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7 Incredible Home Remedies To Lose Belly Fat


One of the easiest things to do is to add weight but losing the same weight has presented a very herculean task for the people in question. A fat person looks unfit, unhealthy, and mostly out-of-shape because of the visceral fat (fat residing around the abdomen). However, there are homemade remedies to lose belly fat.

A major disadvantage of being fat is not just susceptibility to heart disease, high blood pressure, or even cancer, but the self-esteem of a fat person is likely going to be telling.

Meanwhile, the case of fatness or obesity can be remedied by diets and exercise. More so, there are now effective and proven homemade or natural remedies to lose belly fat. Find some of the remedies below.

1. Using Ginger to get rid of belly fat

Ginger is found to be a digestive agent that ameliorates nausea but more significantly, it is thermogenic, because it increases the temperature of the body, thereby burning fats.

Ginger suppresses cortisol which is a hormone secreted due to stress. Stress can accelerate weight gain because of the hormone. Since ginger is an anti-stressor, it works perfectly to prevent weight gain.

Ginger tea is highly recommended for people seeking to lose belly fat. You may just add honey or pure maple syrup and lemon to the ginger tea to make it work perfectly.

Drinking ginger tea daily may help you lose belly fat.

Heat water to boil, add the ginger and allow to cool for a bit. Place the lid on the pot and let it simmer for up to 10mins, and then add lemon juice and sweetener just before mixing.

2. Using honey as one of the remedies to lose belly fat

Refined sugar is a fattener. When honey is used the result is weight loss, hence, the indisputable choice for honey.

As sweeteners, the quantity of refined sugar used is often more than honey and it is more beneficial because it contains vitamins and minerals which benefit the health in its entirety.

3. Using Lemon water to get rid of belly fat

Drinking sufficient water aids in weight loss. Add lemon to water and it neutralizes all the fatty acids in the body, which speeds up weight loss.

It has been found that lemon contains polyphenol antioxidants which negate the effect of high glucose levels in the blood as well as reduce insulin resistance.

Get yourself two cups of water and half a cup of lemon juice.

For maximum effect, you can squeeze or grate the lemon into the water and drink.

Limes also have polyphenols, which means they can be used instead of lemons in the case where citrus taste is preferred. Adding turmeric also works like magic according to research.

4. Using green tea to get rid of belly fat

Green tea contains a substantial amount of caffeine, which burns fat and enhances workout performance.

Barring caffeine, green tea has catechins, a type of antioxidant, which aids weight loss and boosts the body’s metabolism. Instead of chocolate, Lipton, or coffee, give green tea a try.

5. Using garlic to get rid of belly fat

Garlic is thermogenic like ginger but even more so, burns fat more efficiently.

Several types of research have revealed that garlic increases oxidation in the body thereby decreasing body fat.

Adding garlic to savoury meals has been recommended as one of the easy ways for intake. A combination of garlic and honey as well is tantamount to two weight-loss substances which work well.

The perfect garlic recipe is a maximum of 4 garlic cloves, a cup of pure honey, and a jar. Separate garlic into singular cloves. Do not peel off the cloves but remove only the outer layer and fill the jar with the unpeeled cloves.

Add honey to the cloves, use a spoon to mix, and remove every air bubble. You must ensure that cloves are covered with honey before putting them on the lid.

Allow the honey to infuse for some days while refrigerating at room temperature, and take a spoonful daily before eating any meal.

6: Using Cinnamon to burn fat

Cinnamon is yet another thermogenic fat burner like Ginger and Garlic. You should know what thermogenic means by now.

Cinnamon also lowers the blood sugar level, thereby reducing any risk of diabetes and it also makes the body burn fat.

Recipe: Cinnamon can be added to the daily diet. It is highly recommended for smoothies, baking, and Oatmeal. It can be added to pancakes as well.

7: using Lean Meat to burn fat

Lean Meat is yet another food with thermogenic properties as it is given that the protein is very thermogenic.

It is said that proteins gotten from animal sources are much more thermogenic than those gotten from vegetables. If you want your belly fat gone, stick with lean meat.

Eating lean meat helps burn about 30% of the calories it contains.

Examples of lean meat include lean chicken, lean beef, or pork and it is highly recommended for dinner so that your metabolism can burn some calories when you’re resting.

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