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International Scholarships for African Students in 2021 – Fully Funded

Given the level of poverty and dearth of quality educational facilities, Africans are constantly looking for ways to move to the western world in order to fulfill their dream. But the lack of information has proven to be a major stumbling block, particularly for students who are looking to bag international scholarships in ivy league schools.

The opportunities for African students are well-defined, in terms of scholarship in the continent as you have commonwealth scholarships, university scholarships, and government scholarships.

But this publication will not be restricted to just the aforementioned scholarships. It will also cover fully funded international scholarships that allow students to study anywhere in the world, even in countries where applicants reside.

Scholarship to Study in Africa

There are several institutions and persons who have schemes that sponsor students only in Africa. The most notable of them are as follows, Acces Kenya, Mandela Rhodes Scholarship, WAAW Foundation Scholarship, Jim Ovia Scholarship, and TRECCAfrica Scholarship.

Jim Ovia Scholarship

Undergraduate Scholarship

Jim Ovia is a Nigerian Philanthropist whose organization is currently sponsoring Nigerian undergraduate students in Nigeria. Prospective scholars are chosen after passing an examination as undergraduates.

Scholars are given maintenance allowance and tuition fees for the duration of their program. Jim Ovia has opportunities for at least 100 students annually.


Scholarships to Study in Asia-Pacific

Asia has attracted a huge population of students given their unprecedented economic growth, technological advancement, and the educational reform currently going on there.

They also have opportunities for African students in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, China, and all over the region.

·         Master’s Degree ABE Initiative Scholarship For African Students

The ABEIYS offer a scholarship opportunity for African students in some accredited Japanese university for master’s degree in development-related courses,

Another peck of this program is that eligible scholars are afforded the opportunity to intern in Japanese companies so that they can add value to the African industries.

  • .Australia Awards Africa

The Australian government have extended their generosity to Africa by offering to fund African students for Masters or professional training courses. This is their own way of supporting Africa to reach its developmental goals.

However, there are just a few African countries that are eligible for this scheme. Scholars are trained professionally and educationally, with the hope that they’d return to their countries and facilitate their development.


International Scholarships In Belgium For African Student

Belgium is a European nation that has extended educational generosity to African students from developing countries. However, their scholarship scheme is not restricted to just Africans in Africa, it covers African American students as well.

VLIR-UOS Awards Masters Scholarships

Students from Africa, Latin America, and Asia are given opportunities to study development-related Master degree courses. This scholarship is fully funded and covers the cost of travel too.


Master Mind scholarships for International Students in Belgium

This platform sets out to fund the Masters degree program of just a few people around the globe.

The Flemish government has only 35 slots for students, open to all countries of the world.

They pay scholars 7500 euros per academic session.


International Scholarships For African Students In Holland 

Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP), Masters and PhD Scholarship

The Netherlands Fellowship Program offers opportunities for Masters and Ph.D. programs for Africans who are looking to study in the Netherland. The entire scholarship budget is divided by two, one half for female applicants and the other for applicants in sub-Saharan Africa.


Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (LexS) 2021, Masters Scholarship

Leiden University scholarship is meant for exceptional Non-EU/EEA students that are looking for a Masters degree admission at the university.


Maastricht University Holland High Potential Scholarships For International Students

They offer opportunities for Masters degree programs for students from countries outside the European Union/European Economic Area.


International Scholarships for African Students In America

While there are a chunk of scholarships for African students in the US, it is imperative that you have a comprehensive plan for your studies, including funding before you leave. Prospective students are required to show funding proof for their entire study duration.

If you are on the lookout for scholarships in the US, then, check these programs.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program (Graduate Scholarship)

Fulbright Foreign Student Program offers scholarships to graduate students all over the world to study in America.

Apply Here

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program (Leadership Scholarship)

The program is specifically for African students to study leadership and business programs in America.

Apply Here

Nelson Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders (Leadership Scholarship)

Scholars are afforded the opportunity to study Leadership courses in Africa and America.

Apply Here

International Scholarships For Africans In UK 

The United Kingdom have some of the best schools in the world and these schools are a tad expensive. However, schools here are well sought after and their scholarship programs are not easy to come by.

But scholarship opportunities are also opening up by the day here as they look to attract the best brains from all the regions of the world.

We have put together some of the scholarship programs by the UK govt and others by universities and external organizations

University of Glasgow (Masters Scholarship)

The University of Glasgow offers African student scholarship that is worth tuition fees at the level of Masters degree. The criteria here is academic merit.

Apply Here

.African Graduate scholarships at UCL  (Masters Scholarship)

They have opportunities for students to do a Masters degree in Global Health at University College London.

Postgraduate scholarships for Africans at Edinburgh Napier University (Masters Scholarship)

African Students are partially funded to study at Edinburgh Napier University in the UK.

Apply Here

Commonwealth Scholarships at SOAS (Masters Scholarship).

This opportunity is only open to students in African commonwealth nations to study a masters degree program in the UK.

Apply Here

Ruth First Scholarship at Durham University (Master Scholarship)

This program is exclusively reserved for specific African countries to study at Durham University in the UK.

Apply Here

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