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Is Religion The Root Of All Evil?


The controversies, conspiracy theories and myths that surround religion today could make one wonder what to believe or not. There are a lot of people who dwell in religious dilemmas. Regardless, we cannot disregard the fact that there are hidden truths behind every religion. The sole purpose and most importantly, there are probable agendas behind it.


Religion is best described as a pursuit in the worship of powers accompanied by great devotion to certain principles. Religious concepts and beliefs can be traced back as far as several hundred thousand years, per archaeological evidence. These theological concepts were passed on from one generation to the next, leaving books, scrolls, doctrines and other records that serve as its primary foundation.

Some of the top-ranking religions based on demographic and number of believers are Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Atheism, Monotheism, Taoism, Jainism, Polytheism, Shinto, Confucianism, Catholicism, Theism, Agnosticism, Unitarian Universalism, Rastafari, Agnosticism, Animism and the Traditional African Religion.

According to scientific research, religious concepts originated from the deliberate burial of early people as long as 300,000 years ago. Some scientists contend that the emergence of more complex civilizations and beliefs during the Neolithic Revolution 11,000 years ago was the catalyst for the beginning of religion. But again, religion might have evolved separately in other places and eras.


Religion has frequently been misapprehended as an entity for long. While there are similarities between religion and culture, they cannot be used in the same context. Earlier on, we took a walk on what religion is but when we talk about culture, we regard culture as an umbrella term often used to describe as the art, customs and social mores identified with a specific group of people or civilization.

It is simply absurd to say that religion and culture are the same thing. There are a lot of similarities which we can agree to as both consist of doctrines which are equally being passed down from one era to the other. That is not to say one must keep his eyes closed to the unique differences that are surrounded by each of them. It is possible to envision culture as a causative factor that influences evolution in a way that is peculiar to humanity. On the other end of the spectrum, religion is thought to be a process of revelation and incorporates the idea of the “faithful” who accept the revelation’s message.

Religion is universal. Culture is unique to only a certain demographic. That is to say, no two persons from different geographical locations share the same culture just as no two individuals born from different parents can have the same genetic information. Religion brings together people irrespective of languages, nationalities traditions and cultures into a supernatural surreal belief.


while doctrines and intentions might be pure, mankind has twisted the words of the old for political, colonial and selfish reasons. Now, the way it works is if a specific demographic has a certain general belief/religion, it will be a lot easier to control the minds of people into thinking that a certain force or power is the cause of their irresponsibility.

Very tricky I must say but then again, if the people are not united into one belief, how else will men of wealth penetrate through the mind of the people? How can they tweak into these people’s minds without making everything seem too obvious? That’s when they thought,

“We have something most people don’t have –the truth. Since we are the only ones who knows this truth, we can easy put in and hide some facts to our own advantage. Why don’t we travel the world and spread this modified truth in our possession and bury the real facts?”


They know the truth, they practice the truth. Still, they don’t want you to know the truth and that is basically why today, there are so many conspiracy theories and interpretations in different religions which cannot be fully accounted for due to the loss of most archaeological evidences and yet, quite a number of people still play by these absurd ancient doctrines they have been inculcated to live by without even asking any logical question or seeking more knowledge. Because the majority are puppets to a certain belief, mankind have been able to initiate war, global trade conflict, unjust killings and stoning, enormous greed of a natural resources, theft, slave trade, and classism.

Far and wide, across the horizons, the peace that religion has disrupted is beyond ordinary comprehension as it has rooted so deep across continents. Hence, to the eyes of many, religion is perceived as evil and destructive. Religion only becomes evil when its sole purpose of existence is being sabotaged for selfish and conceited reasons.



From the look of things, I don’t think religion is going extinct anytime soon – look around us, there are religious wars going on in different continents; everyone chanting that their religion is right and fighting an invincible war between people of other religions. But don’t you see? The more the war, the more the money generated for the men of wealth. The more the discrimination, the more porous a country becomes and the more porous a country is, the easier the citizens are to control. It’s all a planned, toxic cycle! The quicker people start thinking logically, the better their understanding of how things actually work.

The men of wealth in control cannot afford to see religion go away. How will the expansion occur? If everyone is living in harmony, how then will they be able to steal the gold and diamonds of other continents?  How will there be war if they don’t stir controversial arguments between different religions? How will the people be controlled if there’s no distraction? Except you deliberately choose to remain blind and delusional to the truth, you’ll continue to be a puppet to the men of wealth.


It is very possible to be religious but not spiritual and be spiritual but not religious. What does this all mean? Let’s take the cake a piece at a time:

  • To be spiritual is the ability to connect deeply to your human spirit or soul and acknowledge the sense of believe of a power much greater as opposed to material or physical things. The capability of self-awareness and intentionality of actions is what we consider to be spiritual. Spirituality deals with you “inwardly” – your thoughts, intentions and most importantly, your awareness. Being spiritual is not attributed to your looks alone. The more intentional and spiritual an individual is, the less likely he is to be brainwashed and the more likely he is to be more responsible for his actions knowing fully well that the power to govern your life is your responsibility, not the responsibility of anyone else – No one is coming to save your butt.
  • To be religious is the devotion given to certain principles and doctrines that govern your ways, words and decisions in life. Your religion is what you are on the outside – how you are viewed, what you portray. It is very possible for an individual to be so religious yet, unable to connect to his spirituality or be self-aware. Most people believe that by the way you dress, walk, speak and behave is what makes you holy/religious. In recent times, that alone doesn’t classify that you as a good person. One look very pure, devoted, religious yet inwardly, so deadly and evil-minded towards people that surround him.

Where religion ends, spirituality begins.


If you’re not too acquainted with science, you’ve probably heard the well-known quotes from several scientific philosophers. For example, Charles Darwin claimed in his book that “man evolved from dinosaurs.”  Other philosophers who further came out to say that “there’s no such thing as the afterlife.”  These statements contradict a lot of religious beliefs that made reference to human evolution from divine means and the truth of afterlife being true. Is this to say that those religions are unsure? Or is this to say that science is blasphemy?

If you’re not too acquainted with science, you’ve probably heard well-known quotes from several scientific philosophers. For example, Charles Darwin claimed in his book that “man evolved from dinosaurs.” Other philosophers went on to state that “there is no such thing as the afterlife,” which runs counter to many religious doctrines that claim that humans evolved from divine means and that there is an afterlife. Does this imply that those faiths lack certainty? Is this implying that science is heresy?

In actuality, none of us were here when man was created, so we can never be certain of anything. Most of the knowledge that exists now was first recorded in books that were written thousands of years ago. Subsequently, these books have been updated and amended.

We are aware that our level of certainty is restricted. We also know that, according to science, we only trust the information that we have been taught or told.


Religion can lead to trauma if you don’t get a grip of yourself. You will become traumatised by everything if you let the conspiracies in the air to drown you. Ensure you take the time to discover the truth for yourself.

Worst case scenario? Depression and loss of purpose which might eventually lead to suicide.

You risk distancing yourself from the fact that all of your decisions in life are your responsibility. You have to take ownership of your life and accept responsibility for your acts. Find a balance between religion and life.

No one is coming to save you from the consequences of your choices in life. Good or bad, whatever the outcome may be. You are a God of your actions – you are a God of your own life.

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