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If You Want To Be More Energetic And Productive, Do These Morning Exercises

You go to bed in high spirits after a productive day at work but wake up in the morning to a lethargic feeling – and despite earning plaudits at work for your ideas, and performance, your mood doesn’t change for a bit. Does this feel familiar?

We all have this moment when our day starts very slowly, so we put in so much effort to achieve our goals for the day but it feels like we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders. Asides from meditation and yoga, exercising in the morning can make you more productive and leave you motivated for the whole day.

Morning exercise is a recipe for feeling very energetic as it affects the mind and body positively. If you are already thinking about carrying out exercise routines before you start your day in the morning, I’ve got eight exercise routines lined up for you for this purpose.

Leg Squats

A lot of people try to do squats but do not get the effects because they hardly involve their hips and knees.

Stand upright and stretch your two hands forward for balance. Go down slowly like you’re going to sit on a chair until you get to angle 90 degrees. Now, when returning to the standing position, ensure that your knees go behind your toes so that you are standing upright. Repeat routine 15 times.

Push Ups

Push up is a very common exercise but there are various methods of doing this. Let me just go through the simplest of them.

Lie down with your face down and the tip of your toes pointing down as well. Use your hands to pull your body weight up and down but ensure you control your breath by exhaling when you return to starting position.

This exercise broadens the shoulder, strengthens the chest and muscles. You may be unable to do many of the routines if you are a beginner, but you’d get better with time.


There are various kinds of crunches, with the exercise targeting the abs to make it firmer. However, the bicycle crunch sees the participant work more muscles. You can do up to 25 repetitions for a start.

Lie on your back on a mat, with your knee tilted towards 90 degrees, move your legs like you are riding a bicycle.



Lunges strengthen the muscles of the thigh, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. To do this, stand upright but with your legs apart like you want to take a step forward then move the knee of the leg that is behind downwards but it should not touch the ground. You should change your legs and repeat routines as much as you can.

Take a Walk or a Run

Talking a walk or a run is a very common exercise but it is often overlooked because everybody walks.

If you do not have the stamina to run, you can embark on brisk walking to improve blood circulation overall your body.

Walking and running strengthens the bones, improve fitness level and help maintain a good and stable blood pressure.

Abductor Side Lifts

The abductor side lift is one of the exercises that energizes the mind and improves the mood of all participants. ASL makes the pelvis stronger, preventing it from tilting while it also improves core stability.

The video explains it all.

Jumping Jacks


If you are an ardent follower of Mitchell Obama on social media, you’d have realized that she loves this routine, jumping jacks. This exercise is specifically good for the cardiovascular health of the body system.

This exercise is very easy to do. With your feet together and your arms outspread, jump up. Return to starting position and repeat routine. You can do the routine for 30 seconds as a beginner before increasing your time frame for the exercise.

Balancing Table Pose

Balancing Table Pose is a classical pose of yoga that strengthens the spine, improves memory and concentration.

To do this, kneel on a mat and rest on your hands with your shoulder pointing forward. Raise your right hand and left leg to be parallel to the floor, alternate your hands and leg. And then do routines repeatedly for up to 10 times.

Bottom Line

Just as food is good for the body, so is exercise for the mind and the overall wellbeing of the body. People who exercise before going to work in the morning appear healthier and they exude more positivity than those who didn’t. Maybe you’re always feeling tired in the mornings, give exercising a shot.

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