you communicate with other affiliates and participate in online communities where they share ideas about what is in vogue in the business. To make money from Amazon or any other platform, you must carry out promotions on various social media platforms.

Carrying out promotions improves your visibility and boosts the confidence of your existing and would-be customers.


You can make money from Amazon if you follow the steps mentioned above. For some people, Amazon has become a stable income stream instead of a passive income stream.

How To Make Money From Amazon.

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