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10 Ways To Train Your Subconscious Mind To Manifest Your Desire


From birth to age seven, the subconscious mind is programmed based on influences like the environment and family. The subconscious mind eventually becomes the storehouse of these experiences or learned behaviours like skills and beliefs. It forms what we call memory. How do you train your subconscious mind to manifest your desire?

Your subconscious mind is the knowledge base of all you know in life. However, you have to become aware of this knowledge before it can be stored as memory and this is done with the conscious mind.

The mind is always filtering information and stimuli that supports preexisting beliefs and presents you with repeated thoughts. In order words, your success or failure is wholly dependent on how you habituate yourself to certain expectations.

You can train your subconscious mind to get what you want and this is how.

Open Your Mind to Possibilities

Most people think they can achieve anything if they only believe. No, if you desire to see a positive change, be willing first to see if it is possible before believing.

It takes persistence to achieve anything tangible. If you’re looking to get into Harvard Business School, for instance, believing without applying for the school will never get you there.

Applying for admission into the school means you think it is possible for you to get admission.

Open your mind to see possibilities, this is where change begins in life.

Avoid The Naysayers Who Project Their Fears

Faith is contagious and so is fear. Do all you can to avoid the company of naysayers if you have a goal.

People who are doing well in any aspect of life will be happy if you tell them about your big dreams. Meanwhile, those who have failed are going to highlight why they failed and why you may fail at the same thing.

People like to project their fears after failing but it has got nothing to do with you or your capability.

Find Out Your Resistance

Sometimes, we are limited by our subconscious mind especially if there’s a conflict between what we believe and facts. This is exactly why your subconscious mind makes you procrastinate.

If you want to know your resistance, find out why you feel good when you procrastinate. Find out why you feel very vulnerable when you get what you want. Then, try to meet those needs before taking the next step.

Speak your Success as Though it has already been Manifested

There’s so much power in the tongue. Where and what you are at the moment might be a result of your speech. Therefore, instead of using phrases like “I hope to become a realtor someday”, why not use phrases like “I’m working on becoming a realtor”?

Words are like seeds sown, they eventually become exactly what we say.

Adopt a Vision

Imagination is a mental picture of your preference. If you’re able to see where you’re going in your mind, you’d be able to find a way to get you there.

You can achieve only what you see in your subconscious mind. All the successful people in the world are visionaries who had clear pictures of what they wanted. If your mind is blank, you will be unable to take any meaningful action. First, create the desired outcome in your mind and work towards it.

Asides from having a mental picture in your mind, get a notepad and write a step-by-step plan of these visions and how you intend to make them come through. It works like magic.

Create a Journal of Gratitude

Gratitude is a multiplier of good fortunes. If you are not thankful for what you have and where you are, you may not get into the next phase.  Practice gratitude by expressing thanks for all tangible and intangible achievements.

Gratitude attracts abundance and it gives a feeling of satisfaction. When you believe you have enough, it opens doors for you to have more.

Focus on the “What”

Do you want to become a billionaire? Apparently, the answer would be yes but the real question of “how” you intend to become a billionaire is one that scares a lot of people. It is best you first identify what you need to do to achieve a goal.

Life and nature have their way of making things work for coming to pass, this answers the how questions. While figuring out how to get things done, open your mind to the possibility of you being able to achieve it.

Adopt a Masterplan for Your Life

A person without a goal or plan for his/her life is heading for failure. A plan is a roadmap that leads to achieving any goal. However, your plan or goal should be flexible because of the dynamic nature of the world.

A master plan helps you to stay motivated and keeps your values in check. What do you want to be remembered for? Once you’re able to discover the answer to this question, it will help you decide on the path to follow.

Your master plan should include short and long-term plans. A master plan broken into short plans is easier to track and achieve.

Surround Yourself With Valuable People

The outcome of your life is affected by the people you spend time with. If you spend time with ambitious, goal-driven, smart and courageous people, you will become like them.

You must be conscious of your circle of friends or associates. Find people who have achieved what you’re looking for and adopt them as mentors. Also, find people who have the motivational level that you want to attain and be friends with them. Energy is contagious.

If you are always surrounded by unhappy people, you’d eventually become a sadist.

Start spending time with people who are ambitious, supportive and creative.

Fill Your Surrounding with Affirmation and Motivation

Daily positive affirmations must be part of your routines. Asides from saying these positive things to yourself, also learn to listen to podcasts and motivational speeches to stay motivated.

What you say and hear can affect your mindset. In addition, listening to how people walked their way through certain hurdles is also a valuable lesson. Although, it is said that experience is the best teacher, it is prudent to learn from other people’s experiences.

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